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NYLS 2020

Ethiopia is a country that has rich culture and is one of the best kept secret in the world. Being one of the oldest country in the world, Ethiopia’s great geographic diversity encompasses a land of rivers, deserts, mountains and lowlands. Today it’s among the top Africans populous nations and home to more than 80 ethnic groups who speak more than 85 languages. Capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is known as the capital of Africa due to it hosting the headquarters of African union, which all but 1 country in Africa is part of. It hosts 114 consulates in the city. It is also the home of the largest market in Africa, has gorgeous churches, cathedrals and mosques to see.

The national youth leadership seminar (NYLS), is the biggest seminars/conference of AIESEC in Ethiopia. It is a great opportunity for us to firstly improve youth leadership potential &connect them to AIESEC, to increase our membership capacities and social impact, as well as to set strategies to allow a high level of growth in our entity. For this great seminar/conference we are expecting all our membership who will be empowered with valuable skills and qualities needed to have a positive impact on the society. This year we plan to spread our impact with a more inclusive delegation. Duration: February 20th – February 23rd 2020

PROFILE • Previous AIESEC experience: LCVP/LCP/NST/MC • Conference experience: previous FACI experience (preferred) • Positive and encouraging AIESEC attitude • Proficient in English knowledge and vibrant attitude

• BENEFITS • Accommodation is covered during premeeting, conference and post meeting • Conference fee is covered • Transportation from MC house to venue is covered • Personal development and self discovery

RESPONSIBILITIES Conference delivery Session creation and content delivery Participation in all forms of FACI meetings before, during and after the conference • Ensure conference objectives • Available on all FACI Meetings • Follows through with MC expectations • • • •

Jan 15th Application Release

Jan 19th Deadline

Jan 20th Online Interview


Name What's app number Email Current AIESEC position Nationality Visa Enquiry

GENERAL QUESTIONS • Please introduce yourself briefly • What is your motivation to apply for FACI Team and what will be your contribution to both the FACI Team and Delegates? (Be specific on the role you usually play in a team, e.g. You bring in the fun etc.) • Briefly describe your most impactful experiences in AIESEC (Max 3 experiences) • Briefly describe your most impactful conferences and role you played. (Max 3 experiences)

HOW TO SUBMIT • All application booklet/s must be in PDF format, zipped and named according to the following format (Name_NYLS2018_FaciApp) • Application deadline is Jan 19th , 2020 11:59 PM GMT+3:00

• MC Team and







Liya Daniel

Bezawit Fisseha

Kibur Kibret

Lina Mohammed

Natnael Demelash

Biruktawit Megersa

+251923483204 +251912234738

+251912917 979

+251991159418 +251910204215 +251912928121


kibur.kibret@a lina.mohammed@ natnael.demelash




Profile for AIESEC in Ethiopia

AIESEC in Ethiopia NYLS FASI Application 2020  

AIESEC in Ethiopia NYLS FASI Application 2020