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Panama City, Panama, January 20th, 2010

To whom it may concern, Hereby we endorse Anna Skryabina for the position of Vice-President AIESEC experience of AIESEC International for the term 2010-2011. I have been following Anna ever since she was applying to the position of MCVP Communications of AIESEC in Italy. The first impressions you get from her are that she is a creative, very focused and dedicated person. Her experience as Member Committee in Italy has given her the opportunity to have that international perspective we all seek in this global organization. I have kept track of her innovative works and development during this period and thanks to her is that AIESEC in Italy has reached a structured and successful point, impacting in this way not just the communications area, but the others as well. Working closely with her in the Global Communications Crew, has helped me observe how she leads a team with people from different backgrounds and ideologies, achieving end results and providing a broader impact from a global posture. Some of her main strengths are the great proactiveness, innovation and passion for what she does. This is why AIESEC in Central America South wants to recommend Anna Skryabina for Vice-President AIESEC eXPerience of AIESEC International for the term 2010-2011. Sincerely, AIESEC in CAS For further information please contact

Javier Cordero / NST IM AIESEC in Central America South / GCC Member

Gloriana Carboni / MCP AIESEC in Central America South

Anna Skryabina endorsement CAS  

anna skryabina, endorsement, cas

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