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Application launch

If you scrolled down till there it means that you care about LC Milano and that you care about leaving an impact in our reality, on other people and in yourself. It means that you want to step up and take an Executive Board position. It means that you want to commit yourself to shaping an LC and empowering other people. It means that you care, and the LC appreciates you for this. Now what are you waiting for? Hop on this opportunity train and don’t let it skip! Cris, LCP 19/20

Positions VP oGT


Process 1. Do & send the application (answered questionnaire) before the deadline (DDL) 2. Interview 3. Motivational & strategic video 4. Announcement

Timeline DDL Application

Interview + motivational & strategic video


22/8 23:59

22/8 – 25/8 23:59


Important info •

The term begins on 30th of August and finishes on 31st of January

It is compulsory to attend the EBC (EB conference) on the 26th28th September *cost covered by the LC

There will be a team day / replanning / relaunch of the experience from 10th evening till 13th of September

Questionnaire general 1.

What is your motivation to apply for the EB? What will be your challenges during this experience? How is it connected with your values and future plans?


Please describe the LC in terms of Culture and Performance. Use the method you prefer. How do you envision the role of the EB in shaping these two factors?


What does the AIESEC Vision mean for you, for your LC and the area you are applying for? How would you contribute to it?

Questionnaire TM 1.

How do you plan to make your operations grow? Choose one main bottleneck for each operations of your Entity and propose action steps thanks to which TM can contribute to make it grow.


What is working and what needs to improve in the routine of your LC? How do you plan to contribute to it in your eventual term?


Looking at Talent Capacity, Retention Rate and Leadership Pipeline data of your Entity in the last 4 months. What is your main conclusion? What is the main bottleneck and how do you plan to make it better?

Questionnaire oGT 1.

How are you planning to structure your IR strategy in terms of cadency, LC2LC and training for members?


Create a SWOT analysis of oGT: focus on the customer flow and underline how would you act upon weaknesses to exploit your strengths.


How would you raise the conversion APPLICANT – ACCEPTED?

Good luck! Enjoy the process!

Profile for AIESEC Milano

VP Applications Mi 1920  

VP Applications Mi 1920