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Message from the Organizing Committee Dear delegates, We have the pleasure to invite you this year to MILDS 2013, one of the biggest national conferences happening in AIESEC Macedonia! We are putting a lot of energy, passion and work in order you to have the best experience of your life. No matter you are from AIESEC Macedonia or from another part of the world, you have the chance to participate, enjoy, learn, have fun and get a lot of energy from four amazing days spent in Struga, Macedonia. More than this, you will get to know the next leaders of AIESEC Macedonia during the national elections, and our Alumni. The ingredient missing for this to be the best conference ever is YOU! We are very excited, we are waiting you! Prepare to discover your true potential!

On behalf of the OC Team, Mario Spasevski Organizing Committee President

Objectives of MILDS 2013: The Macedonian International Leadership Development Seminar is designed in such a way to bring motivation to the delegates, to bring new perspectives, to bring knowledge and to prepare them to take their next steps into AIESEC. The main objectives of the conference are:  Prepare the delegates for their future steps in AIESEC  Make them see and understand how they can contribute better to their LCs by receiving the right knowledge and external perspectives

Delegates’ profile:  TMP: members that are already part of the organization and they are active in the Team Member Programme, on different functional areas or organizing committees  TLP: members that were recruited before Autumn 2012, that have a Leadership experience (Team Leader or Organizing Committee President), or that will take one of these leadership experiences  EB: members of Executive Boards of AIESEC Macedonia

Conference Team:

Luda Lirnyk, Faci, Ukraine

Beti Arsinoska, Faci

Nikola Rajic, Faci, Serbia

Kristijan Mihajlovski, Faci

Stefan Maldenovski, Faci

Bojana Zavkova, Faci

Aleksandar Trpkovski, Faci

Mustafa Ozpinar, Faci

Elena Andonoska, Faci

Damjan Gogovski, Faci

Mirabela Gacea, Conference & Agenda Manager

Location and Venue The City of Struga Struga is a town and popular tourist destination situated in the southwestern region of the Republic of Macedonia, lying on the shore of Lake Ohrid. Struga is also a place of important cultural significance in the Republic of Macedonia, as it is the birthplace of the poets Konstantin and Dimitar Miladinov. The main event of the cultural life in Struga is the world’s largest poetry gathering. Every August at the Poetry Bridge are held the Struga Poetry Evenings visited by poets, writers and artists from all around the world. There are several cultural monuments in Struga and in its vicinity such as the Monsatery of Kalista, a few kilometres away from the town center, lying on the shore of Lake Ohrid. It is believed that it dates from the 16th century, with frescoes from the 14th and the 15th centuries. The Church St. Mary in the village of Vranista, is believed to be the one where Tsar Samuel was crowned. The church has many doors and far fewer windows and often the people call it “the king’s church” especially at nighttime when it’s cold. Struga’s location on Lake Ohrid makes it a slightly quieter and more peaceful experience that the more bustling Ohrid. When visiting this quiet town of the Republic of Macedonia, there are a few other places that show the beauty and culture, the old Struga bazaar, the century old churches and mosques. Before the evenings, you can enjoy on 3 kinds of beaches called Malle beach, Female beach and the most beautiful called Galeb, located just before the estuary of the river Srn Drim in its own flow, and between the two previous beaches.

At night you can walk by the lake, by the river, or go at the most popular discos like Oaza, Glamour, Alibi, Empire and others. There are also very beautiful bars and pubs located by the lake, by the river and in the center of Struga.

Hotel Biser Hotel Biser is situated right by the coast of Ohrid Lake, about five kilometres of the center of Struga. The hotel itself overlies the rocks near the Monastery of Virgin Mary and fascinates and delights with its unique beauty. The hotel is a typical model of the old Macedonian architecture tending to keep up the national architectural features today.

Conference Fee: For National delegates: 2900 MKD Cancellation fee after 4th of February: 1000 MKD. Cancellation fee after 9th of February: 1450 MKD. For International delegates: 70 EUR. Cancellation fee after 4th of February: 20 EUR. Cancellation fee after 9th of February: 35 EUR. The fee includes: accommodation for 4 days and 3 nights and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner); transportation from Skopje to Struga (in case you will be in Skopje in time for the departure on 12th of February). The deadline to register is 4th of February 2013.

Party Themes: Night 1: Totally 80s - Party City Born in the era of Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees? This is your chance to celebrate. Madonna and MTV’S biggest break through. In the 80s, we loved to dance to rock music, so we make sure that you’ll hear all of the great bands of the 80s, great classics, rock, pop, hip-hop, just know it’s the OLD SOUNDDD ;) Decoration: Think disco balls and John Travolta and you can’t go far wrong. Plenty of flares and psychedelic stuff. Dress code - leg warmers or tights, big hair with ribbons, bright colored mini skirts for the girls, while for the guys - leather pants or jacket, white socks, big glasses AND wigs! Dust off your leg warmers, and tease up your hair. Come! party like its 1985! Night 2: YOLO – You only live once! "Get Into The Party Life!" -Y.O.L.O. Is The Motto, You Already Know...

WHAT IT IS: Basically "You Only Live Once" That's the Motto comes from the certified Drake song & has become a theme for a lot of people recently to live life by. We decided to turn it up a bit and make it a theme party! Live free, don't be afraid to take chances and capture the moment... Dress Code: Fashionable | Smart casual outfits – no trainers or hoodies! Ladies – High Heels and nice dresses, guys – shirts and jeans, casual yet representative. Age Restriction: 18 and over || Responsible Adults Special Info: Music for the people who KNOW HOW TO PAR-TEY, who like to have fun, and only the best and biggest hits from today, fun drinking games and a great programme in for YOU sooooooo you better be ready party generation! Night 3: Karaoke Night and Boat Race After celebrating the results of the national elections, is time to party in a special way! Boat Race and Karaoke! Prepare yourself for the night’s contest, boat race and choose your songs from home. It’s time to show your talents during this night! Dress code: choose your favorite star and dress according to him/her. Let your creativity to work and surprise us with the craziest outfits!

Delegate checklist: What do I have to check before I leave my house?  Your ID or passport for reception at the venue  Warm sweaters and jackets  Your costumes for the 3 parties are obligatory  Personal medicine if needed  Equipment  Camera  Batteries and charger (for the cellphone also!)  Yourself and good mood 

Important: REST!!! It will be an AWESOME conference :)))

Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: Mario Spasevski: Mirabela Gacea:

MILDS 2013  

Macedonian International Leadership Development Seminar is one of the biggest conferences that AIESEC Macedonia is organizing every year for...

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