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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” –Henry Ford.

A 2 YEARS STORY OF SUCCESS WHICH IS JUST STARTING!!! Since the moment a young nicaraguan boy discover by casuality the existance of AIESEC, it was written… AIESEC in Nicaragua had to born. And this happen! A story which only has 2 years so far, but which has been doing great jumps into the nothing to the something. From the boy which together a friend made possible that in IC 2011, we were accepted as Expansion Initiative and achieve to get AIESEC Mexico as country partner, to IC 2013 were the very magical moment came… AIESEC Nicaragua having one and a half year since we became in Official Extension (IPM 2012) was awarded with the Global Excellence Entrepreneurial UBS Award. But, what does that really mean? being recognized in front of almost 1000 leaders from around 110 countries means that all the efforts for bringing development for Nicaraguan youth, for providing progress to Nicaragua and for making the world aware of what the Nicaraguans are made of, was what all the road walked so far has been worth it... that award means all the dreams, means the founders, means the expansion team she formed, means the first members recruited, means the first MC, MC ONE... means the first LC and the first EB of Nicaragua: AIESEC Managua, means the first organizations which trusted us and said YES to AIESEC Nicaragua, means the first people signed up for being EPs, means Rosa Italia our first EP who went to India, means Deborah the first trainee arriving to Nicaragua, means the universities who have made possible to go and expand the AIESEC voice to more young people, means the conferences and the chairs we had and their faith in Nicaragua, means the 10 people we have sent abroad and the 6 we've received so far... means AIESEC León, AIESEC Keiser and AIESEC UCA's members who have joined to our path together to AIESEC Managua, means the MC UP and all the commitment and conviction toward Nicaragua... means you, means us, means the generations which will come, means the responsibility we do have NOW for making and preparing the road to be walked by the youth we aim to develop and grow through the AIESEC experiences, means our big purpose of making a better world, a better Nicaragua by making leaders to ourselves and then make the Nicaraguan youth as the leaders the planet need. MC UP cordialment invites you to live 500% your AIESEC experience, and join us, help us to write together the Story of Success of AIESEC Nicaragua-Chapter 14.15, but we only ask you something… to give all your heart, all your love, all your passion, having always present that your actions of today will influence the results of tomorrow. With love, MC UP 2013-2014 “Surpassing borders”

MEET NICARAGUA: THE UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL LAND. Capital (and largest city) Managua Official language(s) Spanish English, Miskito, Rama, Sumo, Miskito Recognized regional Coastal Creole, Garifuna, Rama Cay languages • Primera viñeta aquí Creole 69% Mestizoaquí • Segunda viñeta 17% White Ethnic groups Amerindian • Tercera5% viñeta aquí 9% Black Nicaraguan, Nica (informal), Pinolero Demonym (informal) Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic President Daniel Ortega (FSLN) from Spain, Mexico, and the Federal Independence: Republic of Central America Declared 9/15/1821 Recognized 7/25/1850 Area 130,373 km2 (97th) Climate Tropical Population 5,891,199 (110th) Currency Córdoba (NIO) Time zone CST (UTC−6) Internet TLD .ni

To get to know more about Nicaragua, please read our Reception Booklet:

Implementing new finance system.

5 Uni. Partners: UAM, UCC*, UCA*, Uhispa*, UNICÄ 6 TNs realized

14 EPs realiza tions

With: China (1), Argentina (4), El Salvador, (1) Russia (1), Germany (2), India (2), Taiwan (1), Mexico (2)

6 Exchange Partners: Techo, Marie Curie School, Eduquem os, UNICA. Verde Sonrisa, NITCA

4 Local Entities: LC Managua , SU UCA, SU León, SU Keiser Uni.

2nd National Board since jul. 13.

1st Nation al Board since jul. 12 to jun. 13

Official Extension Status since February 2012 (Partners: AIESEC Mexico and AIESEC Brazil)

3500 followers in facebook’s page

2 sustainability partners: Alianza Francesa de Managua, Su Arte S.A. Other collaborators: Librería San Jerónimo/Literato, Parmalat

With: Brazil, Chad, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Germany.

