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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Increase the access of small-scale industrial and other enterprises, in particular in developing countries, to financial services, including affordable credit, and their integration into value chains and markets

Our goal is to map NGOs and their projects across the country! We will be working per region with a group of volunteers, each volunteer being coupled with a local volunteer to provide access within the community and open up otherwise difficult communication barriers. Volunteers will be posted to different parts of the region and will have a radius to work with and cover over given periods of time. There will be weekly mandatory group meetings held in Accra where ‘best practice’ discussions with other volunteers posted in other areas will be held, including covering subjects of culture sensitivity, re-orientation, etc.

LEARNING POINT Wishes Alliance Data Collection Coordinator is expected to communicate clearly and courteously; to develop and maintain positive relationships with NGOs and humanitarian stakeholders, local government officials, field sites and Volunteers, and to work respectfully with colleagues. Our Data Collection Coordinators must have reasonable insight and understanding of reading maps, working with surveys and collecting data, and must posses good people skills for effective communication as this will be needed in the quest for having interviewees open up.

The Data Collection Coordinator is responsible for gathering valuable essential registration information of NGOs, and capturing on the ground project description and visualization – this includes working with the team to devise relevant strategies to achieve the goal of accurate and quality data gathering. • Participate in Trainings: Trainings will be held at Wishes Alliance Headquarters in Accra and are mandatory • Work and live in the field collecting surveyed data with GPS coordinates, taking pictures of projects, and having NGOs sign-off on the information provided • Ensure effective communication with data collection Volunteers about strategy of collection essential NGO data and sometimes sensitive organization information • Using a mobile device for filling electronic surveys, capturing GPS coordinates and photos/videos of NGO project on field sites • Conducting one-on-one assessments with colleagues on how to improve data collection performance and collection progress

Development Spaces: Development spaces like conferences and extra internal activities will be offered by the host entity. Required Preparation: Intern is advised to prepare for logistics based on project Job description and bring personal stuffs s/he would need for a nice stay! Departure Info: Intern would be provided information on departure 2 weeks before the end of his/her project. Health Insurance Info: Intern should get Health Insurance from home before arrival Visa & Work Permit Info: Citizens of West African countries: You can travel without a visa. Please confirm with your host LC that you have the correct documents to travel Volunteers from outside West Africa: Please apply for a tourist visa at your nearest embassy. Processing times are generally 2-3 business days, but may vary from one embassy to another. Logistics Departure Info: Intern would be provided information on departure 2 weeks before the end of his/her project. Arrival Reception: Airport/bus station pick up, interns would cater for their transportation from the airport/bus station to his/her host entity.

AIESEC SUPPORT Intern host entity will provide all necessary support through the period of the intern experience including reception, cultural orientation, project immersion and departure support as well as all necessary support to assist intern in the execution of project Food: Provided. Transportation Info: Provided Provided in the course of the project execution Accommodation Info: Provided

CONTACT +233 263698028

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