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October 2012

AIESEC KPU Newsletter

Issue 5

What’s up? Important Dates Portfolio Party Conference Mania


Message from the EB To all of the AIESECers who helped us until this point, thank you for your hard work and dedication. And thank you for keeping the AIESEC spirit alive at KPU. To all our new AIESECers. Congratulations! You survived Newbie Day. We are glad that you are a part of the family now! Your AIESEC journey has begun. How it ends is up to you. All of you who take advantage of the organization, WARNING: AIESEC may change your life.


Important Dates KED Talks: When: Wednesday October 10th Where: Conference Center, Surrey Campus Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm Check out the complete schedule at

General Assembly: When: Sunday October 14th Where: Surrey Campus (specifics TBA) Time: 3:00pm to 4:30pm



Portfolio Party OGX

OGX has had a busy month. We have finally raised our EP (Exchange Participant) Marie Heibert who is waiting to be matched. And EP, Wasay, has started his OGX process to depart in January! We are confident that new EP Manager, Robin Curry, will help us get those EPs ready to leave!


COMM We have another BAMA (Brand Aligned Media Appearance) through the support of our school’s marketing department. You can read the article about KED Talks on or on the school website. KED Talks has been a great success with 3 out of 4 completed. The next KED Talk will be on Social Media and Technology. If you missed the previous KED Talks, do not worry. We filmed them and will be creating a compilation! If you would like to help with organization and set-up before the event please contact Grace Wu at Jojo and Jerwin have retired from 2 years in AIESEC and will continue to support as alumni. We do have 5 awesome newbie’s joining COMM. Welcome to the team at Andrew, Chanel, Karen, Ivy, and Kristy!


To all of you who haven’t already updated, please support our LC by following us on Twitter and ‘like’ our Facebook page. KED could use your help as well. We want 50 attendees at the next KED Talk, so update your Facebook picture with the image above.


Finance Can you believe it? We have established another first in Finance: 3 NEW MEMBERS! They are looking forward to working with other portfolios and create budgets for the rest of the year. We have an audit coming up on December 22nd (tentatively), so they will be hard at work making sure our books and inventory are in shape. Welcome to Finance Maggie, Yasir, and Robbie! Dolla dolla billz y’all.

Saveena is also working on grants/sponsorships from the School of Business, Freedom 55, Coast Capital and Coca Cola to help fund future conferences and LC activity. CR/ICX It has been an amazing year for our CR team. We have realized 3 more TNs. They are working for Agranee in Toronto! The last time we spoke with our first TN, Valay, we learned that he has done some big things as a Mac I0S Developer for RIM and is enjoying Canada.


TM Our TM portfolio is now at NINE new members making TM the largest portfolio at AIESEC KPU. This has also been our most successful recruitment with 18/26 applicants accepted! Welcome to the team at Kelly, Vernice, Megha, and Prabhjot. The October GA is going to be a good one with this all star team!


Conference Mania!

European Congress Our very own, LCP Saveena, will be attending Euro. Co. in Romania from October 16th to 28th and representing Canada with LCP of UVic, Shivan. We are excited to hear about what she learns! While she is away Hardeep will be her proxy. WRC 2012/NC 2012 WRC is just around the bend. The WRC preparation session should have you all ready for a great conference experience. But to really take this conference to the next level we need to win the Spirit Keg! That means cheering, dancing, and constantly taking of any opportunity to be a leader. There are 20 of us registered to go, so our chances of winning are at the highest they have ever been. Let’s represent KPU and bring home the keg. 9

Remember to practice the dances. ESPECIALLY THE OPA GANGNAM STYLE! Also, think about your future in AIESEC. Will you be the next VP? Represent KPU in style with our new That Shirt Cray Tees ONLY $15!

And that, KPU, is what’s up.


October 2012 Issue 5  
October 2012 Issue 5  

October 2012 Issue 5