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Overview The induction is based on the following

Which in practice makes the induction look like this

Theory Practice Feedback

How do we know what they need to know?

That’s how we know! So far we have assessed the LC’s needs based on our Youth Talent product, we have promoted the product to students, students have applied for the products and we have assessed the potential members according to their preferred products. Now we are going to induct them into the organisation using the same method. We are inducting our new members based on the Youth Talent sub-products. This means new members are inducted via the product they were accepted to.

Framework The induction period is 4 weeks long. These 4 weeks each stand for one module. When the new member has gone through 4 modules, they are no longer considered a new member. The 4 modules look like this: Module 1 Theory Practice Feedback

Module 2 Theory Practice Feedback

Module 3 Theory Practice Feedback

Module 4 Theory Practice Feedback

The colours represent how advanced the modules are. As always we start from the base and the modules become increasingly more advanced. Each Youth Talent sub-product has its own 4 modules, which means that for example everyone in Youth Talent HR will go through the same modules, but different modules from Youth Talent Marketing.

Quick brief Here is a brief overview of what we will go through. Read it from left to right. These are examples and the module components are not limited to these items One week One module Theory Practice Feedback

= One module = Theory/practice/feedback = Guidelines/examples/training Doing. = Selling/planning/organising/speaking Feedback on operations (from = member). Feedack to member (RnR)

AIESEC NZ 1314 | Induction framework  

The idea behind the framework of induction

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