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Dear AIESEC members, Dear partners, parents, alumni and other stakeholders, I still remember the election of my team like if it happened only yesterday. At that point we were already aware what an amazing year was lying ahead of us, but now looking back to it, it exceeds every imagination. With this introduction word I would like to thank all the people who helped to make this happen. 2008-2009 was once again an amazing year for AIESEC UA. As you will notice further on in this annual report we have achieved a lot during this past year; we started up new projects, made growth happen within the LC, exceeded our goals that were set in the beginning,… but all this wouldn’t have been possible without our most important stakeholders, which are you, the readers of this annual report. I still remember the stakeholdersevent from last year. The first opportunity to present my team towards all the people involved with AIESEC UA. Yorick, Kirsten, Sebastiaan, Ine, Diego, Isabelle and me, 7 enthusiastic people ready to bring AIESEC UA towards new heights. And I can proudly say today that we really kept our promise by reaching for the stars throughout the year. With a very successful recruitment, the biggest delegation on NTMS ever, an amazing job days/job fair, a completely new PBoX, 900% growth on the OGX field, a revision of the governance structure and legalities of AIESEC UA, the creation of the media team, the implementation of the middle management structure, starting up the mentoring and coaching program and many more activities and implemented ideas, it is clear that we have taken AIESEC UA towards the next level, making its growth sustainably once again. To recognize all these achievements AIESEC UA has been awarded with 3 awards at the National Conference: Best finance management, best CRXP and the most contributive LC of 2008-2009! One special activity, for the LC as well as for me personally, was BeLDS 2009. This conference, hosted by AIESEC UA has had an amazing impact on our LC. I can say for sure feeling the atmosphere during these days was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in my life so far. In addition as one of the facilitators I was in the best position to see my LC connecting with the conference agenda, with the other LC’s, with the whole AIESEC culture and most important I saw how they grew into the path of leadership, challenging themselves to take up more responsibility and think about their development. I am very proud to see that the next generation is ready to take over this wonderful organization. I am confident that the elected team will make me proud by bringing AIESEC UA closer to those high but bright shining stars! I want to end this introduction as I often started the newsletters this year: My dearest LC, thanks for everything! Frank Troch Local Committee President 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp

AIESEC UA Contact details: AIESEC UA vzw Prinsstraat 13 2000 Antwerpen +32 (0)3 220 40 25

What is AIESEC? AIESEC is an international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential in order to have a positive impact in society. Our platform enables organisations to interact and to source high potential university students and recent graduates from all over the world through our exchange program, conferences and, physical and virtual communication tools.

Are you waiting for the future or helping to build it?

Our Vision Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind's Potential.

Activating leadership since 1948

Our Nature

What began in 1948 as an organisation with an aim to develop "friendly relations" between member countries is now a global association based in over 107 different countries and territories. During its history, AIESEC has provided more than one million people with highly impactful leadership experiences.

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation, run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, and national, ethnic or social origin. Our Role Our international platform enables young people to discover and develop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on society.

Connecting people and organisations

Our Core Work

At every stage of its history, AIESEC has been connecting people and organisations.

AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a global learning environment Our Values Activating Leadership - We lead by example and inspire leadership through action and results. We take full responsibility for our role in developing the potential of people. Demonstrating Integrity - We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our identity. Living Diversity - We seek to learn from different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual. Enjoying Participation - We create a dynamic environment by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC. Striving for Excellence - We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve. Acting Sustainably - We act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society. Our decisions take into account the

needs of future generations.

Throughout time, this has had a different aim. In 1950, it was used to bridge nations after World War II. In 1970 to develop internationally aware managers. Looking for more relevance, nowadays AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. Our innovative approach to developing young people focuses on taking a proactive role, developing self-awareness and a personal vision, building networks, and developing capacity to drive change.

Youth driven organisation We are an organisation which is driven by youth in an energetic, innovative, passionate and dynamic way. We share our hopes and ambitions for a better future.

To find out more about AIESEC and possible ways to become a partner, please visit:

AIESEC 2010 “Every day, AIESEC is enabling the development of agents of positive change who create the needed impact in society. Our rapidly growing network connects high potential people around the world to generate an increasing volume of AIESEC Experiences. Every member in our thriving local and global communities of learning completes a life-changing AIESEC Experience. Our contribution makes us the first choice amongst young people and organizations for activating leadership.”

