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Br nd Experience Summit Output Part 1: Brand Belief

The GOAL Clarify the elements of our brand

Connect the elements with our essence

Be simple and clear

The CONTEXT The essence (why,how, and what) of aiesec and what our brand should represent

the current brand elements and guidelines are the starting point for reevaluating our brand

Our progress‌ we set a new direction and mid-term ambition. We aim to epxand our reach, grow our operations and we refreshed the aiesec experience.

This global survey of over 30,000 young people provides data about the current perception of aiesec around the world

The CHALLENGES 2. Unclear reputation goals: 1. Misalignment: Subjective statement of what we are but not about what we offer

A costumer experiencing actions not aligned with the brand

Brand Promise

Brand Experience

What an AIESECer would say

What we want externals to know

Having a brand positioning that represents what we offer and how it’s lived.

3. Disconnected elements: Brand positioning

Brand attributes

Brand promises

Visual guidelines

- compilation of brand elements without a clear purpose or link to each other. - There was a question in terms of how to implement the brand elements.


The concepT Brand positioning

Who is our target. What we do. Differentiator.

Brand promise


Answers the question: “Why would I join AIESEC?” (benefits and external value).

The way we make decisions. How we deliver our operations. Micro-experiences management.

Brand Strategy

Brand operations

The RESULT Brand Strategy Brand positioning

Brand promise

What is AIESEC? The Global Youth Network Impacting the World Through Leadership Development Experiences.

Brand attributes: Daring. Diverse. Inclusive. Dynamic. impactful. *brand characteristics that influence how we communicate externally.

Brand manifestations: Responsible leadership. Global. Collaborative and democratic. For youth by youth. Social entrepreneurship. *desired external reputation based on attributes that define us as an organization.


Global Brand Strategy and Belief  

This document includes the brand strategy and belief

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