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JOUFSOTIJQ4IPXDBTJOH Business Administration #VTJOFTT "ENJOBTUSBUJPO Intern MultiRational Corporation The Philippines

A business services and commercial real estate company serving clients from Australia, USA, UK and Hong Kong

Job Description: • Establish and oversee quality manuals to standardize performance measurement • Design workflow systems to boost efficiency and effectiveness of the company • Perform internal inte audit of procedures, employee compliance and quality Payment:  Monthly Salary of US $443

Junior Marketing and Brand Coordinator


The world’s second-largest maker in home appliances and appliances for professional use Job Description: • Develop marketing materials for Floorcare business with brand alignment • Manage all relevant promotion channels and sales materials • Develop and manage external agencies of printed materials for all Floorcare Floo in Europe Payment: Monthly Salary of US $2500



[AIESEC HKU] International Business Talent Programme Booklet