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Welcome to the information booklet of GCDP projects in Kyiv, Ukraine! LC KYIV won the Golden Excellence award in the term 2011-2012 in Ukraine. Ukraine won UBS award in CEE region! Let’s get matched with the best LC in CEE region! You can find more information about Kyiv here and about Ukraine here! See you in Kyiv!

Projects’ Timeline

World Heritage in Youth Hands – national Ukrainian IC GCDP project, based on UNESCO initiative, aimed to inform young people about the unique value of cultural monuments and nature. Issue: Heritage Preservation Details: Dates: 1 Oct 2012 – 26 Nov 2012; TN-In-UA-KI-2012-1820 .

Language School - an educational project aimed to improve foreign language skills of young people. Issue: Foreign Languages Details: Project has 2 waves or realization: 12 Nov 2012 – 23 Dec 2012 and 4 Mar 2013 – 14 Apr 2013; Excellent language skills required, teaching experience preferred; TN-In-UA-KI-2012-1830.

Explore Ukraine – project aimed to popularize Ukraine among other countries. During the trip by all over Ukraine, interns create blog about Ukrainian style of life, different aspects of our national mentality and unique features. Issue: cultural education; Details: Dates: 10 Dec 2012 – 28 Feb 2013; Journalism background preferred; TN-In-UA-KI-2012-1855. World Without Borders - an educational project that has been implemented at the national level for 8 years. Young foreign experts conduct trainings to develop leadership and cultural tolerance for students of Kyiv. Issue: High school students’ development Details: Project has 2 waves of realization: 3 Dec 2012 – 27 Jan 2013 and 14 Jan 2013 – 10 March 2013.

Children’s Path – project, realized by AIESEC Kyiv for the sixth consecutive year. During these years the project participants were over 400 children which received knowledge to help in their personal development and in means of choosing their future profession. Issue: Work in orphanages Details: Dates: 10 Dec 2012 – 20 Jan 2013; Work experience with kids strongly preferred; TN-In-UA-KI-2012-1838.

Green Rush – national Ukrainian IC GCDP project, created for implementation of ecological knowledge in usual life of Ukrainian youth. Issue: Ecology Details: Project has 3 waves of realization: first one has already passed, second: 14 Jan 2013 – 24 Feb 2013 and third: 4 Mar 2013– 28 Apr 2013; Strongly recommended to have interest on ecological issues to participate. –educational project based on “learningby-doing concept” aimed to get and implement project management skills. Issue: project management. Details: Dates: 28 Feb 201324 March 2013; Business education preferable; project management experience required.

HRevolution - the first educational project aimed to improve and develop strategic HR management and formation the young generation of HR professionals in Ukraine. Issue: HR management Details: Dates: 11 Feb 2013 – 24 Mar 2013; Volunteers with background or working experience in HR required.

Summer Camp - a project that allows children to develop their knowledge in different spheres of social life. Issue: Work with children Details: Dates 1 May 2013 – 31 Aug 2013 (6 weeks); Russian or Ukrainian language preferred; Work experience with kids strongly recommended.

AIESEC Kyiv also provides CEED opportunities for experienced AIESECers in different fields. CEEDer can work in a team of any of these projects as well as OGX projects and others. Working in international team will bring development of CEEDer’s professional skills and understanding of AIESEC procedures in LC Kyiv. It’s a great opportunity to share your own experience and get to know with new wonderful culture and new friends! OGX opportunity is available right now ! TN-In-UA-KI-2012-1822 Looking forward to see you in KYIV!

Contacts For detailed information please contact: Anastasiia Isakii

Vice President for Incoming Global Community Development Program Projects

Nata Kobzar Matching Coordinator

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