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Greetings! We are truly honored for this opportunity to introduce AIESEC University of Indonesia to your organization. AIESEC UI has been through a long journey since the founding in 1986, and we continue to strive in providing positive impact to every society that we’ve connected through our activities. We aim to give our best everyday, and this time is no exception as well. In order to reach our goals, AIESEC UI keep developing and expanding ourselves. Along with the journey, we have been facing both successes and failures , but we believe that the best way to develop is by continue learning from our experiences. And also, we really recognize the importance of our stakeholders’ help in expanding our capabilities.

AIESEC In Numbers

Through this proposal, we would like to offer a mutual partnership opportunity with our organization, in order to keep our development

since 1948

sustainable and providing more positive impact toward society.

60,000 members

110 countries

4000 partners globally

470 conferences

AIESECly yours,


1,700 univrsities

20,000 leadership roles


16,000 international exchanges

About AIESEC What is AIESEC “AIESEC is a global, non - political, independent, notfor- profit organizationrun by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested inworld issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national ethnic or social origin.”

Our Values !

Activating Leadership Enjoying Participation Demonstrating Integrity

AIESEC Experience

The Way We Do It

“AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, International internships and participation in a global learning environment.”

Our Impact “Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society.”

Striving for Excellence

What We Envision Living Diversity

Acting Sustainably

“Peace and fulfillment of human kind’s potential.”

AIESEC XP is a powerful youth leadership development program that offer opportunities for them to discover and develop our potential through participating in team works, leading divisions or projects, or exchange opportunities, that allow our members to get global learning environment


AIESEC University of Indonesia Established in 1962,AIESEC University of Indonesia ( UI ) was the first AIESEC Local Committee ( LC ) in Indonesia, and also the oldest. Several accomplishments that we’ve achieved are : In National Level ’10 / 11 :  Highest number of member completing Exchange + Leadership Experience ( X + L XP )  Highest number of Management Trainee Taker Nominee ( MT TN ) Raising  Highest number of youth sent for Global Exchange Program In International Level :  First Local Committee that create the concept of Project Based on Exchange and conducted worldwide nowadays

AIESEC UI recognize the pressing need for skilled and talented workforce by providing youths and students with opportunity to develop themselves through series of learning experiences in a diverse, international – scale organization. Currently, AIESEC UI have over 190 members that engaged in various activities, projects, and leadership positions. Also, we provide opportunities for youth to be exposed with international working environment through exchange experiences.

Program Summary AIESEC UI have several activities that including social projects & events, conferences, and also exchange programs. In the right side is the timeline summary of our activities for whole one year :

“AIESEC belongs to today’s young generation, and young generation is our future. And we like to be with the future.“ Mr. Abdul Gani Former CEO of Garuda Indonesia One of four founders of AIESEC UI


Global Exchange Program G.E.P Promotion AIESEC UI provide opportunities for students and recent graduates of higher institutions to have international exposure through working in various social projects with non – governmental organizations ( NGO ), educational activities in schools, or internahip in overseas companies that have partnership with AIESEC all around the globe. We do it double – sided by sending our member to work in another country, and also accepting AIESEC member from other countries to work in Indonesia.

AIESEC UI offer GEP all year long, but we conduct seasonal roadshows to various universities in Jabodetabek region about exchange opportunities that AIESEC UI offer through AIESEC network in other 107 countries. General concept of Exchange Fair include :  Introduction about AIESEC Global Exchange Program  Sharing session from GEP alumny and AIESEC member from other countries  Presentation about projects and internship opportunities that available in AIESEC network

Our Aim Promote cultural exchange and understanding between Indonesia and other countries Equipping Indonesian students with international working capabilities Provide international networking platform for our member

Types of Exchange Offered: Management Traineeship Technical Traineeship Educational Traineeship


Development Traineeship

Project Based On Exchange (PBOX) About PBoX Member of AIESEC UI involved in social projects that bring relevant and up-todated issues to bring positive impacts and also educate society about the issues. We also ensure international learning experience through collaboration with AIESEC member from other countries in our projects.


Creating awareness about ASEAN community & integration between nations in South East Asia Region


Promoting Indonesia’s ecotourism opportunities to other countries and sustainable way in doing tourism activities


Promoting socially responsible entrepreneurship through conferences, competitions, and also mentoring from influential people in Indonesia


Improving children’s potential through training camps, competitions, and also talkshow and outdoor activities


Provide free education with diverse subjects to unfortunate children in Jabodetabek region


Conduct events to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it, also fight discrimination toward ODHA

Why We Different Our projects are distinct from other organizations, in terms of :  Long – term project ( 3 – 6 months )  Involve AIESEC member from other countries  Relevant with current conditions, boosting our impact to society  Gather business entities, non – governmental organizations, media partners and also students to create a unique blend of project.


Trainings AIESEC UI members are our most valuable capital, because they are our main product, as well as AIESEC UI’s representatives and channels to provide positive impact to society. AIESEC UI member increase their capacity through undergoing trainings, both conducted internally and also with our alumny and Learning Partners. By these trainings, AIESEC UI member are able expand their skill set, and this will be beneficial both for themselves and also for their future employers.

