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National Project Empowered by L’OREAL

City Involvement North Region: Beijing Tianjin Dalian Eastern Region: Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Ningbo Historical Cities: Xi’an Wuhan Chongqing

Impact: 10 Cities get involved 100 trainees left their green footprints in China (10 trainees/city) 100 high schools participate 10,000 children got educated

Measure of Success for trainee’s Job Description: Each trainee will…  Get Training from national learning partner about sustainability issue;  Educate 100 children about green entrepreneurship issue;  Work with voluntary stuff of CSR department of L’OREAL;  10 trainees in 1 city organize 1 city competition togetherGreen Cup Conference, and finalize city winner from 10 high school participate;  Organize 1 event- No Car Day(cycling day or running day) in the city;  Follow the standardized project management system by L’OREAL and AIESEC Mainland of China National Project Manager;  Collecting and edit evaluation statistic and impact report. Details of Condition  Free Accommodation ( 2-3 people share one bed-room maximum )  10 trainees in one city will work as a group when organizing event Timeline: Match: Now ~ April 18 Realize: May 5 ~ June 20 Detailed Information: DT TN search tool & national PBoX contact WWppN2RJUWtEY0U2SzRKRFE&hl=zh_CN#gid=1 CY Partner and LC2LC Partner Building consultant: Daisy Liu, MC VP Project of AIESEC Mainland of China Online Application: Fill in your personal information and interview reservation a91189cd44

AIESEC Mainland of China- Green Power Now  

Garnier's and AIESEC Mainland in China's Project: Green Power Now 2011