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Monthly issue Feb 2014


EDITORS NOTE Low and behold, the first issue is finally out, with an overview of AIESEC

Kenyatta 2014. This issue is engaging, fun and pumped up with a whole lot of thrill

I would advice you to loosen up, let that hair down, loosen that tie, get comfortable and experience the world of AIESEC Kenyatta University. Enjoy

Brian Kamemba

BOA 2014 Board of Advisors Allan N. Mwangi Jimmy kinuthia Pauline nderi Beatrice Ngatia Emma Mareri

My Team is filled with energy and synergy,and are committed to achieving AIESEC 2015, we are determined to playing a big part in reaching a million AIESEC experiences.

This is only possible through hard work, team work and a good relationship. Watch out for Team Wrecking Ball Lavigne Iminza LCP


EB 2014 F&A








Meeting new people of like minds, whose smiles just light up the day always made my days. I got the opportunity to learn so much about AIESEC especially as a newee plus I came to understand the whole voting process. Cant wait for the next conference Crystal Tororey


My experience in Kenya was worth the while. The culture shock did not take me by surprise and I was really impressed on how fast I came to adopt, riding in a matatu and all. Kenya has beautiful sceneries and the people are so lively and friendly. I will surely not forget my new buddies and the children at Wisdorme who were my main purpose to visiting Kenya. You have taken deep places in my heart and these good memories will take me a long way. Thank you AIESEC KU

OGX My experience The experience is something I’ll never forget. The

culture shock, new friends, travelling, partying and the working The welcome was really nice and I got to travel on a ferry

everyday. The sight of the ocean every sunrise and sunset, brought a relaxing ambience after a day of work. Food was good , the people, so friendly and funny Ask me anytime, I’d do it again and again

Sarah Wanjau




The pounded yam, called “Agoun” in Fon language, is a meal from center and north of Benin. The pounded yam, also eaten in other West African countries, is appreciated with peanut sauce, mutton and “wangashi” (local cheese).

TODAY’S ALUMNI Doing an internship with DHL will definitely be a great experience, since I will have a piece of the real working environment. I hope that this internship will open even greater heights for me. To all my friends (AIESECers), these opportunities are meant for us and it is up to us to tap into them

Kageni Elsie

AIESEC Kenyatta University AIESECKenyatta

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