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Information Booklet 2012/2013


Preface Dear student, Great that you are considering a board position within AIESEC Tilburg! Since 1948 more than 1 million students have chosen to fulfil a board position within the largest international student organization in the world; AIESEC! By means of this information booklet we will provide you with the big picture of this organization, and what this organization could provide you. Worldwide there are more than 50,000 students from 110 different countries working for AIESEC. This is not only a huge network that you can connect with, but also at local level you will find many students with different backgrounds. Besides the diversity, AIESEC Tilburg offers much more. International contact, professionalism and personal development are main topics within an AIESEC board year, both full-time and part-time. What your AIESEC experience will be precisely is for you to decide. Do you want to work in a close team, learn how to build a good strategy, have contact with multinational organizations or do you want to go to a national or international conference? These are among the possibilities and are only a small part of all experiences you will have during an AIESEC board year. We hope that after reading this booklet you will have a good image of all the things AIESEC can offer you and hopefully you will be even more interested to apply for a part-time or fulltime board position. If you have any further questions, you can always come to our office (Prisma Building, P3.209) and have a chat or you can contact me ( Enjoy reading and hopefully we will see you soon at AIESEC! On behalf of AIESEC Tilburg 2011-2012, Inge Tanke President 2011-2012




Table of Content History of AIESEC............…………………………………………………………………………3 AIESEC Structure............………………………………………………………………………….4 Board of AIESEC Tilburg…………………………………………….........………………………5 Board Activities........................……………………………………………………………………7 Board activities AIESEC Tilburg …………………………………….........……………………...9 Available Board Positions - Full-time……………………………..……………………………..11 Vice President.…………………………………………………………………………….12 Outgoing exchange Coordinator…………………………..………………………........12 Incoming Exchange Coordinator…………………….…………………………….........13 Available Board Positions - Part-time……..…………...………….……..…….……………….14 Outgoing Exchange Team..……………………………………………………………...15 Incoming Exchange Team……………………………………………………………….16 AIESEC Programs...…………………..………………………………………………….............18 Application Procedure…………………………...……....……………......................................19  


AIESEC History In 1948, seven economic and business students of Western Europe came together in Stockholm. They founded what has grown out to be the largest international student organization, AIESEC. AIESEC is an acronym for Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales: an organization set up for students in economics and business related studies. Nowadays, AIESEC is no longer strictly an economics and business related organization, because it is open for students of every academic major. With the idea of recovering the relations between European countries, the founders of AIESEC set up the following goal: no more war! They believed they would achieve this goal by giving individuals the experience of living and working abroad themselves. By giving people cultural experiences, they would create mutual understanding. Students don’t only get aware of different cultures, but learn a lot during their internship as well. Your experience becomes much more intensive if you really work and live abroad! Therefore, the main purpose of all AIESEC activities is personal development. The vision of AIESEC is: “Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential” The means to this vision are formulated as follows: “Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on society.” Currently, AIESEC has grown from 7 to over 110 countries. We have become the largest student organization in the world and we are the largest NGO in the world, after the United Nations. Within these countries, an AIESEC board is present in 1,500 cities in the world and more than 50,000 students are active members at this moment. They make it possible for students around the world to go on an international internship or go for an international project (for example, the Ambassadors Program and NOUR program). Currently, there are about 13,000 international exchanges realized each year. "I commend AIESEC's continuing efforts to develop the future business leadership of our countries” Nelson Mandela

"The United Nations has long recognized that the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. And since its inception in 1948, AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange. In an era of globalization, your programs have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and business management issues." Kofi Anan 3  

