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External Edition Issue No. 2 (March 2013) Follow: @AIESEC_UI and visit

LATEST  NEWS   We proudly announce to you that in our last National Conference (NEC), AIESEC Universitas Indonesia won 8 from 18 awards for our contribution in the last 6 month to the national plenary. From the 'Best Vice President Award' Deladwita Suyoso (Communication), Intanasa Nurdenti (Incoming Exchange Global Internship Program – iGIP), Azalia Fajri Septihani (Incoming Exchange Global Community Development Program – iGCDP) and Melissa Tsai (Youth Engagement) were recognized as the top performers of their respective fields. From the 'National Programme Challenge Award', AIESEC LCUI won for: 1) iGCDP TN Adhoc Diversity 2) iGCDP Matching Diversity 3) iGIP Non-Educational TN Raising 4) Top three Contributors for oGIP (Outgoing Exchange Global Internship Program)


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PREVIOUS  EVENTS   Indonesia  Youth  Leadership  Conference  (IYLC)  and   Youth  to  Business  (Y2B)  

  What  is  IYLC  2012?   IYLC  2012  is  the  3rd  IYLC  that  is  an  annual  conference  held  by  AIESEC  Indonesia  since   2010.  IYLC  this  year  was  held  in  5  days,  started  from  27  November  2012  –  1  December   2012.  In  this  IYLC,  we  make  the  conference  to  be  more  open  to  the  external  by  inviting   young  leader  of  Indonesia  and  combine  it  with  Youth  to  Business  (Y2B).  We  aim  to  enable   more  young  people  to  have  micro  experience  in  AIESEC.  Therefore,  the  delagates  of  IYLC   2012  are  300  AIESEC  new  member  (from  Indonesia  and  other  country)  and  200  university   students  that  will  be  participating  in  Y2B.   What  is  Indonesia  Youth  to   Business  Forum?   Youth  to  Business  (Y2B)  is  an   event  in  the  4th  day  of  IYLC  and  it   is  an  event  and  a  platform  for   interaction  between  young  people   and  business  to  talk  about  ideas   and  solutions  for  the  future  of  our   society.  The  topics  of  the   discussion  this  year  are  centered   on  the  concepts  of   ENTREPRENEURSHIP,   INNOVATION,  CORPORATE   SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY  (CSR)   and  their  relation  to  youth.    

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Why  we  need  to  held  IYLC  2012?   IYLC  2012  is  aiming  to  create  a  global  leader  with  the  entrepreneurial  outlook  and  social   responsibility  by  facilitating  young  leader  to  discover  their  passion.  Indonesia’s  leader   characteristic  is  unique  because  they  were  born  in  the  different  cultural  background  that   shape  their  character  and  the  way  they  see  the  thing.  In  IYLC  2012  we’re  connecting  their   perspective,  facilitates  their  difference,  and  empowering  their  strength  to  finally  have  one   purpose  of  giving  positive  impact  to  society  through  AIESEC.     EVENTS  

  In  the  first  day,  we  had  an  opening  ceremony,  opening  plenary,  and  first  party.  And  in  the   second  day,  with  the  theme  “Carnival  in  Paris”,  we  had  a  second  party.  This  time  is  the  time   when  we  had  so  much  time  to  dancing  and  dancing  all  night  long.  There  are  games  too,  and   dress  code  which  is  pop  color,   also Roll Dance Competition. Roll Dance Competition consists of Roll dance IYLC and Roll Dance Battle. Cultural and Community Exhibition was in the third day, with the theme “Futuristic Night” and dresscode Batik. This exhibition consists of Delegates Short Performance, Communities Short Presentation & Campaign, and Photo Exhibitions. Then in the last day, Youth to Business Forum was held, where we can interact with important persons from Garuda Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Ristra and other remarkable companies. The Keynote speaker is Bapak Emirsyah Satar, the CEO of Garuda Indonesia. The dresscode for this seminar is formal wear. Youth to Business was the peak, and ended this project well.

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  What  is  AIESEC  University     AIESEC   University   is   an   Educational   Traineeship   Project   Based   on   Exchange   (PBoX)   aims   to   provide   several   languages   education   to   students   or   people   in   learning   different   foreign   languages   by   involving   educational   institutions   in   Jakarta   and   cities   near   us.   This   is   the   fourth   AIESEC   University  to  be  held  by  AIESEC  Local  Committee  Universitas  Indonesia.   Why  AIESEC  University     In  the  era  of  globalization,  the  flow  of  information  and  culture  has  no  limit.  To  be  able  to  compete  in   the   era   of   globalization,   foreign   language   and   living   in   global   diversity   abilities   are   required   .   Moving   on   from   here,   AIESEC   University   provides   affordable   and   main   foreign   language   learning   program  with  native  teachers  and  cultural  exchange  through  cultural  tours  involving  language  and   cultural  institutions  around  Jakarta.   •

Opening  Ceremony:  This  event  consists  of  the  welcoming  party  and  the  introduction  of  the   academic  system  of  AIESEC  University  to  students  of  AIESEC  University.  The  event  will  be   attended  by  the  students,  teachers  as  well  as  exchange  Participants  and  members  of  AIESEC   Universitas  Indonesia  

Learning   Event:   Foreign   language   teaching   and   learning   are   going   on   here.   The   learning   process   consists   of   classroom   learning,   learning   outside   the   classroom   in   the   form   of   a   cultural  tour  that  involves  cultural  institutions  in  and  around  Jakarta.  

Closing   Ceremony:   Farewell   party   comprising   cultural   performances   each   class   and   prom   night   will   enliven   the   closing   ceremony   of   AIESEC   University.   The   event   will   be   attended   by   AIESEC   University   students,   teachers   and   administrators   as   well   as   members   of   AIESEC   Universitas  Indonesia.  

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ONGOING  EVENTS   AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has over 60 years of experience in developing youth into global-minded leaders. With a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people into the leaders needed today and tomorrow. To achieve its organizational goal, AIESEC often creates a wide range of programs, including social work, seminars, trainings and others. One of the ongoing events to gain benefit to all stakeholders of AIESEC UI is Social Entrepreneurship Project. Social Entrepreneurship is a project to raise society awareness, especially youth in Jakarta, of social business. Social Business is a new model of business that is newly emerged. What makes social business different with other models of business is that the profit from social business is used to fulfill clear social mission and make positive impact to society. What is a social entrepreneur, exactly? Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices. A social entrepreneur, similar to a business entrepreneur, builds strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as not-for-profit or for-profit companies. AIESEC UI realizes how impactful social entrepreneurship can be in Jakarta. However there are still few people who recognize social enterprises in Jakarta despite the impact it can make to society. That is why AIESEC UI determines to introduce this business to society, so youth can be aware of what social entrepreneurship is and furthermore AIESEC hopes they can be inspired by what this business do and do the same thing for their society. This project is also made to engage more youth to AIESEC. Follow: @AIESEC_UI and visit


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Another ongoing event is AIESEC Fair 2013. AIESEC Fair 2013 gives an opportunity for the public to join AIESEC, whether in a team member program or going on an exchange program. Team Member Program allows non AIESEC-ers to be a part of AIESEC UI and take part all the programs and projects designed to develop their potentials while making positive impacts to the society. AIESEC has tons of cool projects such as Warred Project, Youth to Business, Social Entrepreneurship Project, AIESEC University, etc, and all new members are welcomed to participate. For anyone around 17 (high school graduate) and 30 years old, AIESEC offers a chance to go abroad and create social impacts in countries abroad via a program called Global Community Development Program. During the exchange, participants are able to work in an NGO or a project with many different people from all over the world to solve/give insights on a certain social issue. The best part is, anyone can participate in this program! The exchange itself will be around 6 to 8 weeks and those who applied now will be participating in our summer exchange (around April – August).

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Last but not least, a program called Lead Talk. This event concerns about leadership issues in young people by giving them knowledge about leadership they need directly from the experts. Lead Talk is a one day seminar that consists of two different sessions under the same theme which will be held on Saturday, March 16th 2013 in AtAmerica, Pacific Place Jakarta. There will be 4 speakers from different backgrounds who are going to share their experiences and knowledges in leadership and what is important for them to learn.


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AIESEC UI Newsletter March 2013 - 2nd edition