AIESEC Nicaragua’s FACTS

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Office Covered by MC budget.

Located in Universidad Americana,


Operati ons

Salary Covered by MC budget after approval.

Wi-fi internet and phone for local calls included.

No laptops provided, please bring yours.

Nicaragua is considered one of the cheapest countries in the world, check this page to see the life cost:

$120USD, it may increase according MC 13-14 results This stipend is enough to cover monthly personal food and personal transportation. It will start to be paid after the first month of working. Please bring money for the transition period and the first month of work.

Structure for Member Committee Team 2014-2015* VP TM

VP ICX President VP OGX *MC structure may vary according MCP elected strategy, at the time you apply, you will do it for MC instead a specific area. *ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN FOR NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS.

VP Communications & Marketing

Selection & Election Process

• Make a video of maximum 5 minutes length, in which you need to introduce yourself and your AIESEC career, your motivations to apply for nicaraguan national committee, the strategies you are proposing to increase the growth of AIESEC Nicaragua. Upload the video on and paste the link at the end of the Specific Questionnaire. • Fill it out here:, you have to send the 2 PDFs files which can be downloaded at the right side of the screen that appears once you finish the test, the name of the PDFs are: Personal Strengths Profile and Value Index Profile.

7. Video 6. DISC Test 2. Curriculum Vitae

• 2 pages maximum, in PDF. • Include both: AIESEC and non AIESEC experience.

3. 360 assessment

• Do the CAT on and ask to 5 people to be your contributors, once you get the answers, make a print screen of the results and paste it in on a word document and make it PDF.

4. Three (3) Endorsement Letters***

• 1 from your current leader, 1 from a current teammate, 1 from a person you are leading (in case you are not having a leadership role now, the letters must be given by the people involved in your last role). ***For international applicants, one extra letter is requested from an MC member of his/her origin entity .

5. Belbin Test

• it’s included on the zip folder of the application package, please fill it and send all the excel document in your application package.

• In one PDF, maximum 13 pages included both questionnaires, in arial font size 10. Feel free to use your own desing for the document. Blank page challenge, one extra page at the end of the questionnaire.

1. General and Specific Questionnaire



• We are expecting from you: 5 PDF files, 1 excel, and a folder with the endorsement letters, everything has to be compressed in one zip folder named in the next format: MC1415_AIESECNicaragua_Name. Example: MC1415_AIESECNicaragua_ZairaBonilla. •You have to send your application package to: and DEADLINE to submit your application: DECEMBER 27, 2013 at 23:59, Nicaragua time GMT-6.

ELECTION TIMELINE Applications’ Launch: Friday, December 1st, 2013.

MCP direct election will be on CONNICA, MCVPs will receive confidence votes.

MCVPs elections: since january 20, after MCP election on CONNICA.

Applications submission DEADLINE:

Announcement of the candidates:

December 31, 2013, at 23:59 GMT-6

January !st, 2014

Elections Assembly: During Congreso Nacional de Nicaragua (CONNICA), January 17 to 19.

Arrival of MC elected to Managua: latest on third week of june, virtual transition will start around the mid of may.

Assessment Center*: From january 6 to january 10.

Official Term: Since july 1st, 2014 to june 30, 2015.

About Assessment Center for MCP candidates: 1. Interview with current MCP. 2. Interview with an MC Team. 3. Interview with a members of our BoA. 4. Interview with an MCP of IGN. 5. At the time your application is accepted, you will receive an online psychological test which you must fill out, it will be reviewed by aCenter psychologist. About Assessment for MCVP 6. candidates: Q&A forum will be open during the whole week of Assessment Center, candidates 1. Interview with current MCP. will receive questions from AIESEC Nicaragua’s membership. 2. Interview with the MCVP of the first preferred area of applicant. 3. Q&A forum will be open during the whole week of Assessment Center, candidates will receive questions from AIESEC Nicaragua’s membership. 4. The people who gets the confidence votes after CONNICA, will have to pass for the selection process that the MCP elected decides.

