YOP 3.0 #101

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Youth Opportunity Portal

3.0 #101

Introduction This YOP 3.0 #101 will cover the changes that were made in Youth Opportunity Portal v3. You’ll be able to understand why we made the changes, what excactly was done.

User Interface | Landing

Brand aligned

You will understand our products in the landing page and can find example opportunites, testimonials and global partners after.

User Interface | Product pages

Product Information

You can find detailed information regarding each product and the value we provide. These pages include product videos, process, testimonials, standards and information about the leadership we develop.

User Interface | New opportunity page

Designed thinking of the product

With revised fields and sections, we designed an opportunity page with the information that you looking for and what guides your decision making

User Interface | New opportunity page

TO DO: Ensuring all your open opportunities were updated to the new fields!

User Interface | Profile page

New profile section Besides changing the way the users fill their profiles, we reviewed the profile section with profile details, a refreshed applications page and Wishlist.

User Interface | Step-based profile filling 1




Product based requirements

If you applying for Global Volunteer, you’re not required to put CV or professional experiences.For Global Entepreneur and Global Talent, required to put CV.

User Interface | Applications

The timeline

We added a timeline so, you know which step of the process you are and what their progression on multiple apllications.

User Experience | Application page

One single place with everything regarding your application

In the new application page, you can sign your AN, fill the LDA (both initial and complete), NPS, Exchange standardsand payment. All this plus a detailed timeline

User Experience | Wishlist

Save for the future

If you are not ready to apply, you can always save the opportunities on your Wishlist

User Experience | Global Partners pages

Our premium opportunities

You can find all about our global partners and their opportunities in their new GEP pages.

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