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Faculty Promotional Tools Booklet 2013 AIESEC UGM Local Committee

Project Background As we know, arts and culture are two issues that most discussed by people in the world. No matter how far we go, we cannot be apart from culture and arts. In the other hand, the development of globalization increasing every year and somehow makes people forget about their own culture. Thus, AIESEC UGM raise these issues as the theme project, reminding the nation that the art and culture of Indonesia are so beautiful and diverse; even many foreigners want to learn the art and culture of Indonesia because of their beauty. That’s why FACULTY is arranged. FACULTY, Fun Art, Culture and Charity, is a project of cultural exchange in the arts between the foreign culture (EP) and the local culture (learning partner), where at the end of the project will be held an art show for charity with the collaboration between the EP and the learning partner. Project duration : 8 weeks

Objectives Through this project, AIESEC UGM expects not only make the EP aware of the importance of preserving the nation's art and culture, but also to gain insight and knowledge about the art and culture of other countries which is raised by mutual respect, appreciate and love among nations and countries. AIESEC UGM also wants to give contribution to the society through this charity event.

Goals  For Community •

To share with others through art

Not only for cultural exchange in the arts, this project is also aimed to contribute to social community (orphanage, etc) through the charity event at the end of the project.  For EP & The Learning Partner


Introduce the culture of Indonesia to Worldwide

After exchange participants completed this project, they are expected to introduce Indonesian culture (especially art of Indonesia) to their countries. •

Foreign cultures and new experiences

They will get to know foreign cultures (not only art, but also knowledge of the world), and get the experience that they may never forget.  For AIESEC UGM •

AIESEC UGM can be well known by the public Through this project, the level of public curiosity about AIESEC UGM will be increased, and it will increase the support for activities of AIESEC UGM in the future.

Concept Indonesia comes with rich culture that varied from dances to musics. With this project, AIESEC UGM wants to give the experience to the EPs to learn all the Indonesian art and culture.

1. Workshop In the workshop, the EP will have the chance to explore Indonesian art and culture in both theoretical and practical. For example: Gamelan, Wayang Kulit, Saman Dance. 2. Art Show & Charity Night Art Show is the main event of the project. In this Art Show, the EP will perform traditional dance that they have already learn during the period with the Learning Partner. The profit from this art show will be given for the charity event.

Learning Partner •

Pelajar Mahasiswa Ponorogo Yogyakarta (PMPY) A community that preserved Indonesian traditional dance which is Reyog Ponorogo.


SAMAN HI UGM A community that preserved Indonesian traditional dance which is Saman dance, a traditional dance that comes from Aceh.

Participants  AIESEC UGM Members as OCP and OC of the Art project  Learning Partner  Exchange Participants o Requirements: 


Good in english; oral & written

From diverse country

Having interest in art, culture and social program

Willing to learn about art and culture, especially dance.

Independent and able to work as a team

o Job description : 

The EP will learn about Indonesian traditional dance as they will perform in the event of the project

Every activity of the EP must be recorded as they will make a documentary movie about the whole project

The EP will give a contribution to the preparation of the project to publish the art show event in the local radio or media partner.

The EP will have the chance to make a local handcraft

The EP will have fun AIESEC activities such as gathering and party

The EP will attended several workshop about Indonesian heritage and Indonesian traditional music.

The EP will have interactions with unfortunate kids from the Learning Partner


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Faculty Promotional/Project Booklet  
Faculty Promotional/Project Booklet  

FACULTY (Fun Art, Culture and Charity) is a project of cultural exchange in the arts such as dances, and playing traditional musical instrum...