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Dear Applicant, The first time I properly wrote an application such as this was more than nine months ago, and I can only think how many new learnings those nine simple months have brought with them. Welcome to the AIESEC in Malta MCP 1819 application, and welcome to the first step in your next potential life changing experience. The role of MCP is not a simple one. It involves having a deep understanding of what you do and do not know. It entails being strong while being kind, and it provokes intense learning, all while you learn the importance of staying true to yourself. AIESEC in Malta is moving through an intense, and drastic change in the way it works and the positioning it wants to have, both nationally and internationally. This is an organisation learning to stand on its own two feet after a long history of stumbling and falling, and with this comes a flurry of opportunity and hurdles for the leadership of what can only be described as a diamond in the rough. Being an MCP is terryfying, stressful, difficult, and overwhelming. It is also unbelievably amazing, with so many opportunities to learn and develop oneself, and the incredible potential to continue building the pillars of a strong and highly driven entity on a fresh and solid foundation. This is an entity which deserves nothing less than a leader who is ready to be humble, determined, passionate, and innovative - and that leader could be you. If you are an individual who desires intense challenge, then this application is for you. If you are a leader who is searching or the opportunity to build a legacy, then this application is for you. And if you are a leader searching for an entity that is ready to redefine what it means to be a small entity, then this applcation is for you. All that’s left is for you to make your move and take the lead. Luke Young Member Committee President 2017/2018


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Location & Population The Maltese Islands are located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The country covers just over 316 km squared making it one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries with a population of roughly 420,000 people! The most recent census shows there are around 70,000 people aged between 18-30.

Culture & Identity Maltese people are generally bilingual in the Maltese and English languages. Maltese is a unique language and the product of the legacy of several different colonisers throughout the centuries. Maltese mostly has a Semitic base (Arabic) in grammar, uses the Roman Alphabet and has borrowed several aspects of Italian as well as French and Spanish. The culture is as diverse as the language from the food to the architecture to the habits of the people and the history of the country. Politics Malta gained its independence in 1964 and consequently became a republic in 1974. Since the establishment of its independence, Malta has been a democratic society with two main political parties, the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party. Malta joined the European Union in 2004 and its official currency is the Euro.

About Malta

Geography & Economy Malta is most renowned for its generally warm climate and Mediterranean beaches. Weather is warm all year round, becoming particularly hot in the summer months of July and August (up to 38-40C) and coldest in the months of January and February (8-10C). The economy relies mostly on the tertiary, hospitality sector including incomes from tourism, both vacation tourists and students in Malta learning English.

AIESEC in Malta is a relatively old entity, having been founded in 1968. In the 40 years following AIESEC in Malta’s foundation, it is unclear what the entity was truly doing due to a lack of information management and transition.

About the Entity

Records show there were clearly high points as well as low points in terms of performance. However it is clear that the clarity of AIESEC’s purpose and exchange focus mindsets are only recent efforts by the entity’s leadership, having started to be implemented since 2010-2011. AIESEC in Malta is currently made up of an MC of 5 people (3 internationals, 2 locals) and 10 members, which we intend on growing significantly within the upcoming months. As of 2012 AIESEC in Malta did not have any LCs, with the entire entity consisting of an MC focused on the University of Malta. The University of Malta is the main university on the island. The structure in Malta at the time functioned primarily with the MC working directly with the Team Leaders and Team Members. In 2013, a local committee for the university, AIESEC in UOM, was established resulting in the emergence of a more conventional structure where the MC focuses on strategic development and the LC on operational drive and implementation. As of August 2017, AIESEC in Malta has adopted a new structure with no LCs, whereby the focus is that the back office areas operate strictly on a national level while front office areas expand into the different universities and institutes.

Strategic Management The ability to manage the broad plan of the entities integrated operations and synergising with the value propositions of the local committee and any other local committees which may open. International and Local Representation The ability to adequately and positively represent AIESEC in Malta in front of the international AIESEC community and any other external bodies in the process of exchange creation, entity cooperation, conference facilitations, events and meetings etc.

Governance and Accountability Ensure the Local Compendium (statute) is fully abided by along with guaranteeing the transparency and integrity of the entity. Personal Requirements Candidates must be self-aware and confident, be open to learning, all while being patient and able to pass down knowledge using different techniques in an open, friendly way. Solution and results orientated mindsets are crucial along with the ability to work efficiently and to a high standard. Finally, candidates must be innovative and open to new methods of activating leadership potential, all while remaining through to AIESEC’s mission.

Role Requirements

Standard Development and Implementation The ability to implement standards and foster AIESEC culture. This must be done while adapting content to the local reality and creating unique local standards and guidelines where necessary. Required knowledge includes: AIESEC Way, AIESEC 2020, AIESEC Brand, LDM, OD, S&S, AIESEC Experience.

Office The MC office is located at the TakeOff Incubation Centre (logisitcal partner) at the University of Malta in Msida (15 min walking distance from the MC flat). The office contains open working spaces with desks as well as board and event rooms which can be booked. Internet access is provided.

Role Details

Accommodation MC Flat is 15 mins walking distance from the office. The entity covers: rent, water & electricity costs, internet access fees. Term The MC Term begins on the 1st of August 2017 and ends on the 31st of July 2018. MC members must be present for physical transition a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of term. Virtual Transtition will occur from the date of election until this time. Working Hours MC members are expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of work per week within office hours. The standard working times shall be from 9am to 5pm. The MC members shall have weekends off except for team days, plannings & reviews and conferences. Rest days are allocated after such busy periods. In addition,15 days of work-day holidays set throughout the term (to be decided by MC 2018/2019). Remuneration International MC members receive a 200 euro monthly. This salary is sufficient for food and other personal living costs. Local MC members currently do not have a salary allocated.

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MC Structure 2017/2018

MCVP Talent Management

MCVP Business to Customers


MCVP Business to Business

The Structure of the entity at present consists of the MCP, and four MCVPs, covering the roles of B2B, B2C and Talent Management. The structure for the term 18/19 is at the discretion of the MCP for that term, however, it is advised that the individual consults previous MCPs in order to have a full understanding of what structure can best suit the reality.

Role Descriptions

Luke Young Glauco Leal Cindy Vargas

Contact Information

Sergio Aguirre Arias

Download of the MC 17/18 Applications can be found at: MCP d/0ByaPJG3YpyHJcUJUV3dtUXFxWWc/view MCVP B2B Ko7SUSL3yVEY4Qo4fHjq MCVP B2C open?id=0ByaPJG3YpyHJZXprbzBPSDl3TWc

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AIESEC in Malta 2017/2018

MCP 1819 Application Package  

Take the lead and apply to be MCP of AIESEC in Malta!

MCP 1819 Application Package  

Take the lead and apply to be MCP of AIESEC in Malta!