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CONNACT WINTER 2019 On January 2019, the elected EBs of AIESEC in Hungary will get together and kick off the most amazing EB Year that the entity has seen! It’s the time for AIESEC in Hungary’s leadership body to align our strategies for 19.20 and ensure that we’ll have the most successful Summer Peak. We’re preparing the next generation of brave leaders! Being part of this conference means that you’re 100% oriented towards Plan Achievement, that you’re full of energy to boost the beginning of the year & that you’re compromised with peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential!


16 DEC

17 DEC

18 DEC

16-17 JAN

18-20 JAN


Minimum EB or MC experience Excellent understanding of AIESEC Way High English domain FACI experience

benefits  Conference Fee  Accommodation before and after the conference (MC House)  Transportation from Budapest to the conference venue

Showcaser profile  Have his/her own camera and gear.  Availability to be in the pre-meeting as well.  Share all content photos and videos made.  Have his/her own laptop and software to create the content required.

benefits  Conference Fee  Accommodation before and after the conference (MC House)  Transportation from Budapest to the conference venue

Personal info     

 Past AIESE experience Picture  From 10 am to 10 pm Full name on December 16th, at Current position & entity what time could you E-mail have an one-hour call? Phone number

questionnaire  Why do you want to be FACI at ConnACT Winter? What do you expect from this experience?  How do you evaluate your facilitation style? Tell us about your profile and what kind of sessions you’d like to facilitate.  What would be your unique contribution?  Highlight the two best conferences you’ve attended and why they’re the best.

FACI CHALLENGE Design an outline and record a video of maximum four (4) minutes explaining a part of the session. The topic of the session should be related to one of the following: How to lead an LC for EB elect, Project Management for Middle Managers, Workshop in Sales & Negotiation Skills, Plenary session about Plan Fulfillment, Plenary session about Operational Excellence.

Showcasing challenge ď ś Attach one sample from previous showcasing experience ď ś Create a video, no longer than 1m30s, that reflects the beginning of a challenging and nurturing team experience (the material can be from any entity).

submission  The deadline to submit is December 16th at 23.59 GMT+1. No application will be received after the deadline.  All the answers should be replied.  The application package should be sent in .zip named “ConnACTWinter_(FACI/SHOWCASE)_NAME” and it should include:  The Personal Info and Questionnaire should be sent in .pdf  The challenge depending on the position you’re applying for.  Send the Application to with the name ConnACTWinter_NAME


Conference Manager Lucas Pozza (MCVP ICX TL)

Agenda Manager Karina Rosales (MCVP OD)

ConnACT Winter FACI Application  
ConnACT Winter FACI Application