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Finance Manager Application AIESEC In Ouargla 18.19

Interview: March11- March12

Many aspects of one’s personality can effect being part of a leadership team in AIESEC Local chapter. Some of them are obvious: constant learning, systematic thinking, creativity, adaptability to change, sense of responsibility, capacity of analysis, patience, listening, and supportiveness but also you have to keep in mind that the most important thing is to understand why as a leader of this amazing organization in AIESEC in Ouargla you are doing what you are doing.

1. Questionnaire (15 Pages max.) 2. Blank Page challenge (1 Page) Be creative and create on poster to convince the selection committee that you are right person for the role you are applying.

3. CV (2 pages max.) Tell all of your experience in and outside AIESEC.

4. Endorsement letters (2 Min.) At least 1 letter from your Team Leader and 1 from your lcvp.

5. Video (3 minutes max.) Introduce yourself and your motivation to apply, upload it to drive.

• Budgeting and budget control • Maintaining a strong system for financial control • Assisting LCP and other LCVPs in making financial decisions • Risk management and investment

• Financial Strategies

• Book‐keeping, reporting, budgeting, invoicing, receipting, paying, and collecting payment. • Preparing monthly/quarterly financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow) • Administration management, including ensuring the taking of meeting minutes, record keeping and documentation of everything in LC, managing assets and inventory etc.

1.Please list your 3 main strengths and 3 main weaknesses and answer the following questions for each. Personal strength: How this will make you a better MANAGER? Personal Weaknesses: What are you doing to overcome these weaknesses? 2. From your role as MANAGER how will you guarantee that AIESEC in Ouargla reach the next stage on the OD model, write down 3 strategies. 3. What is AIESEC in Ouargla missing to shape what we do around what our city needs, grow disruptively & become accessible to everyone, everywhere ? 4. How would you describe our organizational culture ? write 3 strategies that you will apply during your role as MANAGER, LEADER AND CITIZEN to focused in your area a warriors culture.

1.What are your goals and plans (initiatives, strategy and action steps) to achieve your vision? 2. Describe SWOT analysis of this function. How to capitalize the opportunity and minimize the threat. 3. How can you ensure that the team will work effectively? 4. What is proposed structure for Finance and Governance team? 5. Why do you think Finance and Governance is very important for the local committee? 6. What should be the behavior of finance toward other functions? 7. Why do you think you are the best for this position?

No late submission, even by a minute, will be accepted, no matter what excuse might be. All applicants are highly advised to start completing application as early as possible. Please do not wait until the very last minute to send your application. If you submit the application well before the deadline, in case certain documents are missing or certain points in your application are unclear, youĘźll be notified and asked for clarification.

LEADERSHIP IS The Capacity To Translate Vision into Reality

Finance manager application 1819  
Finance manager application 1819