Every day, AIESEC should be allowing individuals to develop into people who can produce positive change in their environments. The emphasis on AIESEC being an enabler reflects the self-driven aspect of the AIESEC Experience. The continued focus on creating agents of positive change with the characteristics of social responsibility, entrepreneurship, cultural sensitivity, and active learning, is an important continuation of AIESEC’s focus for the past years, and reflects a simple yet ambitious goal.

During the International Congress 2005 in India (Agra), the whole AIESEC Network refreshed the identity of the organisation.

We wish to create the change that is truly relevant for our societies, and the change agents we produce are the ones who will indeed create this impact. Creating the needed impact means we have to be examining the needs of our communities and ensuring that our people have the opportunities that they need to be able to impact the specific needs of our societies.

This describes how AIESEC strives to be by the year 2010.

The network should be growing at a fast pace in geographic presence, quantity of members and internships, and number of partners. This is a specific ambition, ensuring that all of the above are growing. Regarding the members, we seek to fill AIESEC with individuals who can best embody, pursue, and deliver upon our vision and values – ‘high potential people’. One of the powers of AIESEC is our ability to connect these high potential people throughout the network. It is crucially important that we constantly strive to increase the quantity of AIESEC Experiences we are able to create. The increasing volume means that there is never enough, and that each day we want to be generating a higher volume of AIESEC Experiences. This also means we need to focus on sustainable increases in volume of AIESEC Experiences. We aim to grow in results year after year but in a sustainable way in which all of our sub-systems are healthy. Our ambition is that each AIESEC member is able to go through an AIESEC Experience that includes all the stages and forms of learning in an environment reflective of the principles of the AIESEC Experience. The communities of deep and lasting learning we wish to create include our members, our alumni, and our partners. These communities are local at base, but the interaction of these local communities combines to form a global community of learning. The result of all we do will mean that young people will prefer to join AIESEC, and organizations will look to us first for the leaders they need.

As well as this, we also agreed on the AIESEC 2010 statement.

AIESEC Difference Our innovative approach to developing young people focuses on taking a proactive role, developing self-awareness and a personal vision, building networks, and developing capacity to drive change. We do this through an international platform of opportunities that provides our members with over 7,700 leadership opportunities, 5,500 work abroad opportunities, 470 conferences, and virtual tools to build networks. Together with the principles of the AIESEC Approach, this platform is how we give young people the desire and capacity to have a positive impact on society – that is the AIESEC Difference

The AIESEC platform allows individuals to craft their own experience through the available opportunities. The result is typically a 1-5 year experience that produces individuals with the following skills and experiences:

AIESEC Experience The following diagram shows the different steps in the AIESEC experience.

Leadership Experience Through the management of over 700 offices at the local, national, and international level, AIESEC members have the opportunity to lead teams in different areas, do planning, take decisions, speak in public, and turn their ideas into action. AIESEC members are oriented to enter situations with the intention to make things happen. Multi-Functional Skills AIESEC members get practical experience in all facets of running an organization, including sales and marketing, customer servicing, recruitment, evaluation, budgeting, planning, project management, presentation skills, and more. Practical experience in such a broad range of areas is unique for university students. Effectiveness The way we run a global organization with such an impressive scale of programs and almost 100% turnover is through an incredible commitment from our members. AIESEC members invest between 15-30 hours a week in the organization while also managing university, part-time jobs, family, and friends. They learn how to manage their time, set priorities, and multi-task. Global and Diversity Through the management of our exchange program and interaction on our global on-line platforms, the average AIESEC member is working and communicating every day with people from all over the world. Nearly all AIESEC members speak more than 1 language and have an international experience. AIESEC members learn how to work effectively in diverse environments and see things from a global perspective. Self-Awareness With a focus on reflection, AIESEC provides space and support for individuals to do goal-setting, personal awareness exercises, and personal vision development. Pushed by an inspiring environment, AIESEC members develop a strong sense of who they are and the role they would like to play in the future. This is the AIESEC Difference – what gives people with AIESEC experience an edge over other young people and what drives them to play valuable roles within their workplaces and communities.

All members go through a formal introduction to the organization and then begin to take on responsibility in some area. They then have the option to take on leadership, work abroad, or both. The final step is to head for the future – to take the skills, inspiration, and networks from AIESEC to have a positive impact in society. This flow and the opportunities within it are reinforced by 5 key principles that are reflected in all parts of the process. - Take an active role in your learning & the learning of others - Constantly challenge your worldview - Increase, both your practical & theoretical knowledge - Create a network of contacts - Developing self awareness & personal vision.

