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Section 1: Individual

(Maximum 4 pages)

This section is designed for you to tell us more about yourself and your grounding as an individual, manager and leader.

A. Basic Information Name Nationality Email Skype ID Contact Number Current Academic Level/University Languages spoken and level of proficiency (Native, excellent, intermediate, beginner)

AIESEC Experience Position & Duration

Key Responsibilities

Key Achievements

Key Learning

Please list your top 5 conferences attended Conference

Month, Year


Key Learning

B. Tell us your story in 1 page (open to your creativity)

C. Questionnaire 1.

What is your personal motivation for applying for MCP of AIESEC New Zealand? How does this tie into your long term vision?


What kind of leadership do you think AIESEC NZ, specifically generation 1415, requires moving forward? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your AIESEC or other experiences? (Give examples)


Describe your greatest leadership challenge and how you overcame it.


Do you consider yourself a better leader or a better manager? Explain with examples.


Describe your best team experience. Explain how you would transfer this into your MCP role.

Section 2: Market This section is designed to examine your understanding of the New Zealand market.

A. Questionnaire 1. Explain your understanding of New Zealand’s current international positioning. Please include specific reference to its role in the Asia Pacific region. 2. For the following sectors, identify 3 key trends and explain how AIESEC can best capitalise on them. – Businesses and Economy – Students and Youth – Universities 3. In your opinion, what is the best product that AIESEC can provide for the New Zealand market? Why? 4. How can AIESEC become more relevant in New Zealand? List three strategies.

Section 3: Organisation This section is designed to test your understanding of the current state of AIESEC as an organisation on a global, regional, national and local level.

A. Questionnaire A. International a. Identify 3 international trends in the AIESEC network, at least one of them must be from the Asia Pacific Region. How can New Zealand make the most of these? b. Describe the current relationship between New Zealand and the Asia Pacific growth network. How can we leverage the network to increase our results? c. How can New Zealand better engage with the global plenary? List 3 key strategies. B. National a. Present a SWOT Analysis for each function of AIESEC New Zealand (TM, OGX, MaC, ICX, FA, BD). b. Evaluate each LC’s exchange results from the last 3 years. What strategy would you recommend to each LC for growth? (Can be individual or in clusters)

Section 4: MCP A. Your vision. Display your vision on one A4 page. B. Questionnaire 1. In the context of 14|15, rank in order of importance what you believe to be the key responsibilities of the MCP. Follow with an explanation of your choice. a. Team management b. Strategy c. Planning, tracking and reporting d. Financial sustainability e. Governance and accountability f. Communication with national plenary g. Representation in the global AIESEC network h. Representation in the external environment 2. Based on your analysis in the previous sections (Individual, market and

organisation), explain, in order of priority, your top 3 focus areas for AIESEC in New Zealand. 3. Identify opportunities for growth in the following programs: iGIP, iGCDP, oGIP, oGCDP. 4. Identify current bottlenecks in the above programmes and suggest possible solutions. 5. Describe one strategy or initiative that you believe has high return on investment and explain how you would financially invest into it. 6. How can we increase New Zealand’s financial sustainability? 7. Describe your HR structure for 1415 term (MC Directors, NST, NLT etc.)

8. Present a draft timeline of operations and support including a proposed conference timeline (exchange Cycles, education touch points, marketing timeframes, etc.) 9. If you could make one major change to the way AIESEC New Zealand currently operates, what would it be and why?

Section 5: Free Zone Use this space to express any thoughts or points that you feel this application has not provided you the space to answer. This page cannot be used as additional space for answering questions previously listed in this application.

AIESEC New Zealand MCP 14|15 Application  

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