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OC Recruitment Applications Package AIESEC Latina - 2014 ‘A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t want to go but ought to be’

Message from EB 2014, If you are reading this it means you are thinking to apply for OC Position. OC Recruitment XP is one of the best you can have, in 2 months you get to live with a team different and develop yourself to a whole new level. This OC will be very special and you potential applicant, have the opportunity to be a part of the team that will help our LC to realize our SUMMER peak goals. We need people in order to provide more and better experiences, join the journey with us, let’s provide clarity like never before.

OC Structure


OCVP Finance & ER

OCVP Logistics & Selection

OCVP Marketing

Application guidelines & timeline —  The application must be sent before December 27th 11:59 pm GMT -5 to cc —  The application package should be sent in a zip file including application questionnaire and CV with the following format: e.g. —  Be as creative as you can, creativity shows commitment and interest. —  The announcement of the OC will be made in December the 30th before 11:59 pm GMT-5 by the EB 2014. —  The OC will start working from january 7th with LCVP TM, LCVP IGIP & LCVP FLA as team coaches. —  The application package must be sent in english.

OCP JD Main responsibilities:   Project management: Creation of a project plan and setting goals together with a team and follow the plan during the period of planning, preparation and realization. Management of a project budget together with finance responsible. Managing project flow and achieving project MoS Make final evaluation of the project (internal, external reports; gratitudes; feedbacks) All project reports preparing.   Team management: OC team selection with VP TM and OC management. Creation together with team members the identity of team including vision, principles and way of working Ensuring team attending Key&Advanced Training, request additional education if needed Running Inner & Outer Journey coach meetings (at least 3 per each team member) Identifying resources needed and dividing responsibilities due to project structure Tracking and evaluation team’s activity on a weekly basis (run OCMs)

Keeping project team well informed of changes within the organization Motivation of a team to work together in the most efficient manner. Run feedback sessions at least twice for the whole team during the project. Recognize best performing members in the team. Skills and knowledge needed: Team management Leadership Project management Communication skills Selling skills Organization skills Flexible thinking Crisis management Decision making skills Planning skills Delegation skills Time management Motivation Coaching  Working as OCP you can develop: Effective communication (strong) Work in team (strong) Personal management (strong) Presentation skills (average) Problem-solving skills (average) Strategic thinking skills (average) Training skills (small) Coaching skills (average) Time Commitment: 8 – 10 hours a week (Please note that this is an average – the time commitment will increase closer to the Foreword Seminar.)

OCVP Logistics & Selection JD Description: This person is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of the conference to ensure the smooth running and successful management of the event: · Management of overall logistics required for the conference · Coordinate outward communications with other western local committees · Procure and supervise service of food and beverage · Procure audio visual and other technical equipment as needed · Oversee onsite logistics including, but not limited to, set up and tear down, registration, and delegate servicing · Manage a team to accomplish the different aspects of the conference · Work with a team to see the completion of a three day conference · Other duties as needed Time Commitment: 8 – 10 hours a week (Please note that this is an average – the time commitment will increase closer to the conference.) Skills Needed: · Strong organizational and planning skills; · time management; · ability to work under pressure; · ability to multitask and prioritize;

· detail oriented; · good oral and written communication; · self motivated; Skills Being Learned · Project management skills · Ability to work under pressure and stress management · Team management and team work · Decision making and problem solving skills · Leadership skill

OCVP ER & Finance JD —  Description: This person is responsible for the sustainability of the recruitment and Foreword, Induction Seminar. —  Responsibilities: - Getting sponsorships for the event - Track financial expenses and profit and report to LCVP FLA. - Ensure general sustainability - Make product packaging for the event. - Attending sales appointments to get sponsorships. - Financial report at the end of the OC. - Creat budget for the project with LCVP FLA. - Keep invoices and administer resources according to budget.

Skills needed: -  Organising abilities. -  Accountability -  Basic sales skills -  Basic financial management -  Basic budget management -  Order -  Proactivity -  Responsibility -  Perseverance Skills you will gain: -  Leadership -  Sales development -  Negotiation -  Public speaking -  Product development -  Customer Service -  Logistic management -  Time Commitment: 8 – 10 hours a week (Please note that this is an average – the time commitment will increase closer to the Foreword Seminar.)

OCVP Marketing JD —  Description: This person is responsible for the promotion and communication of the recruitment with all the news related, and help with the external communication of the possible partners and aliances, develop the strategy to ensure a quality event and the proper information flow. —  Responsibilities: Make a Promo Plan (with all the means of promotion, periods and responsible) Responsible for creating all the materials that are printed or virtually released during the promotion period or during the Foreword Seminar Responsible for promoting the event. Keeping the contact with the future members of the committee with emails and calls. Make a final evaluation of the promotion campaign.

Work in synergy with finances and external relations. Traditional media management. Site Management. Social media management. Time Commitment: 8 – 10 hours a week (Please note that this is an average – the time commitment will increase closer to the Foreword Seminar.) Skills needed: -  Creativity -  Basic design knowledge -  Proactivity -  Leadership -  Market evaluation knowledge Skills gained: -  Product development -  Sales -  Corp. Marketing -  Logistic management -  Leadership -  Persistence -  Organizing abilities

Questionnaire Personal Information

Complete Name

Date and place of birth

Phone number


Skype ID

List 3 main positions held in AIESEC and define the year




Key learning Points

Results achieved

Please list the Meetings/Conferences you have attended in the table below Â



Country/ Location

Role (OC,Delegate, FACI, etc.

General Questions: 1.  2.  3.  4. 

Why are you applying to be OC. What do you think is importance of a recruitment. What will be your unique contribution to the team Please specify 3 strenghts and weaknesses

Specific Questions:

-  OCP: 1. Write down your understanding of AIESEC 2015 and describe the role project in it. 2. How do you understand the leadership development model (inner/outer journey) and importance of its applying in OCP work? 3. Write down your first steps of your future OC management. 4. Write down your first steps of project management. 5. Why does AIESEC need such project?

-  OCVP MKT 1.  Please design three strategies with clear actions where you can design the advertisement and the promotion of the event. 2. What is your strategy for have the number of applicants that we are looking for to the all process? 3. Indicate how you'll use the platform opportunity portal to communicate applicants the opportunity that they can have in the organization as a member? 4. Elaborate two proposals for visual image on the cycle of the recruitment.

OCVP Logistics & Selecion 1.  If a person is interested in the organization but his profile does not match the necessary requirements, based on what criteria would you accept them or how would you tell them that he/she cannot enter AIESEC? 2.  How would you manage the distribution of factulties within a university taking into account faculty schedules and possible difficulties each one could present? 3. Why did you choose to apply for this position? 4. What are two goals you would like to accomplish if selected for this position? What action items will you take in order to achieve them?   5. As Organizing Committee Vice-President of Logistics, you will have to manage in highly stressful conditions while still delivering on commitments and meeting deadlines. What strategies do you plan to use in order to overcome these obstacles?

OCVP Finance & ER:

1.  How would you cover unexpected expenses that may arise in any of the events? 2. In your opinion what would be the basic financial priorities of the conference? 3. What strategy would you use to achieve the sponsorships needed to make Introductory Seminary a success? 4. Make a list (15) of possible partnerships (companies) and a sales proposal with the general information of the event.

Good luck! And remember, if you have any questions contact:

OC recruitment 2014 application package  
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