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What’s happening this week? AIESEC Mumbai in Numbers

Useful Tips: Handling Email We know how your emails gets overloaded with mails, both important and spam.Here’s some tips on organizing your inbox.

1.) TMP: 263 2.) TLP: 85 3.) GCDP ICX:34 4.) GIP ICX:60 5.) GIP OGX: 11 6.) GCDP OGX: 26

Star your important emails.Place a star

Use labels (a lot).You can create custom

Use filters.A filter is a rule placed upon

incoming email. If you receive lots of email from a list, you can use a filter with a label and put that email into its proper place even before you see it. Throw Away.Stop storing all the spam and junk mails. If you have subscribed to a newsletter or a publication, filter it to directly enter a Folder so you can sit and read through them at leisure.


23rd & 24th August 24th & 25th August

Dalmia Institute 25th August TSEC 27th August Catch AIESEC international 2012,Russia LIVE!!Register on to be a virtual delegate.

on the important emails that you receive so you can easily find them later.

labels to easily sort your email. Make a label for mailing lists so you can have all of the threads in one place.

Saturday 25th August, 4pm | St.Xavier’s College

Do you know how to actualize your dreams? Let’s understand if your dreams were to become true, what you would need to do. 1. Break up the sequence of your dream and convert it into CLEAR goals (from career point of view) Example: I dreamt of going to different countries and enjoy the festivities Goal: I want to become a pilot and fly international flights, OR I want to become a tour operator/manager and travel to different countries, OR I want to become an Event Manager, and travel places for organizing events, and so on.

2 Choose one or two goals that closely match to your interest. 3 Research to understand the requirements of matching yourself to achieve these goals

Create a To Do Folder .Create a To Do folder and send all the relevant mails to this folder which you can refer back to at the right time.This will majorly help in clearing your inbox.

Flag for follow up.This is another eful email tool that can be used to mark important mail so it can be referred to and responded to .

4 Now select a realistic goal and create a plan of achieving it. 5 LEAD yourself towards your plan 6 With persistence and determination, you shall ACHIEVE your goals. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’d have achieved your goals. Dream, Lead, Achieve with conviction, clarity, confidence .Experts who guide along the best path for your success.

Career Counselling and Learning Partners

600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Mankaran… Raoul… Vishwas… Shadaab Akshay Lakhi Deep Maniyar Arveen Rahul Chavan Manya Mittal Rahul Narang Nivedith Parth Rahul Puri Vasudha Vinitha Udeet Keshav Sherillyn Shankar Ajitanshu Shaarang Sweta Iyer Valerie Siddhesh… Anooj kapur Shalini Shronit Jay… Rahul Chavan Pratik Rishab Harsha Bryan

Tash kalyani khona Hiresh suvarna tina dsouza Rahul Narang Akhil Chowdhury Anand … Rohan Moona Rhea Sthalekar Vinay Buchasia Arveen Shaheel satwik rajani Rahul Chavan akhila saanya… Kaushal Shetty Sanskruti… Farhad Malegam Rajendran… Bryan D'silva Aashay shah aditya khanna Yash purohit Rahul Solanki Eepsita Gupta Shronit Ladhani harsha bathija Vaishnavi Mankaran… Abhineet Kanodia NADIYA keshav Pranav Valerie Pratik Bhansali Vasudha Viraj Dave ajitanshu anooj

1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0

160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Total

LC Activites( 1st August to 20th August)






BD/ER 500

300 250 200 150 100 50 0

400 300 Total



100 0 Akhil C Krupa Rutwik Rohan Aman Moona Siroya

AR 400 300 200 100 0



1000 500 Total



GCDP OGX 800 600 400 200 0

150 100 50 0


TM/HR 80 60 40 20 0



v Mumbai Unleashed Special Recognition 1 Aashay Shah For tremenedous dedication towards trainee hospitality over the last couple of days.


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2. Anand Gopinathan: For high contribution towards ensuring trainee satisfaction in GCDP ICX 3. Sonalakshi Naidu: For excellent contribution to recruitment Form sales. 4. Farhad Malegam: For the headway in IR that has been achieved. Great Work!!


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