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One way to improve the performance of your members:

Reflection & Evaluation Quarterly Team Days KEY ACTIVITIES: Monthly tracking of performance & feedback Quarterly Team Days Rewards and Recognition

Team days per quarter can be used to showcase the results of each member’s performance in the respective department, recognise the hardworking members, give space for self reflection and help the Team Leader to determine a development plan for improving job performance and ability utilisation.

A team day would proceed with each member looking up to each other and their development and so the member would evaluate himself on the development basis, per month, followed by the member’s by the member





reflecting upon himself and where he stands.

Create your quarterly team day agenda

“Talking from personal experience, my LC came up with an RNR campaign when I was a team member which gave all of us the required push. the most performing department would get recognized and rewarded at a local conference and the most performing member gets a free winter internship in Sri Lanka. This was a very lucrative RNR and it boosted the LC operations tremendously and created a healthy competition between all the members and the department.” - Anonymous

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader