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NEWSLETTER External Edition

AIESEC in Definition

Issue No.1 September 17th 2012

Greetings from the new Executive Board !

AIESEC is a global organization, the international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. AIESEC is a global youth-run organization and present in 110+ countries. We strive to activate the leadership in youth and to create positive impacts to the society. AIESEC has 4 (four) main programs which are Team Member Program, Team Leader Program, Global Community Development Program, and Global Internship Program.

AIESEC in Numbers

Hello, AIESEC buddies! We're really glad that "AIESEC UI External Newsletter vol. 1" is finally out :D (We hope you also feel the same way!) We hope by having read this external newsletter, you'll be able to know more about what kind of impact AIESEC UI has made, and grab the opportunities we offer. In the end, we would like to say: Happy reading our first edition, buddies! See you in the next 2 months, in our second edition!

Contents 1. Greetings 2. Project Report: A I E S E C E c oTo u r i s m P ro j e c t WARRED 3. Project Ongoing AIESEC Fair IYLC 4. Opportunity: Host Family

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Project Report AIESEC EcoTourism


English is the language of globalization that’s world wide now. As we know, Indonesia still didn’t have fair development in English, especially for children, because children is the successors of our country. Because of that, AIESEC UI this project. Our goal is to create a more prepared Indonesian children for the real world and assist them in recognizing and developing their potential, specifically in English. This project was held from July 12th, 2012-13th August 2012 and involved so many exchange participants from China, Taiwan, Finland, Hungary, Netherland, Republic of Czech, Korea and Pakistan. 14 of them were working as an English teacher for children in Tugu Proklamasi, Cikini, Jakarta. Just like WARRED’s slogan , “Because Education Strives for Empowerness”, we hope with this event, Indonesia’s next generation will create a good contribution in the future for our country.

EcoTourism is a joint project between AIESEC UI and AIESEC Bandung. The project aims to promote and develop the tourism places and environment in both Jakarta and Bandung. There are about 25 exchange participants from AIESEC all over the world who participated in this project. They came from various countries such as: Russia, Canada, China, Vietnam, and many more. the tourism places as well as helping the environment and tell the whole world about it. In the end of the project, they held a closing project named “AIESEC EcoTourism Photo Exhibition”, located in Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta. Those photos were the photos they took during the project. And they were also performing Indonesian traditional song by playing angklung.

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P r o j e c t O n g o i n g AIESEC Fair 2012

Indonesian Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC)

Story Telling Competition “Youth for Impact” Share and showcase your story to the world through social media! Write your simple story about what you've done to your society around you as young people and WIN FREE TICKET to IYLC on November 2012. AIESECIYLC2012 or text Riky (0856 9796 0265) for further information. Remember that a single story could change people’s lives.

Opportunity Host Family!

Do you want to work in a global learning-experience? Or do you want to make real positive impacts to the society? Want no more! Be our team member or exchange participant! AIESEC Fair is NOW recruiting. Get more information in AIESEC UI timeline (@AIESEC_UI), or text Lenny (0899 928 5257)/ Herdian (0817 986 0586).

Since AIESEC UI is a global organization that keeps creating projects to make real positive impacts to the society, we always need help from AIESEC-er from all over the world to become our volunteer. You can help us too to make real positive impacts to the society by being their host family. The duration will be 6-8 weeks. (All you have to do is just providing their meals and a place to stay. Transportation and anything else will not be your responsibility.) CP: Willy (0878 8072 2639/ 27A91847)

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