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AIESEC Oman Sustainability Proposal

Sustainable Investment in the Youth of Oman AIESEC LLC (Oman) | PO Box: 1055 Al-Athaibah, Postcode 130 | Muscat | Sultanate of Oman |


Executive Summary Overview of AIESEC Oman Employer Branding AIESEC Oman partnership Opportunities Partnership specifications and pricing

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Executive Summary Dear Hassan Jaffer AIESEC in Oman is pleased to present Oman Oil Company with the proposal to become “Sustainability Partner” for a partnership cost as per the specifications mentioned in this document. As you know, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization present in over 124 countries and territories. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC strives toward our original goal “peace and fulfillment of humankind potential” through exchange and youth's soft skills development. We continue to be dedicated to cultural understanding and, by forging a new generation of leaders who are passionate about our causes, believe the next 65 years of our history will be still more distinguished than the first The Sustainability partnership apart from being a sustainable investment is a bi-directional value delivery partnership enabling AIESEC Oman to sustainably develop young leaders and create a positive impact on society as well as branding Oman Oil as an employer of choice getting access to Top young Omani leaders from across Oman. As a Sustainability Partner of AIESEC Oman, Oman Oil Company will derive the following value:  Oman Oil will be positioned as an organization that is giving back to society by supporting the personal and professional development of youth in Oman.  Oman Oil will be positioned as an employer of choice among the youth and get access to some of the top talent of Oman within AIESEC by attending our conferences and events.  By developing the youth in Oman, Oman Oil is contributing to bridging the gap between fresh talent from universities and the employment needs of the market.  Through the course of the Partnership Oman Oil will be branded through different media channels  With it support 4 Omani persons will have the opportunity to participate in a trans-cultural experience and develop global mindset. By partnering with AIESEC,Oman Oil Company will directly enhance the development of young people, empowering them to have a positive impact within society. It will further showcase your organization and its support for the community to various other groups within Oman including students, universities, businesses, government and CSOs. Your financial support enables us to sustain and and increase our operations to further achieve our mission of youth development in Oman. Please take a moment to review the Partnership Program appended, which includes details of marketing collaterals and other benefits of the partnership. If you have questions regarding the proposal, please contact me at or at +968 97404376.

Best Regards Stefany Araya Vice President Of Business Developmet


Overview of AIESEC Oman AIESEC AIESEC, one of the world’s leading youth organization, is positioned at the crossroads of business, universities, and young people themselves, and is uniquely suited to spearhead the creation of this model. With the expertise and resources from within our network

Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society. AIESEC Oman has also been involved in several collaborations with different corporations who look to enhance their engagement with young people.

AIESEC Oman Nowdays AIESEC in Oman gives local students and recent graduates the opportunity to activate their entrepreneurial leadership and develop their professional skills amongst a global network of peers and companies through taking on leadership roles in the facilitation of, and participating in, AIESEC’s international internship exchange program. Omani businesses support our work developing local youth by taking part of AIESEC’s conferences and events, building relations with and developing local students as well as receiving highly motivated and talented international interns targeted to support business needs.

Activating Leadership || Demonstrating Integrity || Living Diversity || Enjoying Participation ll Striving for Excellence || Acting Sustainably 3

Overview of AIESEC Programs The way we do it: With the support of the High Minister of Education, AIESEC has the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of Omanis through leadership positions, social projects, professional internships, international conferences and global network. Companies like PWC, Knowledge Oman, KPMW and Amideast trust AIESEC to deliver an excellent job. Members that join AIESEC are part of one or more of the programs mentioned below, giving them hands-on practical experience to develop themselves through an Experiential Leadership Development Model. The Global Community Development Programme creates cross-cultural positive impact through internships abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement. The Team Member Programme introduces participants to a practical team experience, allowing them to gain access to a global network and engage in practical hard skills development. The Team Leader Programme culminates personal and professional development through the concept of team building and management. Programme participants lead teams, manage projects, and are responsible for delivering results and developing those around them. The Global Internship Programme offers internships that contribute to professional development and specialization in a certain field of work. They are normally long term in nature and involve working on diverse business projects and organizations. Conferences In the 2011-2012 term, AIESEC Oman will be running 6 national conferences and 2 social dialogues (Youth to Business Forums).Below is the timeline for the conferences and events occurring between January 2012 and July 2012.


Employer Branding, Globally Globally we brand our partners as employers of choice over a talent pool of over 60,000 members. Our global partners get a change to engage & brand themselves with more then 1000 of our top leaders from 110 different countries at global conferences / virtual platforms through sessions, workshops, trainings and pa rtnershiplaun chescontri butingto theov erall value of the conference

Global Partners

“It is my view that AIESEC can be a key channel of communication for our efforts in increasing our profile to the student market. Through educating students on Ericsson, its products, corporate philosophy and career opportunities we will contribute to the long-term growth of the company.� Lars A Stalberg Senior Vice President, Ericsson


Employer Branding, Oman By Engaging with our members at conferences, events from 15 different universities around Oman you get a chance to show case Oman Oil Company, its key strengths, personal and professional development opportunities within your organ isation to our highly motivated, creative thinking, effectively working leaders who want to start and develop their career in a fast-pace, change driven environment and who have the drive and the competencies to be potential future leaders.

