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Member Committee 14|15

Job Description MCVP Outgoing Exchange Hours: 40 hours per week

Reports to: MCP

Duration: 12 Months

General MC Responsibilities: 1) Co-creation of MC 14|15 plan 2) Facilitation at national, regional and local conferences 3) Participation and support in transition at the commencement and conclusion of your term 4) Coaching of functional LCVPs 5) Coaching of link LCs 6) Representation of AIESEC New Zealand at global events Portfolio Responsibilites: 1) Co-ordination of oGCDP and oGIP programmes 2) OGX International relations strategy and management 3) EP experience management 4) Quality control of OGX programmes 5) Co-ordination with oGIP director Measurable Outcomes (KPIs): 1) NPS of oGCDP 2) # of Re in oGCDP 3) # of fulfilled oGCDP country partnerships Prefered Experience: 1) LCVP, LCP or MC 2) Management of OGX process 3) Delivery of oGIP 4) Deilvery of oGCDP in a high volume 5) Understanding of NPS and GIS platforms

Section 1: Individual

(Maximum 4 pages)

A. Executive summary Present an executive summary of your application (max. 1 page)

B. Basic Information Name Nationality Email Skype ID Contact Number Current Academic Level/University Language Spoken (Level of Proficiency)

AIESEC Experience Position & Duration

Key Responsibilities

Key Achievements

Key Learning


Key Learning

Top 5 Conference Experiences Conference

Month, Year

C. Questionnaire 1) What is your personal motivation for applying to be part of AIESEC New Zealand MC team? 2) What will be the unique contribution you could bring to 1415 team in AIESEC New Zealand? 3) What kind of leadership do you think AIESEC New Zealand requires moving forward? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your AIESEC or other experiences? (Give examples)

Section 2: Market 1) Identify 3 key trends from any or all of the sectors listed below and explain how AIESEC can best capitalise on them. a. Businesses and Economy b. Students and Youth c. Universities 2) How can AIESEC be more relevant in New Zealand?

Section 3: Organisation 1) Evaluate AIESEC New Zealand’s performance over the last 3 years and explain which key trends should we look into better capitalise on? 2) Analyse AIESEC NZ’s LC Development strategy Linking/Coaching). What would you do to improve it? 3) In your opinion, what is the role of the MC?


MCVP Outgoing Exchange 1)

Perform a SWOT analysis for the current state of oGCDP and oGIP in New Zealand.


Conduct an analysis of AIESEC New Zealand's current OGX products, detailing where they are in the product life cycle and how you would grow them in the coming term.


Based on your SWOT and product analysis, what would be your 3 suggested focus areas for 1415? Please briefly explain your main focus, main activities, and desired outcomes during each time period based on the 5 cycles of AIESEC New Zealand.


How do you intend to utilise the resources from the 1314 term and build on current OGX strategies?

Section 5: Blank paper challenge In one page or less show us how you would deliver Q3 results for organic growth in oGCDP and aggressive growth in oGIP. Be sure to include: Front-office/Back-office synergy, programme focus, HR structure, member education cycle and RA MA RE targets

AIESEC NZ MCVP 1415 Application - 3rd Round  
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