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What is a Marketing Profile? Description: Marketing profiles are creative, detail oriented, and good story-tellers. They need to be proactive learners who want to be up-to-date and aware of information and trends. They also need to be open to sharing their ideas and projects with others without fear of rejection.

Why they join / How to market AIESEC to them:

Suggested JDs Recruitment OCs Public Relations Media Specialists Social Media Managers

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To develop their portfolio for their CV To meet more people and be involved in something bigger They are looking for fun new challenges The OGX GCDP or GIP program

How to select/allocate:

Look for people who are:

•Creative •Proactive Learners •Detail-Oriented •Proactive •Good Networkers •Good Communicators

Avoid people who are:

•Afraid of Rejection •Dislike Change •Bad Under Pressure

Ways to motivate/retain:      

Help them spread and share their work with as many people as possible. Keep their ideas aligned to the goals you are trying to accomplish. Privately and publically support them and their work as important. Build and maintain a team/LC identity Give them creative challenges but with guidelines and direction. Give them autonomy over their individual projects (don’t micro-manage)

EP Suitability:

OGX GCDP Interest in the Program: MEDIUM •This profile is often looking for a new adventure or challenge.

Matchability: MEDIUM •There are many GCDPs looking for this, but the quality of what "marketing work" in GCDP is varies widely (ex. making homemade posters vs social media).

OGX GIP Interest in the Program: HIGH •They want professional international work experience in their field.

Matchability: MEDIUM •If they have already graduated and have practical work experience in a relavent field, Marketing is one of the main business related GIP types.

Recommended Reading: 

Forbes Magazine: Managing Creative People and Teams - AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

How to Interview for Marketing Profiles Look for people who are: Creative

Proactive Learner

In order for marketing ideas to be noticed and remembered, they need to be different and stand out.

Proactive They cannot be always waiting on others to start, but proactively looking for way to apply their skills.

They need to constantly implement changes based on the success or failure of previous campaigns

Good Networker

Detail Oriented

In order to spread their message in the most effective way possible they need to maximize their networks.

It is important to be aware of details (e.g. spelling, branding, quality) because those key for maintaining a professional image.

Good Communicator

They need to be able to effectively and efficiently convey their messages to a diverse group of people.

You don’t want people who are: Afraid of Rejection

They need to be willing to make their work very public , and they cannot hold back because they are worried others won't like it.

Dislike Change

They need to adapt their strategies based on what the LC needs and how the market responds

Bad under Pressure

These profiles need to be able to deal with deadlines without sacrificing quality or becoming too stressed.

Sample Interview Questions What are 2 concrete strategies that our LC could use to increase our reach to students? To businesses? What is your experience with social media or website management? How good are you at describing complicated ideas to someone who only has a basic understanding? Please give an example. Pretend you are a recruiter for your University and take 1 minute to prepare. Pretend I am a prospective student, and try and convince me why I should attend your university. Describe a time when you created a unique new product or process. How did you come up with the idea, how did you get other people to support this idea, and what was the outcome? When you come across a situation at work where you don’t know the answer, what do you do? What are the things in work or school that motivate you? What demotivates you? Tell me about a time when you faced rejection or failure at work (or school). What happened and how did you deal with the situation? What experience do you have with market research? AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

AIESEC Mexico TMP profiles Marketing  

This is a description of the TMP Marketing Profile

AIESEC Mexico TMP profiles Marketing  

This is a description of the TMP Marketing Profile