AIESEC in Belgium

AIESEC in Belgium offers the platform through which members create their own AIESEC experience. This same platform also serves to connect our partner organisations to the talented young people within AIESEC. The main opportunities for the members are working abroad, leadership experience, conferences, supported self-discovery, and the learning networks in an early phase. Working Abroad – the opportunity to work abroad is the defining element of the platform and is the most intense experience we offer. We enable about 3,500 members to work abroad each year in management, technical, education, and development areas. Our current partners include organisations such as: ABN AMRO, Bridgestone, Danone, DHL, Electrolux, InBev, Junior Chamber International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sony, LMS International, Rockwell, Johnson Controls, JobEQ, Statoil and Team Laser Press. Leadership Experience – through the management of 12 offices at the local and national level, we provide at least 120 leadership opportunities for our members every year. This provides our members with valuable and practical experience in both hard and soft skills in management and leadership.

AIESEC in Belgium enables approximately 400 active members to discover and develop their potential through a full AIESEC experience. All members are spread over a national network of 12 universities and business schools (KU Leuven, HUB, FUCaM, ICHEC, UCL, University of Antwerp, University of Gent, University of Hasselt, ULB, Waroque and VUB). They go through an introduction to the organisation and then begin to take on responsibilities in different areas. AIESEC in Belgium offers its members the chance to take leadership roles, work abroad, or both. The final step is to head to the future – this is when the members take the skills, inspiration, and networks from AIESEC to have a positive impact in society.

Conferences – we organise approximately 5 conferences each year to train and develop our members. These conferences provide the opportunity to practice leadership, participate in important training, and develop a strong network. Our partners include organisations such as ABN AMRO, Dynamo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EBBF, International Works, BASE, IBGraf, Junior Chamber International, OK Consulting and DHL. Learning Networks - through virtual and physical interaction, AIESEC in Belgium encourages its membership towards learning networks which enable our different stakeholders to come together to develop their skills, knowledge, and networks on topics of interest. Example of learning network topics AIESEC Belgium has focused on this year are Corporate Social Responsibility and Finance. The majority of our partner organisations engage with AIESEC through one of these platforms in order to increase their profile, attract top talent to their organisation, or to support our efforts in enabling young people to develop and discover their potential. AIESEC in Belgium can be reached at:

AIESEC in Belgium vzw/asbl Koningsstraat 221, rue Royale 1210 Brussels Tel.: +32 (0)2 219 94 64 Fax: +32 (0)2 217 47 93 E-mail:

AIESEC’s international exchange program

The exchange program has different steps. This is the procedure we follow in order to realise a satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

Internal Screening: Each AIESEC-office pre-screens candidates through a review board consisting of interviews and tests

Profile identification: You determine the desired candidate profile and job description for your intern.

Intern selection: AIESEC presents a number of suitable candidates and facilitates the selection process by arranging telephone or online interviews.

Visa services: AIESEC arranges the visa for the intern Pre-arrival services: AIESEC supports the intern with cultural preparation and goal-setting exercises.

. Post-arrival services: AIESEC arranges logistics, such as accommodation, pick up and registration of the intern. Integration services: AIESEC provides ongoing activities for the interns and connects them to a network of other AIESEC members

Evaluation: AIESEC facilitates an evaluation process for both the organization and the intern throughout the internship to ensure objectives and expectations from all sides are being met.

AIESEC in Belgium works with all these organisations to provide students and recent graduates from abroad a challenging work experience. The following companies partnered with AIESEC for exchange, at least once since 2005: ABN AMRO AGFA Alcatel Bridgestone Dexia DHL/Deutsche Post Worldwide Network Electrolux Exel EABIS InBev Instromet International JobEQ Johnson Controls LMS International L’Oreal Lu Management Cockpits PricewaterhouseCoopers Rockwell Automation Sony Statoil Team Laser Press TechTeam 4U Campus ZachBrandit ArcelorMittal Ingersoll Rand McKinsey&Company TechTeam Microsoft Nike UPS Europe

