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GENERAL INFO People from Culiacan is characterized by their dancing skills, the rhythm as they walk, their tone as they speak, impressive personality, we a beauty and culture. r


Sinaloa is known by its musicality and food.

DOWNTOWN The roots and history of a town are vital for its permanence, and somehow, to guarantee its future. A town without memories lacks from identity, personality and destiny. There are some elements that when you see them, they talk about customs, ethical principles, ideals, longings ot ust g j s and dreams. t e nd re People that show this, make their reality possible.

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RIBERAS’ PARK Riberas’ Park is located besides two of the 3 rivers that crosses Culiacan, Humaya and Tamazula Rivers. You’ll be able to do boat trip, walk along its paths, go throw a hanging bridge and some de bicycles!! other activities.


MIA The “Modular, Ines Arredondo” it’s integrated with the rst interactive museum about the addictions in Latin America, and the best multifunction theater from the northwest of the country. Innovation and contemporary in the center of the city.

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LA LOMITA This important chapel, was built during the XIX century. From 1958 to 1967 it had a reconstruction process. Inside La Lomita, you can appreciate, what is consider, the biggest stained glass of Latin America, besides, there is from where its located, you can see the a h u ge part beauty of the city. every




BOTANIC GARDEN The Botanic Garden in Culiacan, is a beautiful collection of 42 hectares, excellent place for recreation, it shows the diversity of the ecosystems from the planet. It is one of the cultural points of the city.

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ZOO Culiacan Zoo New facilities have been intalled this year. It has a HUGE variaty of species and birds. There is a brand new aviary, where you can ď€ nd exotic birds and you can feed them.

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SCIENCE CENTER Come and jump into the future and technology, an activity for the whole family. It has a planetary, scientiď€ c library, laboratories and the possibility of being part of real e r a experiments. ere s!!



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SPORT FISHING Our national waters of Cortes Sea and the Pacic Ocean are a bless for those who are engage in body and soul to sh, because it host a variety of shes like the Marlinsh,Golden sh, Swordsh, and many more.

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GASTRONOMY Culiacan is kown by it exquisite cuisine, mainly for it fresh sea food and delisious dishes. Fall in love with our typical regional dishes that conquer even the most demanding palate.

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CORTES ISLAND Go to the beach! This is the newest residential destiny in Mexico. You’ll be able to enjoy a great view and the go most beautiful sunsets.

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is one of the oldest towns of sina loa!!

A few minutes from the city, you can enjoy this little town called IMALA. Here, you can go to the thermal water spa, and taste their traditional bread.

PASEO DEL ANGEL All along Angel Flores street, you can appreciate a colorful illumination surrounded by music, commercial stores, restaurants, and some great cultural exhibitions.

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AIRPORT Culiacan’s airport is the second largest from the OMA (North Central Airport Group), in terms of passengers, Culiacan is the most used from the state. It has a productive infrastructure and great service.

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Culiacan VIVA MEXICO  
Culiacan VIVA MEXICO  

Do you want to know about Culiacan? Check out this booklet, with everything that you should know about our city! AIESEC in Culiacan is wait...