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May/June 2012

AIESEC KPU Newsletter

Issue 3

What’s up? Newbies Events Portfolio Party Conference Mania


Message from the EB Summer is approaching and while other LCs are taking a break AIESEC KPU continues to work hard. We appreciate all of the effort everybody put into last recruitment, and are excited to see where we take AIESEC KPU next. Let us continue to discover our potential and help other youth develop theirs. As the late Bob Marley spoke, “The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness�.


Newbies Summer recruitment is over, and although we did not reach our goal of six new members for the semester we acquired TWO quality recruits. Ryan will be helping CR and getting us more TNs, and Kiran will be working with TM to help keep us all sane. Welcome to the team!



Back 2 School Event The back 2 school event will no longer be happening. Our COMMrades have realized that the work we put in to make this event happen will have little return on investment.


Stand Out! TM is organizing a 2 hour seminar about how to be different among our colleagues. It will be held in the Surrey conference center on Friday June 29th from 10:30am-12:30pm. This event is mandatory due to the fact that we will have external speakers and attendance is a way to show respect, gratitude, and legitimize our organization.

If you have any ideas or would like to help please contact Amrita KED Talks Beginning the second week of September we will be hosting a seminar series called KED (Kwantlen Educational Development) Talks. This series is a way for us to connect the KPU community of various disciplines, with AIESEC. Not only this, but our public & university relations, credibility, branding, and overall experience will be heightened as a result of this event. The following is a list of the seminars: 1. Sept. 13: Social Media & Technological Advancement 2. Sept. 20: Finance Management 5

3. Sept. 27: Networking & Communication 4. Oct. 4: Creativity & Thought 5. Oct. 11: Emotional Intelligence If you would like to get involved or have any ideas please contact Hardeep


Portfolio Party OGX Unfortunately, one of our raised EPs did not correctly fill out some paper work and was unable to begin her developmental traineeship in Brazil. But, through the hard work of our OGX team, we were FINALLY, after three years, able to match our first EP! Recently, one our AIESEC KPU exchange participants, Irwin Chahal, was accepted for a traineeship with LC Manama for The Colors of Bahrain Project – AIESEC Bahrain in April, 2012 for a total period of 6 weeks. He will be returning in early June, 2012. The Colors of Bahrain Project objective is to create the largest scale-map of a country ever made as proportion to the country area by adding up individual drawings of school students displaying their ideas about Arab culture. The map is intended to get the certification by Guinness World Records Ltd. The map is being assembled at the Prince Khalifa park. For this internship, the team gathered from all parts of the globe to immerse them in the AIESEC culture and improve their leadership skills. They are also running a short film, which describes Bahrain in a coherent manner to the international audience;


the film will be short, in Bahrain, and will contain the adequate journey of a man as he discovers the fine offerings of the country and also finds himself along the process. Irwin participated in a press conference on Monday, May 14 th, 2012 unveiling the plans of the The Colors of Bahrain Project at the Movenpick Hotel, Muharraq, Bahrain, with fellow international interns as well as the local committee members of Manama, Bahrain. The press conference was featured in the local publication, The Gulf Daily News. To quote Irwin on our last interaction “[I’m] legit as the first KPU OGX tell Saveena to have my picture on the wall ready and my letter of recommendation.” Irwin’s request is currently pending. AIESEC KPU looks forward to Irwin’s return and the many experiences and stories he brings back with him to share.-Richard Hosein

COMM Our website is looking amazing. It is finally presentable! Facebook likes appear to be increasing weekly as we move into our Stand Out! Campaign. However, our Twitter feed is dead. Let’s talk to more Tweeple! We had great presence on Richmond and Surrey campus during welcome week and orientation. Comm, TM and even CR came out and represented us exceptionally well. Most students and professors are recognizing the AIESEC brand and beginning to understand our purpose. Let’s keep it going!


Finance After successful submission of lengthy paperwork to ( Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) by the Finance team, AIESEC KPU, for the very first time have been picked out of many competitors and granted sponsorship for a summer marketer by the government of Canada. CR/ICX Unfortunately, AIESEC KPU will no longer be working with SEEDs. On the bright side though, we are getting close to matching our TN with Kitply Industries. The company has found someone they like and we may be welcoming someone from Morocco once Kitply makes their final decision. The position for a summer marketer has not been filled so if you need a summer job this is a great opportunity. For more information Please contact Derek TM The June 24th GA is optional as it will be a social GA. Further details regarding location will be e-mailed by George. Personal Development Talks (PDTs) with TM have begun. Remember to think about your personal goals and your 9

goals within AIESEC. Please schedule your PDT time with George as soon as possible. TM needs to do these once a quarter, so the faster we get it done the more time we have to focus on everything else.


Conference Mania! AIESEC International Public Relations Conference AIESEC SFU had the opportunity to act as the North American hub for the AI PR Conference late April. Our VP COMM, Hardeep, represented KPU before AIESEC, SFU, UBC, Toronto, Seattle, and Peter G. our former MCP. Together we came up with three strategies on how to improve consistency among public relations and marketing of the AIESEC Brand worldwide.

NLDC 2012 NLDC came and went early May. Saveena, Sam, and Brian attended on behalf of KPU. Unfortunately they did not experience the same level of awesomeness that delegates to previous NLDCs have experienced. Brian did get the opportunity to have dinner with someone very interesting though!


WRC 2012/NC 2012 AIESEC SFU will be hosting WRC 2012 in October. This means no flight fees for us! WOO! AIESEC Edmonton won the bid to host NC 2012 at the end of December. Cheap flights! WOO! For those of you who have yet to attend a conference WRC is the cheapest option. It can be free if you choose to use your school of business conference fund. Talk to your employers, family, any other obligations now. Further details will be provided close to the dates.

And that, KPU, is what’s up.


May/June 2012 Issue 3  

May/June 2012 Issue 3

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