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Informative booklet 2013

GENERAL INFORMATION Padua is one of the most important economic and cultural centers of northern Italy. It is the third commune in the region in terms of population and the most densely populated. In its surroundings has been created an important metropolitan area, which reached 400,000 residents. Moreover, the city of Padua is home to a prestigious and oldest university, founded in 1222.

Crossed by the river Bacchiglione and connected by waterways to the Po, and through the Riviera del Brenta, the Venice lagoon. Very rich in vestiges Paleovenitian, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance, including its centers of tourist attraction, one of the most important is undoubtedly the Basilica of St. Anthony, important place of worship and pilgrimage national and international.

The area that lies between the Euganean Adige basin contains the most famous spa in Europe, the Abano and Montegrotto, as well as the extraordinary walled city of Monselice, Este and Montagnana.


There is plenty to impress: the famous, winding medieval streets of the ‘Ghetto’, now full of bars, and the specialist stores and boutiques. Life in Padua is varied, colorful and lively, and its historic streets bustle with visitors from all around the world. There is a year-round program of events, including comedy, food and drink festivals.



With more than 1000 stores, Padua covers a spectrum of styles, specialist stockists and organic food retailers as well as the major retail chains and big-name high street outlets. The city centre is compact, with many shops set in Padua’s medieval and renaissance streets, but you will also find modern shopping complexes and a designer outlet (but..sorry girls, we still have not Abercrombie & Fitch)

Padua has an attractive range of pubs, bars and restaurants as well as a thriving café culture – taking a spritz in one of the bars of ‘Piazza delle erbe’ is a world famous tradition. as well as a wide range of bars and venues offering a musical experience to suit most tastes. Is energetic and varied by night as it is by day.

TRANSPORTATION The city has a train station which links us to all Europe, a Bus terminal and a new tram service for local transport. If you will live and work in the city center you will comfortably reach any destination by foot, otherwise the fares for the bus and train service are quite cheap: from 1.20 to 5/6 euros when you reach nearby cities as Venice.

From Padua you can reach in less than an hour of bus the airport of Venice, one of the biggest in Italy, with flights from and to Europe and biggest cities in the World. There is also a second airport, smaller but with lower fares, in Treviso. In order to reach Padua from both two there are a lot of buses and trains.

The reception team will help you to arrive in Padua and to pick you up in the stations. Stay in touch with us!

LEGISLATIVE STUFF These are documents you will do with us.

Codice fiscal

In one morning you can do this, by going to “Agenzia delle Entrate” with people of the reception team. You will have a code for national health insurance. No costs but you need your documents, passport with a valid VISA.

“Dichiarazione di presenza”

When you stay in Italy for more than a month you have to make police know about you are here. We will go in Questura, with reception team, to give them a paper to tell them you’re living in a house. This is necessary for people from EU or people who are now currently living in a EU country.

VISA requirements

Visa is required to all the people who do not live in a EU country or do not have a European passport. As documents required change from country to country we will provide you all the files that you need.


If AIESEC doesn’t cover you health insurance and you want to have a fullcoverage for your staying here please contact us before you’re coming, so that the reception team can discuss before with companies. The cost is at your charge.

Internship certificate

Whether you’re living or not a professional exchange with AIESEC we will provide you a certificate for your internship valuable for whoever concerns. We will need you to prepare a specific paper in google documents with the job description that you had. We will provide our stamp and you will have to make companies, partners or whoever you’ve worked with, to stamp it.


Help2Help - Padua Booklet  

This booklet is for the Help2Helpe interns. In particular for the Help2Help Caritas intership. Caritas is a No-Profit Organization in the ce...

Help2Help - Padua Booklet  

This booklet is for the Help2Helpe interns. In particular for the Help2Help Caritas intership. Caritas is a No-Profit Organization in the ce...