Project Management

About the Project Management-team The project team started off with our annual Job Day Job Fair; a two day event which offers our students the opportunity to learn more about their future employer by attending company sessions and our Job Fair, where every company is represented by a seperate stand. Together with a team of 40 people we managed to create a huge event for 250 participants and 28 companies. Through this experience members got motivated and tasted what the projects team is all about… Nearly a couple of weeks later we organized our Gala Night at La Riva and right before the exams we launched the preparations for the organization of our Belgian Leadership and Development Seminar. As for the latter, we managed to organize a 4-day conference for 110 people who were willing to learn more about leadership. Together with a team of 7 people we created one of the most motivating and influential events of the year! Furthermore we’re working on a project called Project CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Organizations) which aims to promote Entrepreneurship in Belgium by organizing a series of learning events on this topic; some workshops on writing a business plan, creative thinking, etc. The purpose is to send some people abroad who are willing to work for a company such as CH Robinson. By doing so, trying to improve their entrepreneurial spirit by f.ex. being a team leader for a certain project. So far we have 5 people interested in living this experience abroad! Next to this we have the Media Team; a team working around the clock on getting AIESEC in the media. So far we have managed to get 7 brand aligned articles published and we are still looking for more opportunities. Press release about AIESEC and every project are written and distributed. We also created an entire media database and are working on sustainable sales booklets. The last project we’re about to organize, is a project in cooperation with JCI – called Wereld om je hoek – where we will promote AIESEC’s internationalism through a fair with different stands, representing the several continents by offering some appetizers and drinks. In general, we managed to create a 92% relative growth in leadership positions, counting up to 25 realized positions through various projects and events, empowering and developing more people! In order for our members to get sufficient background knowledge, we created an online webpage on project management, explaining them how to use project and planning tools.

Yorick Van Alphen Vice President Project Management 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp

External Relations

About the External Relations-Team They asked me to write some words about my experience as VP ER 08-09 but honestly, I don’t know where to begin, so I will start with the very beginning of my term as VP ER and this are the elections. More than a year ago, I decided I would like to be part of the EB of AIESEC UA. After my election there were the first EB things to do as a team and that was amazing because we were a close group from the start. After the transition weekend I had the feeling that I was totally ready for a year as VP ER ! But the real experience just started in October, when we had our induction day. Seeing all these people interested in what AIESEC is and their motivation gave me an energy boost. But it was just after the very first track meeting that I realized what my task really was; there were 15 motivated members who wanted to have a dazzling ER year and I was their guide! I must be honest and tell that at first this scared me, because I was not sure how to handle such a large team. But after our first activities this was not longer a concern. We started with the ER week, where the members got three sessions from different AIESECer’s. This was also the week where everyone got to know each other better. After this first teambuilding and experience with selling AIESEC we got started. The team got separated in three different teams: account managers, in kind sponsoring and TN raising. We completed the sales management system and had 50 phone calls and 6 company visits in the first semester. It was not easy to reach the right person within a firm, which was one thing we will remember☺! The first challenge was on job days/jobfair where the members needed to get a business card from the companies. But this went really well! We attended the one day conference ‘train the seller’, where we learned a lot about the AIESEC product and how to sell it. We raised money for our prom and managed to get in kind sponsoring for ' Kerst op UA'. In the meantime we had a drink together and it is amazing how much things you discover from people on such a night (I think about planning weekends with VW busses and a holiday spot in the Ardennen). In December and February we were very busy selling BELDS and my team was even willing to spend some of their holidays doing company visits! Really guys, thank you for all the effort you have put in it! This semester we did the last efforts to get sponsoring for BELDS and we contacted companies in the harbor to sell traineeships. We also went to Procter and Gamble, our learning partner, for several workshops and this was pretty impressing. We had very interesting workshops and it was a real opportunity to see how P&G works behind the scenes. And now we are at the end of one amazing AIESEC experience… Of course there were problems, I think about the difficulties we had to get sponsoring due to the economical crisis but this was just one little part of the whole experience! I would like to thank my team for their motivation, eagerness to learn and perseverance. I would also like to thank the rest of the EB for always being there with good advice and a smile! And to close this review, thank you to my friends and parents for listening and spending a wonderful time together! Ine David Vice President External relations 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp


