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During first week of promotion we realized that there are specific questions coming from the applicants which are decision making points for them and which we would like to address with better anwseres to ensure the success of promotion. This booklet serves to give you the right anwseres and information that you can apply while promoting the internships and which can eliminate the remaining questionmarks of the possible applicants. Please see below the main promotion bottlenecks and the solutions for them.




Applicants are afraid to miss the add- and drop period as they want to check on professors on the first week so that they can choose their subjects better. Students are afraid to miss the first class, dont want to fall behind with studies.

Be proactive! Collect information about the style of professors even before the first week! They remain the same every year, there are couple of students who can give you credible portayal about them.

Applicants’ parents feel unsecure about host families.

Catch up with the content after your internship with the help of your friends or ask for the content even during the exam period from your future professor! Professors will appreciate your ambition to take part in such a program and study at the same time! Applicants can indicate their preference of accomodation (host family or shared apartments so that they can choose shared apartments) before signing the contract and have online live chat about the exact conditions and facilities of accomodation with the hosting country before choosing the opportunity. Looking from an other perspective, host families is a service, a safety background by which the hosting adults can keep an eye on the EP, be there if needed. We can try to arrange an online chat with the applicants’ parents and the host family before the intership if needed. We will try to arrange accomodations in a way that people who would like to travel in groups will be hosted in the same apartments. There is high probability that we can make it, however, at this point of time cannot ensure it.



Applicants prefer to travel in groups, especially girls.

Applicants would like to know more about the details of accomodation. ACCOMODATION

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The accomodation provided by AIESEC (host families or apartments) assures that the intern has access to all necessary facilities asuch as an individual bed, fully equipped bathroom and kitchen. After application, selection interview and contract signing the EP will be presented different volunteering opportunities and will have the chance to clarify the accomodation conditions of each of these opportunities via online chat with the host families. They can choose from 3 volunteering opportunities so that they can choose their preferred accomodation.


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