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About AIESEC AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has over 60 years of experience in developing youth into globally minded leaders. With a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction and ambition of their future. AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people into the leaders needed today and tomorrow.

The AIESEC Experience This unique experience known as AIESEC Experience our membership to become the change agents. Our global learningenvironment consists of self discovery, team work, mentoring, virtual learning,forums on world issues, and conferences.


“AIESEC is a global, non – political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students an recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender,sexual orientation, creed,religion, national ethnic or social origin.” What We Envision

“Peace and fulfillment kind's potential.” Our Impact

“Our international platform enable young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society.” They Way We Do it

“AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internship and participation in a global learning environment.

Our Values Activating Leadership Enjoying Participation

Striving for Excellence

Demonstrating Integrity

Acting Sustainably

Living Diversity

INTRODUCTION Background Educational system in Indonesia is more globalized. Opportunities such as scholarships abroad and foreign exchange programs are more than abundant and, with the constant growth of technology, it has become a normality to interact with people across nation’s geographical boundaries. With such abundance of mediums and opportunities, It is the time for youths highly utilizes them to reach to their fullest potentials. Youths are, after all, the nation’s next successors. It is their both their duty and rights to go straight take an action in the attempt to create a better future. With those facts in mind, it is our duty as future leaders and agent of change to turn this situation around. AIESEC, as the world’s largest youth organization, is planning on creating a PBoX (Project Based on Exchange) entitled WARRED (World Leader Contribution for Education) with the goal of creating a more prepared Indonesia’s youth for the real world and assisting them in recognizing and developing their potentials.

Purpose 1. To prepare Indonesia’s next generation of leaders for the real world so they will haveboth the hard and soft skills needed to compete in the global competition of human resources. 2. To assist Indonesia’s youth in recognizing and developing their fullest potentials in other to be able to map their own future. 3. To develop a creative and global mindset for the underpriveledged, younger children in a fun and engaging teaching system. 4. To educate youth about the diversity of cultures around the world. 5. To introduce the beauty of Indonesia’s cultures to EPs. 6. To introduce AIESEC and PboX to the society.

Impact Create the global leaders who are aware in giving positive impact to society. Direct Through education and training to children and young people about self development and making them participate in activities in this program are expected to affect their lives, their perspectives, and develop themselves further to help find. This project also aims to encourage their leadership potential, define their role in the community, determine the appropriate expectations for their future and teach how to achieve them so that they are more focused in their passion. Indirect Triggering self-awareness of children and young people in their day so that they may feel compelled from within themselves to come forward and workfor yourself and the nation in the future where they were expected to be a leader. The leader of a powerful nation and has a social responsibility on society and the environment will be created by participating all events in this project.

Target Pbox WARRED target audiences are: 1) Opening Event : 90 children and every stakeholder as the audiences 2) Learning Event -


: 155 people (100 Children and 55 MASTER member).



: 100 children from elementary school to high school


Culture Day

: 50 children.


Global Sight

: 80 children


Sports day

: 90 children


City Tour

: 90 children

3) Closing Event: 100 Children and every stakeholders as the audiences

What Connects AIESEC with WARRED Education is an ongoing global issue. Without education, it is highly unlikely for a nation’s young generation to know their own potentials. WARRED (World Leader Contribution for Education) is a project for raising youth awareness in the importance of education. Our main goal is to open the youth’s eyes to all the possibilities that they can embrace if they can utilize all the provided educational medium and opportunities. With two kinds of target audiences (teenage students between the age of 15-17 and primary students), WARRED will implement a different approach for each. Through WARRED, instead of showing them their roles and responsibilities in society as a burden, we will present them all the posibilites they can achieve by contributing for a better future. What connects AIESEC with WARRED: What WARRED is trying to achieve is realiazing the values from AIESEC as the world’s largest youth organization with the envision of fulfilling humankind’s potentials and interested in world issues.

EVENT DESCRIPTION World Leader Contribution ia one of project held by AIESEC Local Committee Universitas Indonesia concerning in education issues in aim to enhance children’s knowledge and developing their potential. There are 3 events consist of Opening Event, Learning Event, and Closing event OPENING EVENT Welcoming Speech and Making Wish Venue


Taman Proklamasi on Tambak Street



Wednesday, July 6 th2011

LEARNING EVENT This learning events will include some activities and gather about 200 children from other institution. Teaching (July – Agust 2011) Fund Raising (July – Agust 2011) Workshop (15-16 July 2011) Competitions (23 July 2011) Sports Days (29 July 2011) City Tour (22 July 2011) Global Sight (5 Agustus 2011) CLOSING EVENT Great perfomances from some stakeholders and Global village (13 August 2011)

Sponsorship Packages Material




Company's Logo in AIESEC UI website for 2 months (July-August) Company's Horizontal Banner






Company's Standing Banner

 15 minutes

 -

 -

VIP seats or invitation for representatives




2 ballyhoos




150 activity posters (50 FC, 100 Copied)





 L

 M





Advertise through adlip (by MC) Include or Present a video

Stage Backdrop Be recognized in impact reports and annual newsletters SPONSORSHIP VALUES


Alternative Sponsorship Packages Company’s name on 150 posters Small (S) size company logo on ballyhoo

Rp 3000.000 Rp 1000.000

Sponsorship Benefits Direct Promotion Companies are able to promote their products (goods and services) during the events in accordance with the agreed criteria. BrandAwarenessandPositionBenefits Companies will improve customers’ awareness on their products based on the established positioning strategy. MutualCooperationandSocialResponsibility The sponsorship is a strategic cooperation that is beneficial for AIESEC and the company.WARRED is a good way to fulfill the company’s social responsibility through helping young generations expand their potentials. BrandExposure By partnering a same media or financial partner in our project, companies have more chance to expose your brand in the national and global scope.

Promotional Tools  All promotional materials are designed and produced by the organizing committee. However, your company may provide promotional tools.  All promotional tools provided by your company must be handed over to the committee at least 7 (seven) days before the promotional time.  For the promotional tools produced by the organizing committee, your company must deliver the ads/promotional materials at least 10 (ten) days after the signing of MoU.

 Ordering and placement of the promotional tools are the committee’s authorization

In Kind Investment Cooperation in other forms is negotiable. Should your company want any other kind of companionship that can benefit both parties, which are not included in the promotional packages, further negotiation with the organizing committee may be conducted.

Terms of Payment ďƒ˜ Payments can be handed over to the committee responsible for your company. ďƒ˜ Full payments must be made for at least two weeks after the MoU is signed.

Payment could be transferred to : Bank Mandiri KC UI Depok a.n. AIESEC UI Acc. No : 157-00-0094063-6

Contact Person : For further information of event, sponsorship, and media partner, pleace contact : Event

: Mardhatilla Amalia (085260820846)

Sponsorship : Mutiah Fermana


Media Partner: Yunisa Vaditasari (08176071113)

E-mail : URL


Promotion Material Design Ballyhoo











WARRED 1 Proposal  

Proposal of WARRED Project 2011 by AIESEC LC UI

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