AIESEC Structure Globally, AIESEC exists of 3 levels. There is an international committee (AIESEC International), 110 national committees (Member Committees) and 10 local committees (Local Committees) in the Netherlands. AIESEC International (AI) AIESEC International is the global umbrella organization of AIESEC, located in Rotterdam since 1997. 22 people of about sixteen nationalities (mostly after a long AIESEC career in their own country) work full-time to lead and coordinate all global AIESEC activities and communicate between the 110 countries in which AIESEC is present. Member Committee (MC) AIESEC the Netherlands AIESEC the Netherlands is one of the 110 Member Committees (MC) and is located in Rotterdam as well. AIESEC the Netherlands is responsible for coordinating and supporting the Local Committees of the Netherlands. Seven students work one year full-time to keep the organization running. Furthermore, they are involved in the strategic development of AIESEC worldwide. In the Netherlands, AIESEC is located in 10 university cities: Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Twente, Utrecht, Wageningen, Maastricht and Tilburg. Local Committee (LC) AIESEC Tilburg AIESEC Tilburg exists for 64 years now and is the oldest LC of the Netherlands. The team of AIESEC Tilburg consists of 28 board members, working full- or part-time for either exchange or career related activities. Everybody working for AIESEC Tilburg is part of the Local Committee (LC). Five of them form the daily Executive Board (EB) of AIESEC Tilburg. But where does Make a Move fit in this story? Since September 2003, the organization AIESEC in the Netherlands knows two brands. The brand AIESEC stands for the Exchange Program and the brand Make a Move stands for all parts that are involved in the labor market, such as the Make a Move Career Week, the Future is Yours!, Meet a Mentor, Women at the Top and the Profile Book. Internally, there is no distinction between the team members of Make a Move or team members from the exchange teams.  

AIESEC International


MC the Netherlands

LC Tilburg


Board of AIESEC Tilburg A sparkling year full of surprises is what you can expect when you choose to fulfill a board position within AIESEC! You will work together in a board of 28 enthusiastic students for one year. During this year you will learn how to deal with different people, planning and prioritizing, coordinating and organizing. You will get to know yourself much better and obviously you will face many challenging choices. It is really rewarding to work one year in order to develop the organization professionally, with a central place for your own personal development. Much time is invested in the development of AIESEC board members. You will learn to solve problems and carry responsibilities independently as well as within a team. You have specific, function related tasks, but you are also involved in activities of the others. In conclusion, your AIESEC year provides you with a wide range of different experiences and challenges. The beauty of AIESEC is the fact that it is organized nationally. You will notice that the quality of this organization is a lot higher because of this. You will be often involved in a project that is not only performed in Tilburg, but all over the Netherlands. The professional way of working, the major responsibilities and contact with your team, students, businesses and organizations, makes it an educational year with lots of fun. Finally, you will benefit from the fact that AIESEC has a very large international network. With one phone call you can be sure that in over 110 countries someone will be waiting for you to pick you up from the airport and will show you the city of your destination. Besides that, international conferences are a great platform to make friends around the world, which of course is not only fun but also very useful for your own network and the future.


Structure The structure of AIESEC Tilburg is as follows: the Executive Board (EB) is the full-time board of AIESEC Tilburg, consisting of a President, a Vice-President and the three coordinators of the teams. These three coordinators are leading their own teams with part-time members: the outgoing exchange team, the incoming exchange team and the make a move team. Schematically this looks at follows:

Local Committe President

Outgoing Exchange Coordinator

Incoming Exchange Coordinator

Vice President

Make a Move Coordinator

Student Coach/ Marketing (2x)

Acquisition Managers (2x)

Account Manager (2x)

Student Coach/ Process Managers (2x)

Account Managers (4x)

External Relations

Student Coach/ Preparation, Integration, Reintegration

Special Projects Manager


Student Coach/ Special Projects Coordinator

Special Projects

Student Coach/ Special Project (2x)


Student Coach/ External Relations


Board Activities Throughout a board year with AIESEC, you will get many chances and opportunities to develop yourself. In line with our mission, AIESEC focuses a lot on the development of its members. The opportunities that AIESEC will offer you are a unique chance and will speed up your personal development. As a member you can attend trainings, reception weekends, national and international conferences and many other international opportunities. All these opportunities will be explained more extensively below. Trainings Cycle

If you become a member of AIESEC Tilburg you will go through the trainings cycle. The goal of this cycle is to bring a structure in the personal development and trainings of the members. It will also make you aware of the different development and training phases you will go through. Every member can receive about 30 training moments a year. Keep in mind that the learning experience that AIESEC offers is for 80% the work that one actually does in AIESEC, not solely the trainings on itself. 1. Self-Assessment: E.g. Feedback, personal goal setting and personality tests. 2. Kick-Off: National, local, team, system and functional takeover. 3. Practical: Skill development: e.g. Interviewing, writing, sales, time management. 4. Personal: E.g. Inhouse days, personal management, application & assessment trainings. Reception Weekends Every year, AIESEC committees in the Netherlands organize five different reception weekends together. These weekends are meant to give the foreign trainees an insight into the Dutch culture and the several AIESEC cities. The special things about these weekends are that you really get in touch with trainees from all over the world and with AIESEC members throughout the whole country. So, you will meet students from for example Australia, Brazil, China, Spain and all the 250 AIESEC members from the Netherlands. 7  

National Conferences During these two-day conferences (organized twice a year) all the AIESEC board members gather together, to get to know each other and to share experiences. These two days consist of trainings and policy sessions, where everyone thinks about the short and long term strategic direction of AIESEC the Netherlands. And most of all, it is all about fun and getting to know new people! International Conferences Every year AIESEC worldwide organizes more than 350 international conferences! Every member of AIESEC is able to attend these amazing conferences. The special thing about such a conference is that you are able to interact with hundreds of students from all over the world. Nearly every conference is about personal development and about leadership. It is a unique experience to learn more about other cultures and countries together with students who do the same work for AIESEC but in a completely different country and reality. Next to that it is really amazing to meet so many people to build up a great international network. LC Tilburg went, for example, to Barcelona last year. Cultural Educational & Exchange Development (CEED) The CEED program is a program that enables AIESEC members to do a board position in one of the 110 AIESEC countries. This can be for a small period of time (1 week) or for a longer period of time (1 year). The content of these projects vary from organizing a conference in order to share your knowledge concerning approaching companies. Board Position in Another Country AIESEC offers you the opportunity to fulfill a board position in a Local Committee or even a Member Committee of another country. This gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, not only on a personal level, but also on a professional and cultural level. At this moment Dutch students can fulfill leadership positions in Denmark, Brazil, Bahrain, Ghana, Qatar and Jordan.



Board Activities AIESEC Tilburg A great board year is what you can expect if you decide to apply for AIESEC. For a whole year you will work intensively together with 27 enthusiastic students. In this year you will learn to deal with different kinds of people, learn how to manage your time, to plan, to coordinate, to organize and many more things! It is extremely useful to commit yourself one year to an organization that wants to grow in quality and quantity and where your personal development is centralized. The great thing about AIESEC is that it is a national organization that results in the fact that both quality and professionalism are one of the key elements within the organization. The professional way of working, the huge responsibilities and the contact with your team, students, companies and organizations make an AIESEC year amazing. Time As a part-time board member you are part of your team, but also of AIESEC Tilburg. This means that you will spend more or less 15 hours a week on your team and AIESEC. You will be working 1/3 of your time for your team, 1/3 of your time on function specific tasks and 1/3 of your time for AIESEC in general. Monday evening is AIESEC evening. You will have dinner and a meeting with your own team. AIESEC Tilburg has a LC meeting once every two weeks on Monday evening at Café Brandpunt, where important and fun things will be discussed. After your team meeting or LC meeting we will have drinks with the LC and the trainees and have a great evening (and night) together! Besides that, you will have an office shift once a week for half a day, where you can work on your projects and function specific tasks. General Job Description As mentioned before, more or less 1/3 of your time you will be working for AIESEC in general. To give an idea of what this means a short overview is provided below. •

Reception The reception of foreign trainees who do an internship in Tilburg is a responsibility of the whole LC. Once in a while activities are organized (with a so-called ‘family system’) to interact as much as possible. These activities can be anything, like having dinner, going to the cinema, go bowling etc. This way you really get to know people from all over the world.

Promotion Activities Once in a while AIESEC Tilburg is promoting itself or its activities, such as the Make a Move Career Week or Outgoing exchange internships and projects. To make sure that as many students will get familiar with the products that we can offer, the whole LC will help a bit in order to make these promotional activities a big success. This can be done for example by handing out flyers or doing a lecture talk and make students enthusiastic about going abroad.


Attendance at LC Meetings and Activities During a LC meeting the most important topics remaining AIESEC Tilburg will be discussed. This is the reason why your presence is required. Furthermore, you also have to be present at LC activities such as kick-off, policy and take-over weekends. These activities are important to determine the objectives of AIESEC Tilburg and laying the foundation for your term and passing it on to your successors. To keep AIESEC Tilburg sustainable and to improve the overall quality, we need the entire LC.

National and International Conferences We will promote the opportunity of going to national and international conferences in the LC, so if you get the chance to join, do so!

Events of Other Teams For you and for the rest of the LC, it is nice if you attend as many activities as possible of other teams. Therefore most of the times you and your team will try to help out other teams in order to make each event or activity a big success. This way team activities become AIESEC Tilburg activities.

Take Over After your AIESEC year you are going to take over your position and tasks to your successor. In order to keep growing and improving every year, we really need the whole LC to transfer all the knowledge as good as possible. This is essential for a good start of the next year and for the continuity of AIESEC Tilburg.


