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National Planning Conference AIESEC in Ethiopia 2013/14


AIESEC Ethiopia


National planning conference

National Planning Conference is an annual 4 day conference that is designed to officially pass on leadership from the old committees and teams to the new ones. It gives the elected a chance to interact and get guidance from the outgoing as well as offering LCs a chance to network and learn from each other. During the conference, a plan is drawn from the intergration of the LCs objectives and goals which are aligned to form the nation's dream for the coming year. The conference also includes legislation meetings and therefore is pertinent for all LC EBs to attend. Delegates Fee: 420 birr only Dates: July 10th till July 14th Venue: Haramaya University Should you attend: HELL YA!!!!!

The method of payment is posted by the OCP on the event page, you can either pay it to Leselam Dellelegne 0922726483, Meron Tsegaye 0915537281, or if you are not in Addis, you can pay it to your chief delegates( i.e: your respective LCPs) The weather condition is slightly warmer than Addis Ababa but let’s be safe and pack some sweaters!! The bus will be leaving on Wednesday the 10th and leaving haramaya back to addis on monday the 15th of July.

AIESEC Ethiopia


Award Night

The award night is held to recognize the achievements and celebrate the excellence of AIESEC in Ethiopia’s national plenary in facilitating the AIESEC Experience. The AIESEC in Ethiopia Awards Night is to recognize all our efforts for the term, and truly acknowledge the great hard work the organization has achieved in 2012/2013 and in this case also the national planning conference 2013/14. Awards will be given out to acknowledge the achievements of various titles, from Best Initiative, Best delegate to Best Exchange and most importantly, the prestigious Top Gun LC Award.

Dress Code: formal, then go into “James Bond” Mood

AIESEC Ethiopia


Party Themes!!!

Wednesday, July 10: Traffic Lights

GREEN clothing _ if you are Single and available YELLOW clothing_ if you are not sure about your

Thursday, July 11: So you think you can dance?????

relationship status but still…

RED clothing _ if you are Taken 

LC, OC, Faci, Rollcall competition time

Friday, July 12: I’m Sexy and I know it. Show off people, wear your coolest, hottest attire.



Saturday, July 13: PJ Party You’re in for the greatest PJ JAM!!! Get tight and comfy in your PJs but not too comfy, we don’t want you to sleep kay

Sunday, July 14th: Drum Rolls………. BOND NIGHT!!!! The best is saved for last…

Ladies :::: Look as hot as those Bond Girls, or Hotter Guys :::: SUIT UP!!!!

AIESEC Ethiopia


The Faci

Arnold Buoro: MCP AIESEC in Ethiopia, From::::: Kenya Ebenezer Mensa: MCVP iGCDP and Projects, AIESEC in Ethiopia, From::::: Ghana Samrawit Getaneh: MCVP Finance in Legalities, From :::: Ethiopia

Nebiyu Sultan: MCVP Comm and IM, From :::: Ethiopia

Yonatan Asrat : MCVP BD and iGIP, From :::: Ethiopia

Edna Khavi: MCVPLCD and expansions, AIESEC in Ethiopia, From::::: Ghana

Kezia Wamuhu: LCP AIESEC in Kenya, From::::: Kenya

AIESEC Ethiopia


The OC

\ THE OC!!!!! Leselam Dellelegne: OCP: from LC AAU Meron Tsegaye: Special events President: from LC AAU Jalene Hailu: Promotions: from LC AAU Yeabsira Getachew: CR: from LC AAU Mohamed Nuru: Comm: from LC Unity/Admas Selam Tewolde: CR: from LC Unity/Admas Melekte Habtamu: communications: from LC AAU Andinet Habtamu: Logistics and site: from LC Haramaya

Delegates mailer NPC 2013/14