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Green Future

Description: This is a national educational project aimed to raise environmental awareness amongst school students and develop more sustainable lifestyles.

The project will lay emphasis on waste and water management and building green lifestyles. It is based on conducting weekly workshops discussions, organizing different activities to help students build skills and knowledge of environment and ecological issues throughout Bulgaria.

Goals of the project: Promote international dialogue in global environmental issues. Increase interest and address awareness of schools students of particular environmental issues worldwide and in Bulgaria. Inspire change in habits of teenagers, and mobilize youth around the implementation of healthy, sustainable lifestyle and practices.

Inform and provide education to high schools students about around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for every individual.

Green Future Project Program: 1. Air pollution 2. Water management and conservation 3. Waste management 4. Green technologies & Alternative energy 5. Green life-style

TN form: TN-In-BG-SS-2013-32 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-37 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-38 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-39 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-40 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-41 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-42

Profile of interns we are looking for: - Knowledge of environmental issues and ecology in general is important, but not required

Internship Earliest Start Date: 01.03.2014

- Previous volunteer or social work experience is highly preferred - Generally an intermediate to advanced level of English is required

- Enthusiasm and strong commitment to the project

Internship Latest Date: 15.04.2014

Min/Max Duration: 6 Weeks

Meeting Diversity

Description: This is a national educational project of AIESEC Bulgaria aimed to increase awareness of the different cultures within high school students and develop their soft skills through numerous activities, debates and interactive weekly workshops delivered by international volunteers. The project gives students space to practice their language skills, build lasting connections and experience the benefits diversity brings. At the end of the project, all participants will raise their knowledge and improve their attitudes regarding diversity. It will help them to broaden their concept of communication with other people.

Project Program:

9th – 10th grade Teamwork Presentation skills Communication skills Time management Effective learning

11th – 12th grade Personality tests Personal goal-setting Negotiation skills Business etiquette Leadership & entrepreneurship

Meeting Diversity

Profile of interns we are looking for: A strong candidate for the national project “Meeting Diversity� will have relevant work, volunteer, life and educational experience in the area of cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, equity and etc. All applicants must be intermediate/ upper-intermediate English speakers and be open to new challenges, think creatively. Applicants have to be 29 or under at the start of the program.

* Key-competencies of an applicant: - commitment to continuous learning; - building partnership with stakeholders; - teamwork and cooperation; - analytical thinking; - problem solving skills; - enthusiasm and interest in the project.

TN form: TN-In-BG-SS-2013-21 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-33 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-35 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-36 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-43 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-44 TN-In-BG-SS-2013-45

Internship Earliest Start Date: 07.02.2014

Internship Latest Date: 23.03.2014

Min/Max Duration: 6 Weeks

World Playground Description: This is a national project of AIESEC Bulgaria which attracts interns from various countries. These interns are going to work in kindergartens. The purpose of the project is to make impact on the children in the kindergartens, broaden their minds and show them that people from other cultures are similar to them more then they think.

Interns are going to participate in the following activities: - Interns will be running animating games in kindergartens - The main subject of the activities is knowledge about other cultures. The activities will be based on interactive learning through games - The trainee should prepare extra activities for kids, connected with music, art, theater, sports, etc. and these activities should be held in English

Profile of interns we are looking for: - Experience in working with small children - Excellent English - Creativity - Communicative skills - Problem solving skills - Enthusiasm and interest in the project

Realization: June – July 2014 TN form: will be raised in February

Master Issue: Health and lifestyle Sub-Issue: Sports and recreation activities

Contact us: Tsvetelina Aleksandrova LC VP Exchange +359 893 920 091 Zdravko Zdravkov LCP +359 883 447 990

Projects in LC Sofia University, December edition  

All the projects that Local Committee Sofia University is organizing for Spring & Summer 2014. Internship in Sofia, Bulgaria - WHY NOT? :)

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