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LCP Application Booklet ’14-’15 AIESEC & Make a Move Twente

Congratulations, You took the first step in becoming the next Local Committee president of AIESEC & Make a Move Twente. Being LCP is going to give you many opportunities that make you gain new skills, contacts, memories, friends, knowledge about yourself and other people. It will push you outside your comfort zone (no do not be scared, it is still AIESEC so there is the safety net to catch you). You might have experience in AIESEC already or another organisation, but there is another challenge ahead of you, and that is leading this great team of 21 people through 2014-2015. See them grow, develop. See the organization grow, develop. See yourself grow and develop. One of our local advisory board members (CEO of Kienhuis & Hoving) named it as “you have the chance to run your own company of 21 people for a year, this is such meaningful experience”. I cannot agree with him more. You have responsibilities you probably will not even have in your first job. You learn about your leadership style, how do you get unpaid people moving and how do you get them to be better at what they do.

What would you do if AIESEC & Make a Move Twente is in your hands? What would you do different? What would your strengths and challenges be on this journey? What will AIESEC be to you? The past time you have maybe seen me as your LCP, and my way of doing it. Of course this is just one way. Every LCP is different, has a different focus, leadership style, vision, is a different person. Feel free to also talk to previous LCP’s or LCP’s from other cities to find out what their experiences are. For any contact details just let me know, I am happy to get them for you! In this booklet will be more information on the responsibilities as LCP and what to do to apply! And remember, For any questions, wishes, talks, sharing…


…find me!

Looking forward to your application!

Kicky van Leeuwen LCP ’13-‘14

AIESEC and Make a Move Twente – University of Twente – Office: Drienerlolaan 5 Bastille room 319 - mail – Phone 053 – 489 3959



LCP is supposed to know what they are doing, and by coaching them you empower them to coach their own team. Together you decide on strategy: where are you heading with AIESEC, of which you are the final responsible. You deal with sudden problems together and your attitude will be the example to the rest of the members that they will follow. Other days you are attending RavA or LAR meetings, together or travelling the country for convent and Reception Weekend.

LCP As LCP you are part of the back office/head office. This also means your individual tasks are not as clearly identified as a VP OGX for example. However specific responsibilities of the LCP are/could be for example the recruitment and agenda of the LCweekend. It pretty much comes to the fact you are responsible for the whole wellbeing of the AIESEC & Make a Move Twente.

Executive board

As LCP you are of course not on your own leading the LC. I first thought the LC would be my team: I was going to be president of 20 people, but soon I realised my team mostly was the EB. You work together on daily bases, the

Local Committee When I became LCP and we went to NTOS it was at first a little strange. Because people where following me automatically as if I knew where to go (I had no clue!). Soon however it became more natural to me to have people trust me and having the LC letting me be their leader. You will definitely discover how you deal with this and what position you take in the group. As LCP you are responsible for the well-being and development of the members, as well as organizing the LCmeetings. And of course: work hard play harder sometimes all together!

AIESEC and Make a Move Twente – University of Twente – Office: Drienerlolaan 5 Bastille room 319 - mail – Phone 053 – 489 3959


Externally As LCP you are the face of the organisation. You are the one being approached for everything first, receiving the e-mails when something needs to be done, and also the one being spoken to when things go wrong. This is a great responsibility sometimes, but also pretty cool, and great for your personal branding! You will build a reputation and network quickly which you can use well for your future.

Internationally The cool thing about being LCP and going to conference is that you also build a huge international network. This gives you the chance to even travel more, get invited to more conferences, chair, faci, or attend. You will be able to learn a great deal as well from them on how they approach things, and how they run AIESEC differently, because the cultural difference can also clearly seen back in this organisation as well.

National LCP’s network AIESEC is an international organisation which means your responsibilities will not stop at Twente. You closely work together with the other LCP’s of the Netherlands. You share experiences, tools, ideas, emotions and more. You will probably be taking part in a national taskforce as well, as getting the opportunity to attend at least one conference together (and maybe even the largest of the world: IC!)

AIESEC and Make a Move Twente – University of Twente – Office: Drienerlolaan 5 Bastille room 319 - mail – Phone 053 – 489 3959


Application procedure In this section will be explained what the steps are to really become LCP of AIESEC & Make a Move Twente! This procedure is in itself already a great learning experience. It helps you to think about your vision of AIESEC Twente, as well as, thinking about your strengths and developmental points in this position. The first step in this procedure is gathering your information and writing a manifest. Then, you will get the chance to present this manifest at the Vote of Confidence. As a LCP candidate you need to get more than 50% of the votes of the LC, to proceed to the interview round. This round will consist of two CORE and motivation interviews.

Preparation As it might be difficult to develop your ideas yourself about AIESEC & Make a Move Twente you can always approach LCP’s, alumni and your fellow LC and EBers to get more insights. Just ask me for their contact details, find them on the p-drive or on facebook.

Manifest Writing your manifest you can elaborate on what you would like for AIESEC as an LCP candidate. Think of areas you want to focus on and why you are the person to do this. The manifest should be between 5 and 7 pages, A4. You can decide yourself on what you would like to include or not. To help you out a little:

- Why would you like to be LCP? What does AIESEC mean to you? - What are the things you can contribute to the organisation and what can you learn? - How will you be leading the team? - What is your vision for AIESEC & Make a Move in Twente? Where is Twente next year, or in the coming five years? - What will you do the same as your predecessor and what would you differently? - What do you want to achieve and how will you do that? Keep in mind to be specific and descriptive in all the answers. Besides that, those are just guidelines; you are free in how you would like to structure your manifest. Deadline for the manifest is Saturday the 29th of March 23:59. Attach your CV as well in English and send it to

Vote of Confidence The vote of confidence will take place on the 31st of March during the time of the LC meeting. You will get the chance to give a speech in about 15-20 minutes. After this, all the attendants will have a chance to ask a question. After this, every LC member will be asked to vote anonymously if they have confidence in the ability of the LCP candidate. It is possible that a member votes for all candidates or for none. This is a voting for the individual Only the people that are present are able to vote. You will not be present

AIESEC and Make a Move Twente – University of Twente – Office: Drienerlolaan 5 Bastille room 319 - mail – Phone 053 – 489 3959


during the voting and the presentations of the other candidates. If you have more that 50% votes than you will be going through to the next round.

Final interviews The final round will consist out of two CORE and motivation interviews. You can prepare those interviews with competences that will be provided to you beforehand.

The announcement After the interviews the EB and other interviewers gather for the decision making. We will announce the new LCP the 14th of April.

I know it is a dive in deep water, you might get a funny feeling in your stomach of excitement and anxiety, it is okay. You do not need to be 100% that you will be capable of doing this. You just need to be 100% sure you want to take on the challenge of trying! I am looking forward to your application! Kicky van Leeuwen Local Committee President 2013-2014 06-19902677

Take over From the announcement on a planning will be made together with you for the take-over. Then from the 1st of July, the floor is yours!

Agenda Date


March 17 March 29 March 31 April 1- April 14

EB/LCP LCmeeting Deadline manifest + CV Vote of Confidence LCP candidates interviews Deadline for EB/PT applications Interviews EB/PT Announcement

April 27 April 28 – May 6 May 12

AIESEC and Make a Move Twente – University of Twente – Office: Drienerlolaan 5 Bastille room 319 - mail – Phone 053 – 489 3959


LCP Twente application booklet 2014  

Want to become the next president of AIESEC & Make a Move Twente? Get inspired and apply! Everything you need to know is in this booklet.

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