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Hello My Dear Friend! My name is Aygul Gubaydullina and I’m an OCP of PBoX “Young and Perspective”

Me and my team of 14 members would like to tell you a little bit more about our project and invite you to warm your hearts with us this coming winter.

Do you want to make people around you happier and see smiles on their face? Do you want to change someone's life? Probably, yours?) To spend unforgettable 6 weeks in the international team, working with children under our care.

You will work with schools and orphanages, learn English language with senior pupils, participate in discussion clubs with students and all interested persons, spend some time and communicate with kids, all together getting ready for the competitions, games and performances. We will offer you a considerable amount of events to participate in!- you will directly take part in children's preparation for various fleshmobs, street snowball fights, building snowmens, competitions of children's drawings and projects. Finally, the most important of all those fun events will be a concert and movies. In this concert, every child will be representing a different country.your duties will include the preparation of this performance along with the kids. You can pick whatever you like: a song,

a dance or even a game! In other words, you can helps kids as well as show us your creativity! Another important part of your project will be a short movie, that you will film in collaboration with independent young movie creators of our town. And to help you better prepare for those events and projects, we will organize trainings on team work and communication with kids. As well, we will provide you with translators, who are essentially either the representatives of our local committee or just the active young people of our city.

In the same time with you our local committee will accept about 40 trainees. Imagine that company.

It is already the third realisation of the project. The first one was devoted to professional guidance of high school graduates. The second project that we did, was on HIV/Aids education, which had this past summer. Where volunteers worked at children's summer camps and schools. We are planning that this project will be the largest with your help! We want to show those little children the resemblance of the World here, in our city. We would like to expose them to different cultures. We want those kids to be open-minded, as well as understanding and respect for different cultures. And, probably, the best way to this is through the close personal contact, activities and time spent together!

Our goals - 25 trainees. 7 schools and 5 orphanages. 2000 participants.

If you're interested, wait for more info about our city, local committee and reception team. As well as you will get more info about your job and the events. Later on, you will meet and get a chance to communicate with me and my team! I look forward to hear from you!

Young and Perspective  

Y'n'P project AIESEC Ufa