Sustainability Partners National

Gold Partner

Media Partner

Learning Partner

Engagement at National conferences (Oman) With over 100 student members from 15 of the best universities in Muscat and Sohar, and have realized 60 exchanges. AIESEC in Oman’s events, such as the Corporate Sustainability Forum and Youth to Business Forums, provide a space for students and corporates to come together to discuss important social issues. Yearly AIESEC Oman runs 11 Conferences and we enable our partners to run presentations/workshops/ trainings with our highly motivated leaders to showcase their organisations as employers of choice. Our conferences run around different themes from performance management, social responsibility, Long term and short term solutions to unemployment and many more. We have a strong culture of branding our partners in Advertisements, Media appearances and On-campus recruitment/promotional material as organisations concerned with development of the youth in Oman with an effective reach of of 87,500 readers and 10,000 students

Media Branding We have a strong culture of branding our partners in Advertisements, Media appearances and On-campus recruitment/promotional material as organisations concerned with development of the youth in Oman with an effective reach of of 87,500 readers and 10,000 students


Talent Acquistion . Access Global Talent AIESEC’s Global Internship Program is the most effective and direct way to access to top talent from a 124 countries. It serves both as a cost effective and short term Human Resources solution.


Over 124 Countries


Strong and focused employer brand

• Centralised sourcing with global reach • Access a diverse pool of young leaders • Simple –AIESEC arranges all visas and logistics • Short-term AIESEC interns are not counted in your nationalization headcounts

• International perspective for Omani HR development and training • Perfect for projects or covering HR gaps

How does it work?


Partnership specifications and pricing National Platinum Partner

National Gold Partner

National Silver Partner

NATIONAL PARTNERSHIP (1 Year) Partnership Branding 15 min Presentation at Info Sessions at Colleges Logo on AIESEC Student Marketing Materials Inc. Posters, flyers, booklets, website Customised Partnership wiki on Name included in Email signature Company materials handed out at Recruitment stalls Article in stakeholder newsletter Ad in AIESEC Annual Report

Company employees at External Day Facilitate conference workshop (1hr) Panel Discussion Guest Speaker Company Invitations to Awards Evening AIESEC and Microsoft Train the Trainer Conference Branding Company Positioning - Size of logo Company Logo on all marketing materials Company logo on Conference Website Company Logo in Delegates Booklet Company Logo on Conference T-shirts Company Banner all days at conference Company Name included in all PR and Press Company Information in Conference Output Booklet Excellence Award Work with AIESEC on requirements Representative present award Sponsors for Omanis Embassadors TOTAL




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1 page National Conferences and events

Company Participation Company presentation during conference Company stall at Partners Lunch

Invitation to Awards Dinner

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• 1/2 page

120 min

60 min

1/4 page



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3 Invitations

2 Invitations (+ 300 OMR)

(+ 300 OMR)

Platinum Partner Large

Gold Partner Medium

Silver Partner Small

• • • • • •

• • •

• • •

2 Days

External Day Only

1 page Included

1/2 page (+ 300 OMR)

1/4 page (+ 300 OMR)

• • • 6

(•) (•) (•) 4

(•) (•) (•) •

5,000 OMR

3,000 OMR

1,500 OMR


Pricing & Partners testimonials. Our product pricing is flexible based on different requirements of our partners. Eg: Depending on different parameters (Number of years signed, Number of interns etc). General Internship Pricing

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS (Prices per Intern in OMR) DURATION Undergraduate



6 Months




12 Months




18 Months




The amount of 500 RO should be paid, 450 RO for the intern maintenance and 50 RO for administrative costs. AIESEC allocate the intern, provide cultural guide and take care of visa issues.

The work of AIESEC has contributed to the growth of understanding, the exchange of information, and the recognition of legitimate interests among organizations doing business throughout a major part of the world. Jimmy Carter, President of USA, 19977-1981

“AIESEC is an organization that develops our more valuable resource: the people.I have seen through years how the passion and energy of this organization have formed leaders in all over the world, one of them is me” Martin Alvarez,General Manager DELL Centro América

“AIESEC gives Omani Businesses the chance to access an international talent pool to fulfill their business needs in temporary roles while building future local

capacity.” H.E. Dr. Abdullah Al Sarmi Undersecretary - Ministry of Higher Education Sultanate of Oman


Contact Information

President of AIESEC Omรกn fayas Fazil Vice President of Business Development Stefany Araya Bogantes Vice president of Outgoing Exchange Basma Abid 10


Oman oil sustainability proposal  
Oman oil sustainability proposal