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Conference Mania Message from Outgoing EB


Message from the Incoming EB


Important Dates Recruitment Recruitment is fast approaching, and that means the whole LC gets involved so we can increase our membership, EPs, and standing within AIESEC Canada. All LC members will be expected to have their Google Calendar updated in detail, so if you are in Richmond or Surrey update your location. This will help us schedule classroom presentations and information booth presence on each campus. Last semester we recruited many great members, so let’s build upon that and start 2013 off with a bang!

Dec. 27: Pitch Training Session Jan. 7-20: Recruitment Surrey campus promo: 7, 9, 14 16 Richmond campus promo: 8, 10, 14, 16 Jan.

Info Sessions

Jan. 22

Volunteer Expo @ Richmond Campus

Jan. 24

AIESEC Student Presentations- Student Leadership Conf.

Jan. 26

Student Leadership Conference (Info Booth)

Feb. 2

Newbie Day

Feb. 13-15 Coastal Conference 2013

LC Coach Visit Our LC Coach Sarah Guinta (La Sarah Guinta) will be visiting us in February, coming all the way from GUELPH! Stay tuned on Facebook for details!


Portfolio Party OGX One of our EPs, Antony, has been officially raised! Antony had his first interview with a company from Poland, and they are dying to get him as an intern to teach English, emailing him everyday to persuade him to come. He is also in discussion with a company in China, who is prepared to pay for his flight and accommodation just to get him over there. Our other EP Marie has applied to a few internships and is still considering all her options. Some of the companies she has applied to haven’t been communicating well, but hopefully she will get matched soon.


COMM (AKA the BEST portfolio) =P COMM is continuing on with our Global Citizens campaign to create excitement about travel, link our Global Internship Program to real stories, and help raise those EPs! If you or anyone you know sounds like they would make a good Global Citizen, please contact with details! Check out our December Global Citizen, Joseph WatsonMacKay on our website to learn more about his experiences in South Africa.


CR What was CAR (Corporate & Alumni Relations) has been changed back to just CR (Corporate Relations). CR recently accomplished 22 marketing calls (2 for sponsorship and 20 GIP) during the last Colin Baril Cup Challenge, while teamed up with AIESEC Toronto. This also helped AIESEC KPU meet minimum standards for period 2.

We are also currently working on a huge account in the mining industry. For details about this account contact Chris Biermann. Finance Finance recently submitted Q4 Financial Statements that allowed us to meet minimum standards for AIESEC Canada. Nice work, Finance! There are currently many positions open in Finance, one of which is someone to seek out grants for AIESEC KPU. 6

TM TM hosted the first ever AIESEC Awards. There was a red carpet, live band, catering, and DJ Eazy Bake MCing the evening. Vernice hosted the awesome after-party, full of black lights, Jenga, and Just Dance! We’re ready to build upon the Awards in 2013 to make it bigger and better. Great job Vernice and the TM team!

All of the portfolios did a fantastic job this period and we have successfully passed our minimum standards. Want to know more about the minimum standards? Contact Saveena or talk to your respective VP to find out why it is vital for AIESEC KPU to pass.


Conference Mania!

NC 2013 National Congress is taking from December 30th to January 3rd. Sam, Saveena, Andrew, Vernice, Joseph, Rob, Robin, and few other LC members will be representing AIESEC KPU in front of all of AIESEC Canada in Edmonton this year. Let’s show everyone why we’re CRAY! #AIESECStateofMind Coastal 2013 Coastal 2013 will also be hosted by AIESEC SFU. Yay no flight fees! This is an opportunity for the recruits we will obtain in January to get a taste of AIESEC and for us AIESEC old folk to simply enjoy each other. This one’s in February! ‘Like’ the Coastal Facebook page to keep up!


Message from the Outgoing EB This year has been a whirlwind for us. We began as an EB venturing into new paths (some creating new paths) and pretty much pushed ourselves to our limits (especially during the first recruitment). And we definitely doubted ourselves along the way. But each quarter we have made strides to build upon the previous quarter; never settling for less than excellence. To the KPU LC going into 2013 and the Incoming EB for 2013: We have built a strong reputation at KPU, AIESEC Canada, and a framework to ensure the continuation of AIESEC KPU. But it is up to you all to add to that. It is up to you make sure AIESEC is a household name. It is up to you to give the AIESEC experience to businesses and students and increase our numbers in international exchange. It is up to you to increase the number of lives we change. Take the framework and build the skyscraper. We just fucking did it. Now it’s your turn.

And THAT, AIESEC KPU, is what’s up. 9

Dec. 2012/ Jan 2013 Issue 7  

December 2012/ January 2013 LC Newsletter Issue 7

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