Available Board Positions – Full-time The Executive Board (EB) consists of 5 students working full-time for AIESEC Tilburg: the local Committee President, Vice-President, Outgoing Exchange Coordinator, Incoming Exchange Coordinator and Make a Move Coordinator. They are mainly responsible for the development of AIESEC Tilburg as an organization and they coordinate all the projects AIESEC offers. One of the main responsibilities of the EB is writing, executing and facilitating the strategy of AIESEC Tilburg. The policy you will write with your EB is the strategic focus for the upcoming year. Besides that, you are as coordinator of a team responsible for coaching and developing your team members, which is extremely challenging and a learning cycle for yourself as well. Furthermore, you will have a lot of contact with colleagues from different cities in the Netherlands. Once in a month a convent is organized, which is a meeting together with all your 10 national colleagues (with the same position as you). During this meeting you will discuss several topics and practical issues which are related to your position. With this group of colleagues you will go on an international conference as well and that is of course one of the highlights of the year. The central focus within a board year in AIESEC is self-development, especially for an EB position. You will participate in several trainings aimed at full-time board members of AIESEC. These trainings will be organized both on a local as on a national level. Team management, strategy, self-development and coaching are examples of these trainings.



Vice President (VP) The VP works closely together with the LCP. He or she is responsible for ensuring the financial situation of AIESEC Tilburg now and in the future. The VP needs to make decisions about investments and budgets. Next to that, the VP is responsible for external relation exploration and relationship management of the external relations. Office management (IT) is another VP responsibility. Together with the EB, the VP discusses strategic issues concerning the whole LC. The VP also has regular contact with VPs of other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. Main responsibilities: -­‐ Finance of AIESEC Tilburg; -­‐ External relations (together with the LCP); -­‐ Maintain contact with Local Advisory Board (consisting of leaders in business world and University); -­‐ Office management (IT etc.); -­‐ CRM system. Availability: You can apply for this position in April 2011; position starts in July 2011. “The position of Vice President is very diverse, which makes it a flexible function and a perfect function to explore many of your capabilities. You have to keep AIESEC Tilburg financially sustainable and you therefore have to make important budget and investment decisions. This is a very individual task, however support and opinions of the rest of the EB is necessary in order to succeed. This way you have the opportunity to work on your own, but also to work closely with the three teams. Something that is totally different, but therefore shows the great diversity, is the contact with the Local Advisory Board of AIESEC Tilburg. You will be the responsible person for ensuring their membership and for making sure their advice is as useful as possible to AIESEC Tilburg. You will have important meetings with the members of the board in order to keep being updated and to keep them updated and interested. As the Vice President you have many opportunities to take on different projects, you can execute your own strategic projects and you will have the great overview of the whole organization together with the President. For me, the VP function was the best way so far to explore the things I like to do best, the ones I succeed in and the ones I want to develop.” Janneke Driessen – Vice-President

Outgoing Exchange Coordinator (OGX Co) As an OGX Co you are responsible for the outgoing exchange program. This involves sending Tilburg University students abroad and guiding these students in the process of going abroad. You are responsible for reaching the set targets and goals. You lead, support and motivate the OGX team. Together with the EB you will discuss strategic issues concerning the whole LC. You will also regularly have contact with OGX coordinators of other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. In addition, you will keep contact with foreign AIESEC committees. Main responsibilities: -­‐ Coordinate, motivate and support the OGX team; -­‐ Responsible for reaching the set targets and goals; -­‐ Preparing and leading OGX meetings; -­‐ Thinking strategically on how to improve AIESEC Tilburg and especially the outgoing exchange program; -­‐ Keeping contact with international AIESEC committees; -­‐ Has the final responsibility of giving Dutch students an amazing time during an internship abroad. 12  

Availability: You can apply for this position in April 2011; position starts in July 2011. “The best part of being an OGX Co is to make it possible for almost 100 student of Tilburg University to experience something which will really change their thoughts and opinion about current society. Next to that it is a big challenge to manage an international team of total different backgrounds and cultures. It is amazing to see all your members developing their skills, growing as a person and become part of the team. In one year you will get the possibility to grow on every different subject, from leading a team to selling your product to companies. It was definitely the best opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally!” Gijs van Maasakkers – Outgoing Exchange Coördinator

Incoming Exchange Coordinator (ICX Co) As an ICX Co you are responsible for the incoming exchange program. It is your goal to create and raise quality internships and receive foreign trainees in Tilburg. Thus, you will try to acquire interesting companies in the region of Tilburg for which you will then try to find suitable trainees. This will be done together with your team members. Together with the EB you will discuss strategic issues concerning the whole LC. You will also regularly have contact with ICX coordinators of other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. Main responsibilities: -­‐ Motivate and support the ICX team; -­‐ Problem-solving -­‐ Responsible for reaching the set targets and goals; -­‐ Preparing and leading ICX meetings; -­‐ Thinking strategically on how to improve AIESEC Tilburg and especially the incoming exchange program; -­‐ Keeping contact with local companies/partners/network organizations and international AIESEC Committees; -­‐ Has the final responsibility of receiving and supporting foreign trainees who come to Tilburg (on a formal and a social basis). Availability: You can apply for this position in April 2011; position starts in July 2011. “The best part of ICX is that it entails the professional side and the social side. You are in contact with both students and companies. As Coordinator you are end-responsible for the whole process, which is a very big challenge. You are definitely able to grow in team management and problem solving and supporting others. Furthermore, you will be visiting a lot of different companies, get in touch with students from all over the world and you will coach your own team on a professional and personal basis. These responsibilities are a short summary of the great things you will do as an ICX Coordinator. At this moment, I believe that the thing AIESEC has taught me most is the discovery of my true strengths and improve points and the ability to have a real responsibility and perform meaningful work. Rachelle Leukel – Coordinator Incoming Exchange Team

If you are interested in a full-time board position you can contact us to schedule a personal chat or to schedule a moment during the week where you can experience how it is to be an AIESECer for a day. This provides you with a better view of each full-time board position. 13    

Available Board Positions – Part-time In these positions you will be part of one of the three teams of the Local Committee (LC) and contribute to its performance. On average, you will spend 15 hours per week on AIESEC. The two teams (with the available positions) will be described as follows:

LC AIESEC Tilburg '11-'12


Outgoing Exchange Team (OGX) In April we are looking for (start: 1st of July); • 2 Marketing Managers (15 hours a week); • 2 Process Managers (15 hours a week); • 1 External Relations (15 hours a week); • 1 Special Projects (15 hours a week). As a member of the OGX team you are responsible for the outgoing exchange program. Together with both your coordinator and the other OGX team members you select, support and prepare students who wish to go abroad with AIESEC. Main responsibilities of the team: -­‐ Ensuring enough participants for the outgoing exchange program via setting up and executing an efficient marketing plan; -­‐ Selecting suitable students through interviews; -­‐ Supporting, preparing and sending away students; -­‐ Helping the selected students to find a suitable internship; -­‐ Keeping contact with AIESEC offices abroad and students that have been sent (OGX team); -­‐ Maintaining relations with every stakeholder, like the university, Student Associations, etc. What is the best part of being in the OGX team? The best part of being member of the OGX team is being able to guide a person in going abroad and to realize you have made this happen. Also, you will learn how to select suitable students and it will be a challenge to continuously find an appropriate internship for these students. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to contact people from Kenya, India, Finland, Ghana, Peru or any other of the 110 countries in which AIESEC is located. "To me, AIESEC is not just an organization that gives me a lot of opportunities to develop myself. What is fascinating is the way that AIESEC changes my perspective towards world. I found out that by the openness of the members (all around the world) and the value that we share together, working with people that I haven't met from different countries is not difficult. Being able to balance work and fun within the team is easy due to the positive vibe that the team has. Someday I will look back through this year and proudly say that I am an AIESEC'er!" Winindra Yudista - Marketing manager & Student coach


Available positions: External relations

Being responsible for the external relations at the university, for instance with study advisors. Also acquiring sponsoring is part of the function.

Process Managers

Organising information sessions, scheduling all interviews, informing students on the possibilities within AIESEC, organising selection evenings and case assessments and structuring the whole OGX process.

Marketing Managers

Promoting all AIESEC programs to the students of Tilburg University. Designing an ideal marketing plan with the usage of creative awareness methods, like flyers, social media, campus stunts and personal network.

Special Projects

Setting up specialized projects with specific countries or organizations. Being in close contact with (inter)national organizations and students.