About the Exchange-Team After we got elected as LC(V)P’s last year April, I felt the AIESEC UA EB would be an amazing team that could brighten up University alleys in the colour blue – and that is what we did. At that time I already experienced the activities involved with Outgoing Exchange, but I knew my responsibility for the following year would be to work on both Incoming and Outgoing Exchange. Last year our ICX really boomed. But due to loss of a main TN partner, my goal was to equal last years result. Therefore I needed to get familiar with our online database as soon as possible in order to understand the whole matching procedure, remain good relationships with our existing Exchange partners, prepare Welcome Packages for incoming trainees to make them feel at home in our city, etc. Also the OGX part needed a great deal of attention because UA students get more alternatives for international training courses or to study abroad every year. A well organized Exchange Promoting Campaign was held through visibility we had at the JobDay/JobFair event and several information sessions were announced through flyers and posters all over University. In order to develop a long term plan to integrate OGX procedure into our University, we also engaged in a partnership with UAMS (University of Antwerp Management School). Not only AIESEC UA reached a record number of members this year, also the Exchange team counted over 25 people: Anneleen, Barbara, Birgitte, Céline, Charlotte, Daphne, Dimitri, Eline, Fallon, Gerlinde, Héléne, Inge, Jolien, Josie, Julie, Kaat, Liat, Lynn, Naida, Nathalie, Peggy, Pieter, Sandi, Sharon, Sofie, Stefaan and Sylvie. At some point in the first semester job descriptions were put into practice (EP, TN and Reception managers) and responsibilities were divided among the team. We had all sorts of challenges to tackle during this year: organize an Exchange week, booming ICX with trainees arriving during the exam period, moderate trainee registrations at the Commune, arrange and give Exchange information and EP sessions, get EPs to pass the Assessment Center, organize a local OPS event, get involved in this years PBoX event, set up UA Nights every two weeks for both trainees and AIESEC UA members and even plan a national reception event.

Early Morning @ Induction Day

Champaign Cantus

Now the end of this wonderful, magnificent, fantastic and incredibly insane year is getting closer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders who made this year for me: thank you Exchange team for achieving all this together, EB for being at my back at all times and for becoming dear friends, MC for training me in this position, Trainees and their Buddies for your enthusiasm and your openness, Exchange Partners for believing in our program and of course my Family and Friends for understanding how much I loved AIESEC although it maybe sometimes made me neglect you a little bit ☺.

Our Antwerp Trainees Kirsten Draulans Vice President Exchange 2008-2009 Aiesec University of Antwerp

Talent Management

About the Talent Management-team We have achieved many amazing events with the TM-team. In the beginning of the new academic year, AIESEC UA took a flying start with more than 130 recruited members, of which 80 became very active members. Thanks to each and every one of them AIESEC UA has realized a lot of successful events this year Talent Management has been very busy... It seems like yesterday that we were handing out bottles of champagne at Students on Stage, giving info sessions about what AIESEC really means and getting to know all of you better at the Induction Day and the ‘Vapiano dinner’ after the first LC meeting. Since those days we were like rockets, going for their target and the result are amazing: • A monthly UA-night, where the LC could go for a drink to meet all the trainees; • 2 times a very successful champagne cantus; • The Thriller night; • The starting-up of a mentoring and coaching program; • A Christmas party with our own band and gifts under a gigantic Christmas tree; • Learning sessions delivered by Procter & Gamble; • The Christmas market with a successful sale of hot chocolate with rum or amaretto; • And finally our annual big stakeholders event; For achieving these events and actions I would like to thank all my Organizing Committee Presidents for their management and leadership, and of course all their Organizing Committee members and the helping hands, who achieved these results. Without them, none of the above activities or implementations would have been possible. In addition we managed to change a lot on organizational, cultural and strategical level concerning the Talent Management in our Local Committee. Not only did we have had an amazing and active delegation at the national conferences (Kick-off, NTMS, NatCo I, BeLDS and NatCo II), we even had 5 members who went for an international conference (EuroCo, WeGrow and Discovery ’09). These delegates brought back the AIESEC culture to our LC, which changed it forever. Also did we implemented a whole new LC structure which has to carry the growth AIESEC UA has known over the past few years, by introducing a flexible and challenging middle management. To end my page I want to say it once again: A very big thanks and congratulations to all of you! You can be proud of yourself! Remember: every time you contributed to an event, you’ve learned something anyway. The experiences that you have gained will help you in your professional life in the future! Isabelle Parmentier Vice President Talent Management 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp


About the Communications-team The past two years we have known an enormous growth of our members. The risk of miscommunication had the same growth. It became clear at our transition weekend that this had to be one of our main focus areas for the LC. I made a few main goals for myself to reduce the miscommunication; • • •

Find a better way to reduce the number of E-mails being sent to the members Find a better way to keep the members informed of all our activities, meetings, etc Get AIESEC more known at the university

