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Performance management tutorial

An offer you can’t refuse

PM on Podio! • Why Podio? – Easy way to align the way we do things – Centralize everything on one platform – AIESEC NZ will move completely to Podio in the future – You will become Podio experts – Because of the customization we can do

PM on Podio • Contains 4 apps you need to master (each app is one step in the PM process) • ”Membership” • ”Goal setting” • ”Appraisal/Evaluation” • ”Review” • Furthermore I will give you indvidual training in using the tools

Confidentiality • The PM process (answers) is a very sensitive and confident one • Only EB should have access to the PM workspace • The information from the talks should not be known to anyone else than EB + the member.

Your members • Member app on Podio, which can be exported to the ”AIESEC NZ Member 1314” Google.spreadsheet

If you already have their information fill it in yourself

Members app Finding the webform



Goal setting •

Don’t forget that a goal should be SMART:

• • • • •

Specific; Measurable; Attainable, or action oriented; Relevant; Time-bound.

In order for a goal to match the above mentioned criteria and to be effective, it should be set according to the following rules: A goal should be consistent with your values; It should be positive (for example, “I will achieve great results” instead of “I will try not to fail”); It should be precise – if possible, indicate exact place and date of its realization (for example, “By 31.12.2013 I will realize 2 exchanges!”); Based on established priorities; It should be great and high, as well as achievable; It should be written somewhere; It leads to realistic objectives; Each goal does not contradict with another one.

• • • • • • • •

Goal setting app The member fills out the webform by himself.

After filling out the webform, the data goes to your app

Edit the information and choose the member, choose date and person for the appraisal

Goal setting • Remember – Goal setting is being done in the BEGINNING of a role – Set date for appraisal halfway through a role (e.g 6 months TL role would have appraisal in the 3rd month) – Teach the members how to do goal setting (Session for example)

Appraisal/Evaluation • Objectives. – Figure out what the member needs to work on for the remainder of the role – Figure out if a member should be recogniced or if a performance problem exists – Figure out how the experience has been so far for the member

Appraisal/evaluation • System:

– 5: Outstanding – Consistently exceeds all expectations for responsibilities, abilities and commitment required for the role. Possesses and demonstrates great knowledge and abilitiy to take initiative and improve the role and team.

– 4: Exceeds Expectations – Frequently exceeds expectations for responsibilities,, abilities and commitment required for the rol e. Is actively looking for new knowledge.

– 3: Meets expectations – Meets the expectations set out for the role and demonstrates the ability and knowledge needed to do the job.

– 2: Improvement needed – Does not always meet the expectations of the reponsibilities, abilities and commitment required for the role. Member might still be learning., but additional training/commitment is needed.

– 1: Unsatisfactory – Expectations for the role has not been met. The member does not demontrate the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and commitment

Appraisal remember • • • •

• • • •

VP + Member together It is a collaboration Get both sides of the story Experience evaluation and performance review phase (Member is customer + employee) Member must not feel like they are ging through a process Talk needs to be informal and relaxed Know the questions/topics beforehand! (Go through the app) We are halfway through a role/experience, how can we improve the role/experience?

Appraisal app Fill out the app in the workspace with and while talking with the member.

Connect the appraisal to the goal setting and the member. This makes it easy in the future to create an overview of the specific member

Fill out the app – all fields have explanations. Go through the app before conducting the appraisal.

Appraisal analysis – Performance problem Specific rating under 3 = Set goal/action for this specific thing. General rating under 3 = Performance problem

– Recognition Specific rating over 3 = praise the member for that specific thing. How can we enhance that further? Average rating over 3,5 member goes to the ”Member of the quarter” pool, where the member with the highest appraisal score wins ”Member of the Quarter” after each finished appraisal round (suggestion).

You can export the data from Podio to Excel to ease your analysis.

Review • Objectives of the review: – Wrapping up the role/experience of the member – Discuss next steps – Reviewing the performance

Review remember • Know the topics/questions before doing the review • Know the goal setting and appraisal of the member • Get both sides of the story • It is a collaboration between the VP and the member

Review app

Fill out the app with and while talking with the member

Connect the review to the member, the goal setting and the appraisal.

Fill out the rest of the app – all fields have explanations. Remember to read through the questions/topics beforehand.

BOOM • This concludes the two parts of the performance management booklet. • You now have the theory/knowledge and the actual system to manage performance.


AIESEC NZ 1314 | Performance Management Tutorial  

Tutorial to do PM on Podio (AIESEC NZ)

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