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Manifesto Logic 1415


SWOT of AIESEC NCTU BSC Analysis for LC Bottleneck Yearly Legacy Focus Area & Strategy Strategy Map Structure & HR Distribution

*concrete JD for each MS to keep the quality of experience *sustainable sponsorship from government *simplify the operation process *tried out initiative strategy to promote OGIP product *system implement and utilize to evaluate the operation and financial situation *LC training session package and increase the sense of branding *internal communication channel consolidation *Hsinchu local resource connect with our product content *increase campus channel development and key person finding to deliver the product *alumnus resource and chance providing *sustainable sponsorship from government to support education project

*messy cash flow of project and lack of tracking mechanism *high loading for part of VP *low MS’s commitment with LC events *lack of human resource to develop the expansion market *gap of talent pipeline which will influence the leadership pipeline *ineffectively follow up that cause the decreasing conversion rate and longer process

*lack capacity to maintain the main campus channel *less talent pool of NCTU market *without the concrete channel to communicate with expansion market *increasing internship providing channel which shares the market

Leadership Experience

Customer Perspective

Financial Perspective

* most of MS will take at least one TLP through the OC team experience Expand *ineffectively engage the MS into LC training event design *synergy project through the channel of sub-team to add value of the experience but the division of labor for action step is no clear Value Initiative product content Proposition

Financial Balance

Customer Relations

As the service provider, we put our customer in the first place, not only do what we should do, but also give fully supporting.

*the gap between the income in the budget & reality because the unsustainable execution rate of function *the over-using expanse makes the budget can be balance as planned

Internal Business Process

*low conversion rate Manage from CC to meeting Operation *lack of HR to follow up

Learning & Capacity

Information Capacity

Manage customer

*low usage of functional database *no concrete instruction for the preserve of data and file


*high loading for part of MS and lack of training provide *unclear position and unsustainable capacity of coach

*the financial KPI focus on the evaluation of process, not on Financial the result, so it’s difficult to be evaluate ROI of re-investment Control in conference, GLP and education can’t be analyzed

few long-term cooperation partner &standardize process to keep the relationship

Human Capacity

Providing the chance to go abroad to Brand experience cross cultural environment & and cultivating leadership, and also take Image care the feeling of partner and EPs.

Manage Innovation

*the outcome of PC isn’t be continued to project design *project responsible person has not enough sense to come out the new idea

Safety & Legality


*low attendance of LC training session

*The unsustainable leadership Organizational pipeline

*less commitment of member and MS to LC event


*ineffective transition to equip the elected EB enough knowledge&skill

*1415 Legacy, Focus Area & Strategies, MoS&Goal Legacy Develop the most qualified and quantitative leadership pipeline through the better and more experience AIESEC NCTU provide.

Focus Area & Strategy [FA] qualified leadership pipeline quantitative leadership pipeline

Strategy in program functions OGCDP[focus function]


*Strengthen EwA: through concrete PR event design to increase leads and develop virtual channel to engage with larger pool *Flow management: increase the conversion from leads to RA and RA to MA through shorten process and certain follow up *Talent pool: through atmosphere build up and synergy project to increase the talent pool

*Market share: develop Hsinchu market for raise the market share of education project locally *Project development: through the accumulated data of project development to come out sustainable project model of embrace TW *External resource: engage with local external partner to strengthen the connection with local and increase the value of project



*Campus channel: maintain the TA campus channel and utilize the virtual channel to keep the engagement of leads *Follow up database: based on the accumulated database follow up long-term leads to increase the RA *Expansion market: develop the expansion market through target key

*Expand promotion channel: through expanding campus channel to find key person *Customer mindset building up: by building up the mindset of customer to shorten the match process *Talent selection: clear JD and mindset provide to keep the retention

person to raise for non IT sub-product


TM Structure revise: by sub-team in program function to support the experience design and deal with grey area Learning partner: engage with alumnus and external resource for education and training providing as functional learning partner

Strategy in back office IM/KM

PR event revise

Sense building up: engage with tracking system and channel in

Effective EwA: through event content design to strengthen the

common use to build up the KM sense in daily operation and

alignment with MoS

education Instruction for usage of database: periodically collect the data and information, through standardization to come out the practical instruction

Brand management: consolidate the brand management by event package Leadership experience: dividing the event package into several OC teams to less the loading and increase the new idea come out

External communication

Financial control and management

Campus channel: maintain the TA campus channel for product

*strengthen the update of financial situation to connect with the

delivery and new channel for program growth Alumnus: alumnus resource and alumnus engagement with LC atmosphere building up

operational reality *evaluate the investment and align the investment with MoS *cultivate the sense of CFO in each function to drive execution with

Brand image: concrete product content and mindset build up for our customer to enhance the brand image as the credible entity


MoS & Goal # of program realization


Retention rate

OGCDP: 100% growth IGCDP: 50% growth

Be national top three and at least 50

At least 2 applicants for each TLP position in next generation

OGIP: 100% growth

IGIP: 50% growth

*1415 Strategy Map Leadership experience

Customer perspective

Financial perspective

Internal business process

Learning & Capacity



Value proposition

Customer relations

Brand & Image

Base the demand of customer to improve the value delivery

Increasing the customer loyalty

Clear understand for AIESEC NCTU and AIESEC

Financial balance

Financial control

Sustainable income to balance the expense

Better evaluate the ROI of investment

Manage operation

Manage customer

Manage innovation

Safety & Legality

Simplify operation

Customized process to

PC connect with

Positive behave and

process for effective

keep the relationship

operation & new design

service for every


with customer

for PR event

experience provided

Information capacity

Human capacity

Organizational capacity

High access of IM and KM sense build up

Increase the capacity of each talent to drive for higher productivity

*1415 Structure & HR distribution






VP Marcom


Sustainable leadership pipeline for sustainable entity development

AIESEC NCTU 1415 LCP candidate manifsto_ Emma Hsu  

AIESEC NCTU 1415 LCP candidate manifsto_ Emma Hsu