For the first goal we gave last year our website a new layout and expanded the site with a brand new forum. This way the members could communicate online, everyone could read it even members who weren’t in that particular project but still could follow the progress so they are still involved in the LC and all the information would never get lost because of deleting emails. It’s also a great way for the next years that new members could go into the archive and read how the previous LC organised their projects and events. Second goal was actually achieved with the same method as the first goal. The website contains a dynamic agenda that could be updated by all the EB members. This way everyone was informed about our activities and events. We also used our agenda as a booking system for all the meetings that our OC’s had. It gave a clear look when our office was occupied and when not, so that there couldn’t be two meetings at the same time in the same office. Next we had also our weekly newsletter in a brand new look. Every week we send an update of all departments to all our members. It was actually a summary of what happened on our forum. Last goal we achieved by creating massive promo campaigns for our events. From champagnecantus to job day / job fair, working together with the OC’s to create the right poster for the right event. There is also an UNIFAC Post, this is a small booklet that’s been distributed every week at the university. We have some space to post our updates from the past week, so it’s possible to show the non-members what we are actually doing during the year. I would like to thank everyone for a great year!

Diego Llera Vice President Communications 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp


About the Finance-team At the induction day in October 2008 our flight took off and the sky was the limit. We put together a motivated and smart group which I am very grateful for their support and motivation during this year! This motivation was also very necessary because we had some setbacks due to the economic crisis but the Finance-team kept on working and in the end we made it! This year goal concerned several aspects: we wanted to update the financial and general regulations and on the other hand we wanted to keep the financial sustainability of last year. Our first goal – the financial and general regulations – was achieved. In the beginning of the academic year a set of financial rules were clearly communicated to the whole LC, due to good communication and good middle-management everyone used this rules like they were using them since childhood. The general regulations – compendium – were updated in cooperation with our LCP Frank Troch and the rest of the EB. This compendium was voted on our last GA by all the full members. The second goal was to keep AIESEC UA financially healthy. This was a great challenge. First of all AIESEC UA has known this year a major growth, growth always goes hand in hand with more expenses and higher costs. Besides more expenses we had to deal with the economic crisis, which reduced our sponsors. Nevertheless, trough huge efforts of our exchange, projects and external relations team our income was guaranteed and now we can say that AIESEC UA is still financial sustainable! I would like to thank the EB, the Finance-members and all the other AIESECmembers for this fantastic year, for all the support, friendship and joy! Because as a team we made it happen! And I am sure that the new team in place will do a great job next year full of successes and of course a lot of fun! Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Sebastiaan Peeters Vice President Finance 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp


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AIESEC UA @ International Conference

About WeGROW 2008 in Malta When you think about AIESEC, you think about internationalism… not only do we enable young graduates to live their experience in our global exchange program, we also organize lot’s of international conferences open to delegates from all over the world. In November 3 delegates from AIESEC UA left Belgium to go WeGROW 2008 in Malta, our first international conference. More than 200 delegates came together on this small island to prepare themselves for their term on the Executive Board, to connect to the network and to meet several cultures… And new cultures we have met! The first day started off with an amazing Global Village where each country delegation was represented by an individual stand; Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Romania, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and Egypt… all were present. We introduced Brussel’s waffles, Belgian chocolate and beer and of course jenever to the network and yes… they loved it!. Throughout various workshops, seminars and teambuilding activities we learned about the network, cultural differences, how to drive results and developed several soft skills. As our network exists for 60 years, we also celebrated the 60th anniversary with a huge networking event. I must say that the atmosphere of an international conference is amazing and that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. By meeting all these inspiring and visionary people, I developed a better understanding of different cultures, different mindsets and ways of thinking. But even more important, I challenged myself, enlarged my knowledge and understanding and I expanded my worldview. In summary I must admit that an international experience like this, once again changed the person I am and contributed to my personal development. Furthermore I got to know a lot of fascinating people and I’ve build a network of friends from all over the world. Thank you AIESEC!

