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What is a Project Management Profile? Description: Project Managers are responsible for planning, implementing, and following through with any of the various projects, which means they need to balance remembering small details and focusing on the big picture . Good Project Managers have time management skills, are able to prioritize, and are committed to results. Being able to multitask and be adaptable in their roles is key.

Why they join / How to market AIESEC to them:

Suggested JDs iGCDP Project Coordinators Local Training Teams Event Management Conference OCs

    

To develop concrete business skills They want specific accomplishments for their CV Opportunities to develop their leadership skills They want to challenge themselves The OGX GCDP and GIP program

How to select/allocate:

Look for people who are:

•Able to Prioritize •Committed to Results •Adaptable •Entrepreneurial •Detail Oriented •Good Networkers

Avoid people who are:

•Shy •Procrastinators •Perfectionists

Ways to motivate/retain:    

Consistently track their progress and celebrate milestones Link the importance of their project to the success of the LC Help connect them to the people/resources they need to make their project a success Publically support them and their project

EP Suitability:

OGX GCDP Interest in the Program: MEDIUM •The short term timeline is often a plus, and they are usually looking for a new and interesting challenge.

Matchability: HIGH •Many GCDPs require this profile and this profile and can combine concrete results of a project with the positive impact on society

OGX GIP Interest in the Program: MED-HIGH •Give more professional work experience in their field, especially if they want a longer exchange experience.

Matchability: MEDIUM •If they have already graduated and have practical work experience in a relavent field, many GIPs are project based.

Recommended Reading: 

Project Management Tips: Project Management Best Practices Company - AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

How to Interview for Project Management Profiles Look for people who are: Able to Prioritize

Committed to Results

Projects have multiple aspects that need to be managed simultaneously in order for the final outcome to succeed.


They are often the champion of new ideas and projects, so they need to get other peoples buy-in.

People who continuously track achievements and measure their performance in comparison to their goals.


Detail Oriented

Nothing ever goes as planned when managing a project or event, so they need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively

Good Networkers

Great projects and ideas can easily fall apart simply because little details are missed.

Most projects require the support either of other areas, members, or of customers, therefore it is key they can network with anyone.

You don’t want people who are: Shy

They often need to be able to talk about their project and ask for help from their entire network.


Bad time management and leaving things to the last minute is the number one reason projects fail.


Yes, high quality is good, but if the project manager is unable to move forward until everything is perfect, the project will stall.

Sample Interview Questions For term projects, how do you usually manage your time? How do you manage multiple projects and deadlines? Describe a time when you created a new product or process. How did you get other people to support this idea, how did you implement it, and what was the outcome? Describe a time when you did not finish a project on time. What was the result, and what did you learn from this situation? Tell me about the projector event you are most proud of, and what your contribution was. When you come across a situation at work where you don’t know the answer, what do you do? What are the things in work or school that motivate you? What demotivates you? Tell me about a time when you faced frustration at work (or school.) What happened and how did you deal with the situation? AIESEC in Mexico | Talent Management | 2012-2013

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