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Global Internship Program Exchange Participant Newsletter

A daily dose of information about the program


Global Internship Program Newsletter Words from the Program head: Greetings from AIESEC Taiwan National Office, We welcome you to this cross-cultural professional experience that we offer to every young person out there who wants to develop themselves as better people for the society.

Inside Get to know the right opportunities for you Know more internships details out there, and know which one are matchable for us. 2 Be prepare for any interview Get to know the experiences of other Exchange Participants in an interview 4

We, the program directors, are so passionate in providing you the best and the right type of service to you as you try to look for the right internship. I present to you the Global Internship Program newsletter; I do encourage every exchange participant out there to maximize this program as an opportunity to develop yourself and challenge your worldview. This newsletter will serve as an avenue for us to give you the right opportunities that we believe that suits you and the rest of AIESEC Taiwan Happy Matching - Jeric Adriano

Global Internship Program

Exchange Participant Newsletter


OPPORTUNITIES Internships that are in need of Taiwanese Exchange Participants Business Type: Background:

Amba Research Sri Lanka

Investment Research & Finance, Accounting Auditing Financial Planning + Budgeting Investment Management Security Analysis

- Studying, researching and planning various styles of furniture design - Checking furniture designs to make sure they complement global furniture market trends - Evaluating issues such as pricing and fixing costs, fashion, purchasing, safety, material and manufacturing methods and techniques


Sahara Group Egypt


Details TN-In-LK-JP-2011-84 TN-In-LK-JP-2011-85 TN-In-LK-JP-2011-87 TN-In-LK-JP-2011-89 TN-In-LK-JP-2011-88 Sarah Shi


OzOffice Mainland of China


International Marketing Advertising + Public Relations Product Planning, Development & Control Consumer + Buyer Behaviour Retail + Sales Marketing Market Research & Evaluation

Dick Zou


Mohamed Mehanny


Global Internship Program

i know STATISTICS Discovering more possibilities

Top Countries providing internships Have you tried connecting with these countries?

Hungary Contact: Elmira Telepova Email: Find Internships here: Indonesia Contact: Deepvansh Khurana Email: Find Internships here: India Contact: Vega Chauhan Email: Find Internships here:

# of Re

# of Countries

Major Countries









Germany, Turkey



Poland, Brazil

Key Question: Have you tried exploring for an internship in these countries?

Top competitors in different background Total EPs in the world

Top Countries



Poland & Brazil

Media & Marketing Agency


China & Poland

Human Resource


Brazil, Poland, & China

Banking & Finance


Turkey & Romania


Key Question: How do you think can you compete with these young people?

Cross-Cultural Professional

XP 3

Global Internship Program

Exchange Participant Newsletter

Think about Have you tried exploring opportunities in Central Eastern Europe (CEE)? Why?

These are the countries where our fellow Taiwan EPs have had their internship in. Have you tried exploring these countries?

1. Last Month Asia Pacific ranked top 1 as, the region who provides the most EPs to CEE Region India has over 20-30 longterm internships that are in need of Chinese EPs

My Interview XP Questions that were asked by some of our Taiwan EPs: 1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2. Please let us know why do you want to leave your current job? 3. What is the relationship of your current job or AIESEC XP with the current position you are asking for? 4. Do you know the Job description well?


Some CEE countries to know: Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Russia

Food for the thought “These questions can help you prepare for your own internship interview. So make sure to practice answering these questions�

GIP Newsletter Nov 9 Edition  

GIP Information for all AIESEC Taiwan Exchange Participants

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