Useful Sources Please, go into the next files to support your application and strategies proposals: National Plan 13.14: http:// Progress Report for Global Plenar y: http:// Review and re-plan Q3: http:// BoA Report Q3: http:// Legal Package: And/or contact the National Committee or the LC/SU EBs if you need further information. MCP 2014.1 & MCVP TM 2013.2

Zaira Bonilla

MCP 2013.2

Eliana Sánchez Vélez


Alexandra Popkova


Stefania Zavala

NST Communications Manager

Jimena Muñoz

AIESEC MANAGUA’S EB President current

Marcela Herdocia


Vanessa Castro


Stefan Buitrago

VP OGX and LCP 2014

Jorge González

VP OGX 2014

Josué Flores


Abdul Fernández

AIESEC LEÓN’S EB President 13.14

Lilliam Riguero


Fernanda Carvajal


Carlos Mena

AIESEC KEISER’S EB* President 2013

Iris Martínez

President 2014

Erika Sevilla


Maria Carolina Haack


Mario Escobar

AIESEC UCA’S EB* President 2014.1

Vanessa Castro


Ninfa Pérez


William Pérez


Alejandro Sequeira


Isabella Miranda


Personal Information Full name AIESEC Entity

Your photo here ď Š

Current Role e-mail Skype Account


Past positions held in AIESEC and results achieved on each one.


Detail the languages you speak and the level.


Please share with us the 3 main areas of experience:

Area of Experience

Activities performed

Skills gained

General Questionnaire 1.

Why have you decided to apply for Nicaragua’s MC?


Why is AIESEC relevant for the Nicaraguan Society?


What is your WHY in AIESEC and how this will contribute to the organization and your life plans?


What has been your biggest achievement in AIESEC so far? What did you learn from it?


According the national growth plan for Nicaragua towards 2015, design a SWOT analysis and based on it describe in detail what would be the 3 main priorities for AIESEC Nicaragua you are proposing for the term 2014-2015.

Specific Questionnaire for MCP Applicants 1.

Why have you decided to apply for MCP? Why AIESEC Nicaragua?

2. What structure are your proposing for next term? How you will manage your team? (Explain: tracking, organizational culture, coaching system, professional and personal development, motivation, etc.) 3. Acording to the reality of Nicaragua how will you implement AI strategies to the country: a. Leadership in every experience b. Business Intelligent for GCDP c. Talent Capacity Model d. Big AIESEC Online 4. Write a brief of your working plan for next year; include vision, goals, strategies, timelines, KPIs, etc. 5. Considering sustainability, how do you think MC team 14-15 can do to balance rapid organization growth and organizations’ sustainability?

6. How would you describe the current relation between the LC/SUs and the MC and what would you do about it? 7. What is your expansion plan for Nicaragua and Honduras? (Take in consideration currently Nicaragua have RA and Re of Honduran EPs) 8. How will you ensure the pipeline for your term? (membership and exchanges) 9. What is the current organizational culture of AIESEC Nicaragua? What kind of culture would you like to see in AIESEC Nicaragua? Please mention five (5) activities that you will do in order to foster this 10. What do you think is the role of AIESEC in Nicaragua in IGN, and how would you like to drive as MCP of this region, a BIG IGN Network based on that?

Specific Questionnaire for MCVP Applicants As the final structure of an MC is decided according the MCP elected strategies, instead you apply directly to an area, we kindly ask you to organize in order of priority the areas of vice presidency you are interested in. Here you are the 4 areas open according the conclusions made by MC 13.14 should be the minimum for next term, please from 1 to 4 write your preferences, being 1 your first preference of area and 4 your last preference, you are not obligated to rank all the areas, just the ones you are really interested to apply AREA Incoming Exchange Outgoing Exchange Talent Management Marketing and Communications


Specific Questionnaire for MCVP Applicants - Instructions: As you know, the application to MCVPs is not open directly to the areas but to the role, so please, here appears a group of questions, you have the chance to reply those questions connected with your 2 main preferences.