Our Trainings AIESEC UI provide diverse and customized types of training depends on our member’s need. Here are examples of our training, both from internal and external : “ Fundamental Leadership Training “

“ Sales & Marketing Way Training “

w/ Dale Carnegie Training

w/ M- Knows Consulting

“ Market Research & Survey Training “

“ Local Management Training “

“ Market Mapping Training “

“ Visual & Design Training “

w/ BOI Research Sevices


w/ Philips Indonesia, Ltd.

w/ Digital Studio Workshop



National Conferences :  National Functional Summit, July ‘11

AIESEC’s vast network allow us to meet people with various personalities, skills, and also nationalities. Through attending AIESEC conferences in local, national, and international scale, member of AIESEC UI can enrich themselves with diverse experiences.

 Management Board Conference, Oct ‘11  Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC), Nov ‘11

AIESEC conferences also provide opportunities for enterprises and organizations to connect with future young leaders from Indonesia, and also across the world

 National Election Conference, Dec’11  National Planning Conference, May ‘11

National Conferences

AIESEC UI plan to send delegates to following international conferences :  International Congress, Kenya ( August ‘11 )  

UNLEASH Conference, Malaysia ( October ’11 ) Asia Pacific Exchange & Leadership Development Seminar, Japan ( March ‘12 )

AIESEC Indonesia’s conferences are national event that is attended by AIESEC Indonesia member in six different cities, and also youth throughout AIESEC network. AIESEC national conferences aim to promote cultural exchange, leadership development, also knowledge about critical global issues.

International Conferences AIESEC UI also encourage its members to attend international conferences, since we believe that international conferences can provide significant values and competencies that can make our member and AIESEC UI moving forward. International conferences provide us the platform to connect diversities of nation and nationality together, share knowledge and experience what a world without borders will look like.


Partnership Benefit An organization can have cooperation with AIESEC in two forms of partnership, which are being partner or sponsor. Partner is entity that agrees to have cooperation with AIESEC at least for one year. Sponsor is entity that agrees to support at least one AIESEC’s event. Through our programs and network, we believe that AIESEC will be able to deliver huge benefits for your organization, especially for your marketing and human resource side. Below are summary of benefits that we offer to organization that involves with AIESEC. AIESEC’s activities run throughout the year on a local, national and global level. These activities can offer you targeted exposure and quality interaction with dynamic and professional AIESEC members and university students.

For Your Marketing Side     

Increase your brand awareness in society through all of AIESEC UI activities Access to youth opinion about your brand and product nationally and globally. Strengthen your positioning as company which has good social responsibility. Implement your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in various relevant issues through our projects and activities Cost and human resource efficiency in implementing marketing event and CSR.

Does your Company attract Network of Studentsor Network of Future Leaders? For further information please contact:

For Your Human Resource Side     

Access to potential youth nationally and globally who has leadership skill, cultural sensitivity, and high social awareness. Recruit the best and the brightest talent from national and global AIESEC’s network. Increase your employer branding as a company that attracts people with brightest minds and achievements Globalize your workforce and bring international environment to your workplace. Cost and human resource efficiency in recruitment for local and international talent.

DiandraAndreansa Vice President of External Relation AIESEC Universitas Indonesia e: m: +62 8561823423 skype : diandra.andreansa1


Provide subsidies for youth to go for exchange with AIESEC UI and/or invest in a minimum of 3 international AIESEC interns

Our Partnership Package Payment can be transferred through this account:

AIESEC UI 157-00-0094063-6 Bank Mandiri Cabang FEUI Depok

Student Center ,1st Floor Faculty of Economy University of Indonesia Depok 16424 Ph : +62 21 787 2257 Fax : +62 21 287 2256


Investments Needed for Global Exchange and Internship Program Administration Fee Development Traineeship: Rp250.000,00 Management / Technical Traineeships:  SME & Non-SME (6-8 weeks) : Rp1.300.000,00  SME (>2-4 months) : Rp2.500.000,00  Non-SME (>2-4 months) : Rp3.500.0000,00  SME & Non-SME (>4-6 months) : Rp4.000.000,00 Educational Traineeship:  AIESEC University (6-8 weeks)  Public Insitution (>2-4 months)  Private Insitution (>2-4 months)  Public & Private (>4-6 months)

: Rp6.000.000,00 : Rp2.000.000,00 : Rp2.500.000,00 : Rp3.500.000,00

o Payments should be made during contract signing (50%) and maximum 2 weeks after the intern has arrived in Indonesia (50%) o Monthly stipend of Rp3.000.000,00 should be paid to MT/TT/ET interns (with the exception of AIESEC University interns) through AIESEC UI


“ AIESEC helps students by providing space and support for them to set goals and a personal vision. These activities have long been recognized by employers as complementary to academic work and likely to result in a well-rounded graduate.” -

Jonathan Black Director, Careers Service Oxford University

Global Partner

National Partner

AIESEC UI Local Partner


Partnership Opportunities with AIESEC UI  

AIESEC University of Indonesia always looking for expanding our impact to society through every step that we take. We are growing fast, but...

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