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AIESEC in Peru MC 2012/2013

Application Booklet

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.� Jhon Quincy Adams

Dear Applicant,

Our organization is changing all the time, it gets better every day, and one could say that is by generations of excellent leaders who each year prepare and inspiring speeches great applications because they are convinced they are the right people to achieve our goals.

AIESEC Peru is growing and has been the work of past generations that in some way or another have been part of this growth, we can say that the dream of many generations is being achieved, but other ambitious leaders might say it's just the beginning sustainable growth, something really extraordinary.

We invite you to become part of this unique experience and make the decision with the greatest personal conviction, choose your own destiny. No one is going to pick you, pick yourself

Congratulations and all the best in the process


AIESEC Peru MC 2011-2012 MC en llamas



MC Conditions


Application Process


Timeline & election process



MC Conditions

MC Requirements - Be an active member of AIESEC for the past year (1) at least at the time of application. - Be part of the Executive Board of a Local Committee, National Director, member of a National Support Team, or occupy a leadership position in AIESEC. - Have a minimum of Intermediate English level backed by a certification in this language awarded by a prestigious institute in force. (The cost of this certification is made by the candidate). - Have available time during their period according to the Manual of Functions, and to be present at the National Office by May 1 for the period of transition.

Also for MCVPs International Candidates - International Candidates will cover full time schedule - International candidates must have an excellent level of Spanish.

MC benefits Accommodation and Office The MC house of AIESEC Peru is located near the financial centre of Lima city in front of a big park, connected to the Lima public transportation, “Metropolitano�. There are also supermarkets and restaurants near the house. Also the house has a backyard, balconies and terrace. The house is big; the office is in the first floor and has the necessary infrastructure to work, for example: desk spaces, wireless, phone and a printer. AIESEC Peru provides the basic food for full time MC members.

Salary Full time MCVPs will also receive a monthly compensation of S/.600.00 soles. In US dollars the monthly salary is equivalent to $220 (it depends of the exchange rate).

Transportation and travels Travel for purposes of AIESEC in Peru (coaching, conference travel) according to national priorities and budget available are covered.

Free Exchange fee Performance Certificate by our Board of Advisors and Board of Directors

MC Structure

MCVP Positions*: -

GIP Incoming Exchange (Full time) GCDP Incoming Exchange (Full time) Outgoing Exchange (Full time) Talent Management (Full time / Part Time) External Relations & Alumni Management (Full time) Finance & Legality (Full time) Communications (Full time / Part Time) LC Development & Information Management (Full time / Part Time)

*Positions and roles might change according to MCP 2012/2013 decisions.

Application Process

Application 1. Questionnaire. Fill your personal, professional and AIESEC information and answer all questions 2. Competency Assessment Tool (CAT). 3. Three Endorsement Letters. For National Applicants: - At least 2 letters from AIESEC Peru Full Members For International Applicants: - At least 1 letter from your current MC - At least 1 letter from an AIESEC Peru Full Member 4. Motivational letter

The application package should include 4 files • Questionnaire (10 pages maximum) • 360° CAT (1 page) • Endorsement letters (3 letters maximum) • Motivational letter (1 page maximum)

Please submit your application package in this following format: MCVP_1213_ application_AIESEC Peru_name surname (i.e MCVP_ 1213_application_AIESEC Peru_Adrian_Rodriguez)

DDL: Sunday 5th, February 2012 at 11:59pm (Peruvian time, GMT -5) The applications must be sent to: and

Timeline & election process

Election process - In order to be nominated and take part in the selection process, the MCVP candidate needs to send the application complete with the proper number of pages. - We will not receive applications out of the DDL - The MCVP candidate could present the application in his/her own format - Any format is accepted, according to what the candidates prefers. - The results of the Review Board are qualifiers, if the MCVP candidate does not pass this process, they may not move to the next stage. - Is required for every candidate to participate in the forum or chat answering to all the members.


If you are interested in apply to MC 12.13 in AIESEC in Peru, please fill out this survey and we will contact you:


Univ. Cat贸lica Univ. de Lima Univ. del Pac铆fico Univ. San Marcos Univ. Piura (Lima) Univ. Piura (Piura) Arequipa Cusco



MC 12/13 Application Booklet AIESEC Peru  

MC 12/13 Application Booklet AIESEC Peru