Incoming Exchange Team (ICX) In  April  we  are  looking  for  (who  can  start  from  the  1st  of  July): • 2 Acquisition Managers (15 hours a week); • 4 Account Managers (15 hours a week); • 1 Special Project Manager (15 hours a week). As a member of the ICX team you are responsible for the incoming exchange program and the entire process around it. Together with both your coordinator and the other ICX team members it is your responsibility to create as many quality internship opportunities as possible in Tilburg and surrounding areas. In addition, you are responsible for receiving and supporting foreign trainees who come to Tilburg for a traineeship. Main responsibilities: -­‐ Creating quality internships in Tilburg and surrounding areas by acquiring companies via different ways op acquisition (acquisition management); -­‐ Searching for suitable candidates for these traineeships by contacting AIESEC offices abroad and searching the online database (account management); -­‐ Keeping close contact with the companies that wish to receive foreign trainees (account management); -­‐ Receiving and supporting foreign trainees socially and formally who come to Tilburg (ICX team); -­‐ Arranging formalities to ensure that a foreign trainee can come to the Netherlands (account management); -­‐ Working on projects to boost the performance of ICX Tilburg (Special Project)


What is the best part of being in the ICX team? Being part of the ICX team offers you a two-sided glance of being an AIESECer. On the one hand you get to implement your commercial skills when getting into contact with companies and convincing them an international trainee is of added value to their company. On the other hand you will get in touch with the international aspects of AIESEC because you are responsible for the reception of the foreign trainees. Available positions: Acquisition Managers (2x)

Being responsible for the acquisition of companies in the region of Tilburg. You will be going to network events, call companies, use the network etcetera to try to get appointments in which you try to convince them of the added value of an AIESEC trainee.

Account Manager (4x)

Being responsible for the entire process of finding a trainee and getting him/her here once a company has been acquired. This entails searching the database, selecting candidates, having close contact with the company, arranging the entire arrival, supporting the trainees once they have arrived etcetera.

Special Project Manager

Being responsible for a Special Project which can boost the growth of ICX Tilburg. Within this function you are free to use your pro-activeness to create, develop and coordinate a project.


AIESEC Programs also for non members International projects and internships Want to gain experience abroad? Really get to know a new culture? Live and work in a new environment for a while? AIESEC offers international projects and internships in more than 100 countries; all year round; varying from 2 months to a year; from volunteer work in a developing country to management positions in an international company. YES Project As a Young Entrepreneur in Shanghai you will work for 3 months in a small to medium sized enterprise and help these entrepreneurs to improve their business using your knowledge of the European way of working. The project is organized in cooperation with Brabant Centre of Entrepreneurship (BCE). In order for you to be properly prepared, BCE will host a professional Masterclass in Entrepreneurship. During the Masterclass, you will be prepared for Shanghai and you will receive practical information for the deployment in a Chinese organization. Ambassadors Program The Ambassadors Program offers 1st and 2nd year students an unforgettable international summer! You will be an ambassador of the Netherlands in another AIESEC country, doing a humanitarian project and helping local AIESEC departments. Your ticket will be sponsored and you’ll stay with local people. For more information: NOUR Program Always been fascinated by the Arabic culture? The NOUR Program aims to create mutual cultural understanding between Arabic and Western cultures. During the summer you can do a management or development program. For more information:  


Application Procedure Expectations What does AIESEC expect from you? If you are interested in joining AIESEC Tilburg, these are some aspects we would like to see in the applications: -­‐ Enthusiastic people with a good motivation for joining AIESEC; -­‐ Students with a global view and international interests; -­‐ Team players; -­‐ Ambitious people who want to achieve something in today’s world; -­‐ Pro-activity; -­‐ Good social skills; -­‐ The ability to cope with stress; -­‐ Commitment to the organization and your function. Applying If you would like to apply you have to mail or hand in your letter of motivation, CV and a photo. You will get the opportunity to apply for a specific position in the LC of AIESEC, by mentioning this in your letter of motivation. It is not necessary to state your preference. The deadline of application is Monday April 23rd at 0.00h (Dutch time). After handing in your application, the LCP, Inge Tanke, will contact you as soon as possible. Together with her you will make an appointment for an application interview. By then you will receive all the information you need for the interview. More Information? Would you like more information, come to one of our information sessions: -­‐ Thursday April 5th, 17.00h, PZ05 -­‐ Wednesday April 18th, 17.00h, PZ05 If you have any further question, mail, call 013-466 2573 or walk by at our office P3.211.


Board Positions Info Booklet  

All information you need when you are considering a board year with AIESEC.

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