Yorick Van Alphen Vice President Project Management 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp

AIESEC UA @ International Conference

About EuroCo 2008 in Slovakia (Piéstany) EuroCo 2008 is the yearly conference for the LCP’s of the WENA and CEE countries. It was my first international conference ever, so I didn’t had any specific expectations set before. Actually, I was even a bit afraid not knowing what was waiting for me... Represented by 7 LCP’s and the MCP of AIESEC in Belgium, the belgian delegation was well seen in Slovakia. My first strong memory is the open global village during the first day, at the central shopping hall in Bratislava. All country delegations were sharing drinks and fouds, singing and dancing together, telling stories, filming greeting video’s for their home LC’s, etc... I was already amazed by the atmosphere and the things that were happening around me, and the conference was yet to begin! When I look back at the sessions we had during this one week, I can really say it helped me a lot to become the LCP I’ve been during the past year. Not only for the knowledge, but also on an emotional and more spiritual side. We were confronted with leadership situations and challenged to think beyond our borders. During the moments in my home group, I really started to understand the power of AIESEC and also the power of leadership. By sharing our stories, thoughts and feelings, we felt that we were becoming closer, which had an individual impact on each one of us. However, more importantly, we were also having an impact on each other, learning from different cultural views and pushing each other to think further and deeper then we ever did before. Of course there were also the parties at night... I still remember the different themes we had: traffic light party, colorful night party, the slovakian night, the gala night, and of course: the blue night! What else is more blue and more belgian than the smurfs? So we decided to go totally blue and put white little pointed caps on our head. Belgium made its entrance ... once again. This conference has extended my international network in a way I could never have imagined before. During the sharing moments and the different country meetings I got to know many of the different realities. In addition, I established some good contacts with LCP’s from Iceland, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and many other countries. They became friends which whom I still have contact until today! EuroCo created one AIESEC in Belgium for sure, and the fact that the belgian roll is still going around in the international AIESEC network also proves the fact that we presented us as such.

“So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel“ Frank Troch Local Committee President 2008-2009 AIESEC University of Antwerp

Alumni Opportunities AIESEC Alumni are located globally, working in various professions and industries and playing different roles in their communities. AIESEC recognizes the fact that its alumni are the biggest measure of its success. AIESEC alumni are the agents of positive change which we aim to create. We also recognize the value of our alumni and the support they have continuously given us. We hope that more alumni will reconnect with AIESEC and get involved in developing the organisation further.

Do you want to have a personal impact on our members?

AIESEC in Belgium and AIESEC UA both provide various opportunities for its alumni to interact and engage with each other and with current AIESEC members. Here we introduce them.

Networking AIESEC UA offers a variety of events where alumni can network with each other and with current members in order to stay connected. The annual Prom has since long been an annual get together for alumni. The Champagne cantus is aimed more at recent alumni and has been a tradition for years. In addition, we organize our annual Stakeholder Event. This event aims to connect alumni with each other, with partner organizations and with current member. This is done in a reception style event, combining both networking and presenting the organisation in its current form.

Selection Procedures and Incoming Exchange Both for the exchange program and the selection of the national and local boards, AIESEC is selecting candidates. Alumni involvement in these procedures can increase professionalism of these selections as their external experience can be an added value. Alumni are also active in a variety of sectors and companies and since AIESEC is always looking for more companies to provide exchange opportunities to our members, they can provide the first contact of their organisation with AIESEC or promote the relationship.

Conferences Our national and international conferences do not only have workshops provided by members. External expertise brings a much appreciated added value to its contents. That is why AIESEC always seeks to involve partner organizations. An alumnus can add even more value by bringing both professional insight and an inside knowledge of the organisation. Therefore alumni involvement as a trainer in our conferences can lead to very productive results.

Board of Advisors The Board of Advisors has since long been an external body providing continuity to our local committee. Its strategic insights have always been an added value in planning the direction of AIESEC UA. Since this year the Board has been split up in a strategical part, where representatives of all different relations are connected, and a financial part, where AIESEC UA alumni get insights in the financial health of our Local committee. In addition, both boards are from now on lead by a yearly appointed Chair. A special thanks in this report needs to go to Filip Roeckens, who has been mandated as the first AIESEC UA BoA Chair for 2009-2010.

Coaching and mentoring members AIESECers are people who want to learn from their mistakes and experience what it is like to start their own projects. Alumni can assist our members in their development through coaching and mentoring and make their experience more valuable.

Conclusion Your involvement in AIESEC does not have to stop when you leave the organisation. Through the alumni network, there are lots of opportunities to stay involved. At the same time it is very rewarding to see new people having those experiences you enjoyed before and assist them in their development.

