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March/April 2012

AIESEC KPU Newsletter

Issue 2

What’s up? Summer Recruitment General LC Information Portfolio Party Conference Mania


Message from the EB AIESEC KPU has had an amazing first quarter. 3/10 BAMAs, 2 more TNs, and our first 2 EPs raised. But there are still 3 quarters to go! We still need to ensure that our school and the business community knows WHO we are and WHAT we do. We will be the number 1 organization on campus by the end of the year, and we will definitely bring more people to Canada and send more students out! Let’s start off the next quarter with a bang.


Team Member & Team Leader Every general member is participating in the team member program. You are a member of a team and have been assigned a role. There are no longer any director positions. If you were in a director position you now have a new title. For updates on your new title please check the Contact Info. Doc. The reason we have removed all director roles is because the title of director means that you are participating in the team leader program. To participate in the team leader program and hold the title of director one must have separate team meetings from the portfolio meeting and lead a team of 2 or more. Our LC reality has not reached the capacity to implement director roles. But Summer recruitment is just around the bend! If you have been unable to access my AIESEC please reregister. The system has been having some problems especially since we are now independent of UBC. So many of us have to re-register. Your VP will assign you to a role and a team and this will help you gauge your AIESEC experience.


Summer Recruitment

Recruitment is coming up! This means we need all hands on deck. Everyone will be conducting classroom presentations about LC & GIP/GCDP. Each member is responsible for bringing 1 new person to an info. Session. When: May 7th to 18th (Classroom Presentations) May 14, 16, 22, 24 (Info. Session Dates) Goals: 6 new LC members 5 potential EPs Jojo will be contacting professors and everyone will be assigned time slots according to their Google Calendars. UPDATE YOUR CALENDAR. IF IT IS NOT UPDATED WE WILL ASSUME YOU ARE AVAILABLE. NO EXCUSES. Updating your calendar includes work, school, parties, study time, vacation & anything else. However you do not need to specify the event, just state that you are busy within a timeframe.


Portfolio Party OGX We are proud to announce that we have two EPs raised! This means that they are looking for internships to be match to and will be leaving this summer! COMM We had another BAMA late March, a news article on the school website. That is 3/10 for the year! We were also spotted at Career Day and were a big hit at KPU’s first Change Conference. If you have any ideas for stories we could publish or any connections within media please contact VP COMM Hardeep. CR/ICX Agranee is taking on two more AIESEC interns from India! Let’s keep it up! TM There will be no GA for the month of April, but we will be hosting a live stream party on May 2nd. This will be followed by a pitch session to prepare for recruitment. When: May 2nd (time TBA) Where: Richmond Campus (conference center) 5

Conference Mania! AIESEC International Public Relations Conference AIESEC SFU will be the Canadian hub for the 1st AI PR Conference. We currently lack consistency worldwide. This is a conference to address this inconsistency and improve AIESEC as a whole. If you are an experienced member interested in attending please register. However, spots are not guaranteed at this time.

NLDC 2012 NLDC is approaching! KPU will be sending Saveena, Sam, and Brian to Toronto to experience one of the most inspiring and intensive conferences. They will have the opportunity to really contribute to socially responsible business practices, discuss important social issues, and have the opportunity to meet some incredible delegates and corporate leaders!


WRC 2012/NC 2012 AIESEC SFU will be hosting WRC 2012 in October. This means no flight fees for us! WOO! AIESEC Edmonton won the bid to host NC 2012 at the end of December. Cheap flights! WOO! For those of you who have yet to attend a conference WRC is the cheapest option. Talk to your employers, family, any other obligations now. Further details will be provided close to the dates.

And that, KPU, is what’s up.


March/April 2012 Issue 2  

March/April 2012 Issue 2

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