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One way to improve the performance of your members:

Reflection & Evaluation KEY ACTIVITIES: Monthly tracking of performance & feedback Quarterly Team Days Rewards and Recognition

four ways to rock employee recognition be in the moment! be timely. If you see something good - don’t hesitate, recognise! be in context! see what is your team purpose and plan - if an employee is doing things that matter, recognise! be appropriate! how are you recognising being on time versus completing a major project? Be fair and appropriate





be authentic! you have to mean it people will see through inauthenticity and it will do more harm than good.

Rewards and Recognition Who would you like recognise this week? Send them a message now (:

Rewards and recognition are a very important part of member development and retention because if not received member will lose interest and the will to work as they lose the motivation to work towards any set goal. Think about RnR campaigns but also causal but genuine individual recognition within teams.

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader