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WHO WE ARE AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Our members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.

AIESEC IN SWEDEN AIESEC in Sweden in one of the founding entities of the organization, having been established after World War II. Our entity has 69 years of experience in developing leaders. We are positioned in 6 cities around Sweden with Local chapters in Uppsala, Stockholm, Jรถnkรถping, Linkรถping, Gothenburg and Lund.

StartUp Sweden is a cross-cultural project, where young talents from diverse environments bring added value to startups in Sweden with their entrepreneurial spirit.

SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE AIESEC makes acquiring bright and fresh minds from around the world much easier than recruiting locally. Meet your short-term skill requirement by bringing in young talents from diverse backgrounds in an affordable way.

BOOST YOUR WORKPLACE Tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic culture of today’s world, StartUp Sweden gives you the opportunity to engage the next genera on in your startup scene. By connecting you with high potential young people who are eager to explore, your workplace can evolve with an international edge.

ENABLE YOUTH Hire interns who are passionate to learn and contribute to your venture’s purpose as much as you are. Enable a fulfilling experience for them as they keenly take on challenges that a startup workplace brings with it.

LAUNCH TOGETHER Be part of this unique project that contributes to the development of the start up scene in Sweden with the help of people from diverse backgrounds and the same entrepreneurial drive. Expand your network through regular events, where you will have the opportunity to connect with start ups and youth that are part of StartUp Sweden

To minimize training and integration efforts in your team, startups choose from four specific job descriptions for their interns, which directly address tasks that startups typically need to complete.


Sales & Prospecting

External research of trends and international market analysis for company’s sector.

Define target market for the startup’s product.

Market research of new clients.

Marketing mix definition for international market.

Research about CRM models.

Translation of international marketing materials for strategies.

Implement selling routine and clients acquisition for company - CRM testing and feedback

Marketing & Positioning

Business & Management

Analysis of current and ideal state of the startup.

Generate SWOT analysis of the startup.

Develop implementation plan for new channels and communication strategies.

Analyze current and ideal state of startup.

Development of main needs of the startup in terms of company administration and support for managers.

Implement plan for improvements.

Implement marketing and positioning operation plan for the startup focus.

As an AIESEC entity, we provide your organization and your interns with constant support in logistics, accommodation job description and learning and development spaces.







To keep our process fast and efficient, we will present a shortlist within a few days from opening applications and complete the final selection within 14 days in total.

PROMOTING OPPORTUNITY After uploading your opportunity on our online portal, we will promote it through various channels and candidates will apply.

SHORTLISTING Once we receive applications we will proceed to pre-screen the candidates. This entails us screening their CVs. After reviewing the application material we will compile a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.

FURTHER SCREENING After we present you the shortlist, you will rank the candidates. and after reviewing the application material, select up to 5 candidates best suited to your position. An interview will be arranged with you and the final shortlisted candidates- Optional: you even offer them any kind of additional testing.

FINAL SELECTION The last step of the selection process is to make the final hiring decision.

If you decide to employ multiple interns, you can receive them all at the same time or have them come continuously throughout the year.

1st Arrival

2nd Arrival

3rd Arrival

4th Arrival

OBS: The first arrival can happen at any time. This timeline is an example.

1st Batch (Up to 4 interns)

2nd Batch

CONSULTANCY FEE Promotion, Profile identification, Program integration, Pre-screening, Matching & Selection support.

MANAGEMENT FEE Paid on intern’s arrival. Reception preparation, Intern pick-up on arrival, Intern assistance, Intern integration.


1 - 2 Interns

3 - 4 Interns

5000 SEK / intern

10.000 SEK TOTAL

3000 SEK / intern

3000 SEK p/ intern

Up to 7000 SEK / month

Up to 7000 SEK / month

Search for accommodation. Provide accommodation options for trainee.

Accommodation Rules: The company can decide not to employ our services for getting accommodation for the intern. However, when the company decides to offer host or find accommodation for intern, the company has to follow listed criteria below: • The room has to be of a minimum size of 10sqm • The accommodation should not be more than an hour away from the office by public transport

Angie Nguyen National Partnerships Responsible

Mikael Lassa

Katharina Koschell

Local Partnership Responsible

Local Partnership Responsible

Roos de Bruijin

Huan Rond

Local Partnership Responsible

Local Partnership Responsible

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Startup Sweden Booklet  

Get to know more about our Global Entrepreneur product for StartUps!

Startup Sweden Booklet  

Get to know more about our Global Entrepreneur product for StartUps!