Specific Questionnaire for MCVP TM Applicants 1. What strategies will you use to make sure that talent capacity will drive X growth in AIESEC Nicaragua? How we can measure the success of TM area locally and nationally? 2. What are the key bottlenecks/challenges you see in the general AIESEC XP provided through AIESEC Nicaragua. Identify 3 strategies to overcome them. 3. Please prioritize the following five stages of talent flow based on your 1415 focus, explain why you choose this order and point out what bottlenecks exist in these different stages. If you are 1415 MCVP TM, how will you solve these bottlenecks from MC strategies and collaborate with LC to improve their current situation? a. Talent Planning b. Talent Selection c. Talent Training& Education d. Talent Coaching e. Talent Transition

4. What is the value proposition of TMP/TLP programme? What kind of people AIESEC Nicaragua want to cultivate? What is the image we try to communicate with our market? Based on your answers above, choose one X function and design TMP/TLP experience path for the participants.

5. Why should TMP/TLP start to focus on sub-product development ? What problems exist in TMP/TLP products before? How will you surpass MC 13-14 experience to improve our talent marketing? Please provide concrete strategies, objectives, and KPI.

Specific Questionnaire for MCVP ICX Applicants 1.

Please do SWOT analysis of ICX in Nicaragua.

2. Do you think CY2CY management can help ICX in Nicaragua? Why? How will you make sure that co-delivery system is working properly? 3. How do you plan to develop iGIP in your term? Exact action plan, strategies, talent capacity, educational plan 4.  Please explain the whole flow of education for iGCDP and how you will work with 'Nicaraguan culture' 5.  Plan how to enhance sales in Nicaragua 6.  What is your goal for ICX in the tern 14|15? Please plan pipeline and explain the logic behind  7.

What should be the responsibility of MC and entities in the whole ICX process?

8. How will you ensure quality of ICX experience for interns and members? 9.

What are your plans about national and local ICX projects and why?

Specific Questionnaire for MCVP COMM Applicants 1.

During the existence of AIESEC Nicaragua (almost 2 years), COMM has been probably the area more unstable, since having problems to recruit members for the area locally till assume resignations of its member at local and national level; as a result we can probably conclude that COMM area in Nicaragua is in baby steps; design a strategy to improve the area locally in order to increase the interest of students for belonging to the area, provide real learning in the area, increase our reach externally; please have in mind: –

Not experienced members in COMM area exist currently,

COMM area has been threated mostly locally as the area who designs or which appears to post news about recruitments in social media.

2. Design a national product portfolio for our Engagement with AIESEC Phase. Include activities and strategies for impacting a minimum of 3000 young people and 100 organizations. 3.  Make a SWOT of the current state of our Brand and propose main focus with their main strategies in order to make it stronger and relevant. 4.  What is the synergy between External Relations and Marketing? Propose three focuses for this relation. 5.  Describe how you will implement AI initiative: Big AIESEC Online.

Specific Questionnaire for MCVP OGX Applicants 1. Make S.W.O.T. analysis of OGX in AIESEC Nicaragua. Explain how you will take advantage of Strengths and Opportunities and how you will overcome Weaknesses and Threats. 2. Which recruitment strategies will you implement to deliver to more and more people the right message about OGX programs? 3.  How will you ensure leadership in every EP experience? Explain exact action plan, strategies, educational plan. 4.  Which tracking tool will you implement to follow up Vice President's work? 5.  What will be your strategy to ensure high conversion rate? (Between people online registered into raise forms) Explain the logic behind 6.  How will you work in synergy with TM, COMM and ICX? How you will include those areas in your strategies? How this actions will generate results? 7.  What is your OGX Goal? Please plan pipeline, establish strategies and explain the logic behind. 8.  Which strategies do you propose to take advantage of the OGX growth we have in Honduras? How will you track OGX experiences without be in the country?

Blank Page Challenge


A 2 years story of success which is just starting!!!

AIESEC Nicaragua MC 14/15 Application Booklet  

AIESEC Nicaragua MC 14/15 Application Booklet DDL to apply December 31st

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