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What is a Technical Profile? Description: Technical Profiles are people who already have skills in some technical area (ex. programming, design, website management, etc.) or have an aptitude for learning technical skills. Creativity and entrepreneurial outlook are also key aspects of this profile.

Why they join / How to market AIESEC to them:

Suggested JDs

   

Web Managers Graphic Designers Information Management

Develop their experience and portfolio for their CV Diversify their skills by learning about business and management To meet new people The OGX GIP program

How to select/allocate:

Look for people who are:

•Proactive Learners •Creative •Reliable •Entrepreneurial •Adaptable •Detail Oriented

Avoid people who are:

•Impatient •Easily Distracted •Inflexible

Ways to motivate/retain:     

Recognition and appreciation of their work and efforts Give them challenging, interesting projects to tackle. Pay attention to the little details – they are important! Provide them with direction and answer their questions, but allow them to innovate Make sure they are constantly learning

EP Suitability: OGX GCDP Interest in the Program: LOWMEDIUM •GCDPs often have limited resources and a very low-tech environment.

Matchability: LOW

OGX GIP Interest in the Program: HIGH •Want to gain practical work experience in thei field, and get the opportunity to use the skills they learned in school.

•There are not many GCDP internships that Matchability: MEDIUM - HIGH require technical backgrounds or skills, so •Technical Profiles are the most desireable they would have to work in a different GIP EPs, specifically . field

Recommended Readings:  

Packet Pushers: Successfully Managing Talented Technical People - STQE Magazine: Managing Technical People When You’re No Techie - AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

How to Interview for Technical Profiles Look for people who are: Proactive Learners

This is the one of the MOST critical factors

Creative People who are constantly looking to find solutions, innvoate, and stop problems before they occur.


They often have to be the champion of new ideas and projects, so they need to get other peoples buy-in.

In order to continue to grow as an organization, our ideas and materials need to be different and stand out.


Those who have a strong sense of responsibility take their work seriously and can be held accountable to their results.

Detail Oriented

Adaptable Technical roles constantly have to deal with changing needs and priorities.

Whether it is design or programming, small details matter, and can make the difference between success or failure.

You don’t want people who are:


These profiles need to be able to work with people who have a lower understanding of their technical areas.

Easily Distracted

Inflexible People who are easily distracted will lead to many interesting, but unfinished projects.

Technical projects are designed to support operations, so they need to change as strategies change.

Sample Interview Questions For term projects, how do you usually manage your time? How do you manage multiple projects and deadlines? Describe a time when you innovated a product or process to make it more effective. Why did you decide to make these changes, how did you implement it, and what was the outcome? Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way. Tell me about the project you are most proud of, and what your contribution was. When you come across a situation at work where you don’t know the answer, what do you do? What are the things in work or school that motivate you? What demotivates you? Tell me about a time when you faced frustration at work (or school.) What happened and how did you deal with the situation? What technical programs or computer languages can you use? How have you used them? AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

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