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About the opportunity Dates 14th – 16th April – Pre-meeting (in Hamilton) 17th-21st April - AutCo 2014 22nd April – Post-meeting You have to be physically present in Hamilton for the pre-meeting and post-meeting and at the conference venue for the whole conference. You should be available to work on sessions virtually straight after being selected.

Fees The conference fee is covered as well as accommodation. We won’t cover your travel costs.


Delivery Team The Delivery Team consists of 6 MC members, a Chair and 2-3 additional Facilitators.

Application deadline: 16th March 2014, 11:59PM (GMT+13) Send your application to: AND If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Good luck!

Personal Details Name AIESEC Entity Current Role Email address Mobile number

AIESEC Experience Position & Duration

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Key Learnings

Questionnaire 1. What, according to you, is the purpose of the Autumn Conference? 2. What do you think are the key objectives of the Autumn Conference 2014? 3. Why do you wish to be a Facilitator at Autumn Conference? 4. Describe any previous (AIESEC or non-AIESEC) facilitation experience you have. 5. What areas of AIESEC, do you believe, you are best at? (Functional) 6. Prepare a 1.5hour Session Outline on any one of the following topics: a. Innovation Management at the Local Level (for Executive Body Members) b. Understanding New Zealand OGX Markets (for Senior Members) c. AIESEC and our Stakeholders (for Newbies stream) 7. Why AIESEC? (Explain your reason as creatively as you can – using a video/ images/ story/ poem etc.)

Application Deadline: 16th March 2014 11.59pm Email:

AIESEC NZ 1314 | AutCo 2014 Faci Application