AIESEC UA’s Mentoring Program As from this year, AIESEC UA launched a mentoring program offering its members the opportunity to find their own path for development and growth. At the end of the mentorship, the mentee (student) should be able to develop a vision in alignment with who he is and what the person want to reach in his/her life. As an alumni you can play a crucial role in this by being a mentor. As you already know AIESEC and you are familiar with problems we face in our everyday life, you are the ultimate person to participate in this program. Your role will be to listen, observe, ask questions and guide, instead of providing answers yourself. This way the mentee is obliged to face himself/herself. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

International Network In the past few years, AIESEC has again expanded its geographical reach. These are the countries and territories we are currently present in. When countries are grouped, this means that for that specific area, one unified member committee is coaching all the local committees. We are present in over 1700 universities and business schools in over 107 countries and territories.

One of AIESEC’s great strengths is its ability to bring together young people and partner organizations from all over the world through exchange, conferences, and virtual tools. The base of our network is a volunteer membership base of approximately 35,000 individuals in over 1700 universities in over 107 countries and territories. The national and international offices are managed by students on leave or members that have very recently graduated. Together, the network manages relationships with well over 4000 partners, facilitate 5500 exchanges, and organize over 470 conferences each year. The network interacts and collaborates through, our on-line collaboration and communication platform. With over 1,400 active communities, 250,000 documents, and 10,000 forum postings per month, it is the largest and most active installation of the OpenACS platform in the world. And beyond our members and partners, we have an alumni network of nearly 1 million people since the conception of AIESEC in 1948. These ex-members stay in touch with each other and AIESEC through the AIESEConnect interface on

AIESEC UA would like to thank... AIESEC UA wishes to thank all of its members, partners and alumni for another great year. All of these stakeholders have made continuous efforts to make this organization grow. We especially want to mention the following people for their contribution to our network this year.

Member Committee AIESEC in Belgium 2008-2009

Strategical Board of Advisors

Vishal Jodhani Vasso Papatzitze Kirsty Thompson Naomi Van Meel Quinten De Witte Nazly Frias Madalina Pitea

Filip Roeckens (Chair) Dimitri Ruyssers Naomi Van Meel Liesbeth Ollieuz Eva Mattheeussen Bruno de Loght Paul Matthyssens Sven Potvin Patricia de Smet Quinten de Witte

MC President MCVP Talent Management/MC coach AIESEC UA MCVP Exchange MCVP Finance MCVP Campus Recruitment MCVP External Relations MCVP Business Development

Executive Board AIESEC UA 2008-2009 Frank Troch Kirsten Draulans Isabelle Parmentier Ine David Yorick Van Alphen Sebastiaan Peeters Diego Llera

LC President LCVP Exchange LCVP Talent Management LCVP External Relations LCVP Project Management LCVP Finance LCVP Communications

Organising Committees Presidents AIESEC UA 2008-2009 Sven Knapen Elyne Thys Dennis Moons Florence Lenders Annelies Van Herck Suzanne Van den Hout Tim van Aelst Nicky Schroeyers Pieter Van de Peer Charlotte Vermeersch Karel Lapeire

OCP Job Days / Job Fair OCP Galanight OCP BeLDS 2009 OCP Project CEO OCP Media Team OCP De wereld om je hoek OCP AIESEC UA kerstfeestje OCP Champagnecantus II OCP Reception Weekend OCP Kerst op UA OCP Stakeholdersevent

Special thanks to Gert Pauwels Bart Cuypers Kaat Barrezeele Nathalie Monsieur Andy Lardon Cynthia Raes Kaat Barrezeele Karel Lapeire

CRXP and awareness survey responsible Weekly UNIFAC post responsible Reception manager EP manager Alumni responsible Alumni responsible Alumni responsible Annual Report 2008-2009 responsible

Financial Board of Advisors Filip Roeckens (Chair) Dimitri Ruyssers Naomi Van Meel Liesbeth Ollieuz Eva Mattheeussen Quinten de Witte Pieter BeliĂŤn Koen Boute

AIESEC UA’s Partners

Main Partners Deloitte University of Antwerp Procter & Gamble Exchange Partners Statoil Coordination Center CH Robinson ABN Amro Alcatel-Lucent Project Sponsors ‘t winkeltje Antwerpen studentenstad AVA Barracuda CoCo Colruyt Dagobert Dance point De cel De Koninck De Nonius De salamander De schacht Decathlon Antwerp Drankenhandel Zoersel Duvel Jezuiet

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AIESEC UA - Annual Report 2008-2009  
AIESEC UA - Annual Report 2008-2009  

Annual Report of AIESEC University of Antwerp 2008-2009